Members of G-Friend that have boyfriends

G-Friend is a South Korean girl group that consists of 6 members.

They are Sowon, Yerin, Eunha, Yuju, SinB, and Umji.

The group was formed in January 2015 under Source Music agency. G-Friend has been popular since their debut with Season of Glass.

This rookie group won Best New Female Artist in 2015 and was awarded with 29 wins in music shows in just a year.

Their boy fans especially are interested to know more about these girls’ personal lives.

Their love relationship is what fans are keen to know about.


Sowon is the leader of G-Friend.

She is described as the best leader of new girl groups.

Her best trait is her honesty.

Being a new rookie group with high popularity, Sowon has to be careful when it comes to love life.

There is yet any dating rumor about her with any guy.

Park Hae Jin

But she admitted idealizing Park Hae Jin.

He is a generous-hearted actor in South Korea.

There are claims that reported Hae Jin has donated around $100,000 to people who were struck by flood in Busan.

He has also made a donation for Sewol ferry victims.

It is not a surprise if Sowon idealizes this man.

Sowon also likes L of Infinite but just as a fan. She said L is good-looking who looks like a romantic anime character.


Yerin represents the group’s image probably has made a lot of guys fall in love with her beauty.

However, being the second member with the most fans, no love scandal has interrupted her life yet.

Even though she has the largest idol friends compared to the other members, Yerin probably has no celebrity boyfriend at the moment.

Taking care of fans’ hearts is probably her priority for now.

But she admitted to falling in one-sided love twice.

Lee Hyun Woo

Her ideal type is the actor and singer, Lee Hyun Woo.

He has acted in many dramas and movies such as God of Study and the latest Moorim School.


Eunha probably has no boyfriend currently.

But she has said in one interview that if she has a boyfriend, she wants to make a birthday cake with him for her parents.

Normally a girl will want to make a cake for her boyfriend but she is just adorable.

Instead of appealing him, she wants him to be around and helping her with her cake.

Planning to get married?

Eunha has also mentioned that she wants to get married at the age of 29.

A guy who falls in love with this ex-Ulzzang is most probably dated her because of her aegyo and adorableness.

Her ideal type is the singer, Crush.


Yuju’s boyfriend is unknown.

Her previous love life is also kept close from the media and fans.

Like a mother

This athletic girl who is also the group main vocalist is like a mother to G-Friend.

This is because she is very concerned about her team members.

This gentle girl confessed that she likes a well-mannered boy and prefers a guy with a beautiful smile.

Yoseob of Beast

Her ideal type is Yoseob of Beast.

It seems that Yoseob probably fits the personality of a guy that Yuju likes.


SinB who is the group visual has a cold image just like her resemblance, Jessica, former SNSD member.

This probably makes her seems unapproachable and has no boyfriend currently.

She may seem reserved and unfriendly, but the truth is this girl is very cheerful and bright.

Not interested in men

SinB confessed that she has no time to date and is not interested in men at the moment.

If she is going to date, the guys must have a similar personality as her.

Her ideal type is unknown but SinB has mentioned that she is a big fan of BigBang.

She loves all the senior group’s members’ personalities and their songs.


Umji is the maknae of G-Friend.

Just like the other members, Umji too does not have any rumor of having a boyfriend currently.

She has a lot of aegyo and is very mature despite being the youngest in the group.

Her ideal type is a guy who can make her feels special.

Chosen by Changsub

On the show, The Boss Is Watching, Changsub of BtoB was asked who he wants to bring on a trip and he chose Umji.

As a big fan of G-Friend, Changsub is biased towards Umji.

The interest Changsub has shown towards her, who knows can develop into something special.