Who has a boyfriend in Apink?

Apink is a South Korean girl group formed in 2011 by Plan A Entertainment. The group which initially started with seven members now consists of six when Hong Yoo-kyung left in 2013. This did not in any way affect the group as they continued to release new albums and make it unto the charts.

Apink came out with style when the documentary “Apink News” was aired on Trend E, a Korean cable channel to introduce members to fans and the launch process prior to their debut.

The group has so far released five Korean EPs and two studio albums. The debut EP of the group was titled “Seven Springs of Apink” and has been consistent since the release.

In an interview with Ilgan Sports in 2012, the members stated that their “dating cells” have not developed yet. They continue by saying that they don’t even talk about dating and all that concerns them is music.

Lets see whether that has changed as years has gone by.

Park Cho-rong

Park Cho-rong is a singer, actress and songwriter from South Korea. She was born on March 13, 1991 in Chungcheongbuk-do, South Korea. She is the leader, vocalist and rapper of the girl group Apink.

With her enthusiasm towards the entertainment industry, she trained with JYP Entertainment at its fifth audition but got eliminated at the final stage. This did not discourage her as she made the next move by joining Cube Entertainment to become a member of Apink.

Rumor: Suho (EXO)

With issues relating to dating, Chorong was rumored to be dating Suho of EXO. Though none of them came out to confirm or deny the claims, the rumors spread like wild fire in 2014.

Yoon Bo-mi

Yoon Bo-mi is a South Korean actress and singer. She was born on August 13, 1993 in Suwon, South Korea. Yoon is a member of the group Apink where she serves as the main dancer.

In order to pursue music, she put off college just to concentrate on music.

Rumor: Chen (EXO)

Bomi has been in the news for a number of dating rumors. In 2015, she was rumored to be dating Chen since 2013. This was speculated in various news outlets and on the web for some time, but Bomi denied the assertion.

She is currently single now.

Jung Eun-ji

Jung Eun-ji is a South Korean singer, songwriter and actress. She was born on August 18, 1993 in Haeundae, Busan, South Korea. She serves at the main vocalist of the girl group Apink based in South Korea.

Eunji just had six months training before joining Apink, even though she had not received any official training.

Rumor: Kim Bum

She normally jokes when it comes to her relationship. She was rumored to have dated Kim Bum, who is a South Korean actor.

Recently while on a trip, Eunji crazily introduced a passerby at the airport as her boyfriend. The guy quickly reacted and all the people started laughing.

Presently, Eunji can be said to be single.

Son Na-eun

Son Na-eun is a South Korean singer and actress. She was born on February 10, 1994 in Seoul, South Korea. She is part of the vocalists in the group Apink since 2011 and has been a part of all their releases.

Son is pursuing drama and film at the Dongguk University.

In an interview way back in 2014, she said she has no dating experience. Members of Apink have never been out with their relationships and try to keep it secret if there is any.

Son has not been an exception, she has not been rumored to have dated or currently dating.

Kim Nam-joo

Kim Nam-joo is a singer and actress in South Korea. She was born on April 15, 1995 in Seoul, South Korea. Kim is a member of the group Apink where she serves as a vocalist.

She is currently at the Sungkyunkwan University’s Department of Performance Art.

Relationship rumors and celebrities are synonymous but Kim has none. There aren’t any speculations as far as her dating life is concerned. No guy has also claimed to have dated her previously, so we can say she is single as of now.

Oh Ha-young

Oh Ha-young is a South Korean singer and actress. She was born in July 19, 1996 in Hwagok-dong, Seoul, South Korea. She is a member of the girl group Apink where she is a vocalist.

She is also the youngest member of the group which was formed in 2011.

With issues concerning her relationship, Oh Ha-young once said she had a boyfriend. Although she never mentioned the name of the guy she was going out with, it sounded like a surprise to colleague members.

However, it is not known whether she is still dating. Most of the members were amazed that the youngest of them was going out while some of them were not. That notwithstanding they felt very happy for her.


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