Who is Kim Young Kwang’s girlfriend? Lovelife about Kim Young Kwang

Who is Kim Young Kwang’s girlfriend? I’ll introduce his lover and lovelife.


Kim Young kwang is a Korean actor born on 11 January 1987.

He began his career as a model for famous brands like Alexander McQueen, Vivienne Westwood, Dior Homme and Etro. Ever since, Kim has starred in popular Korean movies such as “Runway Cop” and “Hot Young Bloods”. He has also acted in several Korean dramas from 2012 to 2015.

From 12 Dec 2013 to June 2014, he did public service work instead of national military service which is mandatory for all South Korean male citizens.

This is due to the fact that his father served in the Vietnam War. As such, he was allowed to do just 6 months of public service work in lieu of the compulsory national military service which requires 18 months to complete.


Kim Young Kwang admitted to the media that he is currently not in a relationship.

Furthermore, he stated that he is a very private person so even if he was in a relationship, he would never reveal it to the public. He thinks that it is difficult to go public with a relationship if he was dating someone.

He expressed that this is something close to his heart and it is important to maintain some privacy. He also emphasized that going public might harm the person he likes and he wishes to protect whoever he is dating.

Tiffany (Girls Generation)

Based on the celebrity X-File show that was aired many years ago, Kim Young Kwang apparently dated Tiffany from Girls Generation (SNSD) ever since SNSD’s pre-debut days all the way up to 2007 or 2008.

He even starred in a photoshoot with SNSD back then. It was rumored that he subsequently cheated on her and treated her really badly. Therefore, they broke up on unfriendly terms.

Based on netizen’s calculation, Tiffany was still a teen (probably 17 or 18 years old) when he cheated on her. Tiffany has also commented that she has been hurt before in a past relationship.

Ideal Type of Woman

Kim Young Kwang commented that he likes girls who are motherly and caring. According to him, she also should be someone whom he can feel very comfortable with and can get along very well with.”

He further explained that his ideal type does not need to have a particular style or look. Instead, he places more importance on the vibe which she gives off when together with him.

He prefers a girl who can take care of him when he needs her and is strong mentally.

He also says that he tries to be warm and attentive to the girls that he dates and put in a lot of effort in his romantic relationships in the past.

Views on Marriage

Kim Young Kwang wishes to settle down and get married one day after he has found his perfect match.

However, just like how he wants his dating life to be private, similarly, he also hopes that his marriage is a low key and private affair.

Ideal Dating Situation

Kim Young Kwang ideally hopes to keep his love life private and confidential. He wishes to protect his girlfriend and keep her away from public gossip.

Having been in past relationships, he has learnt how media and negative public gossip can hurt his partner very badly.

As such, he hopes all his dates can be as low profile as possible and he wishes that he partner can accept this and give him the support he needs.

Fan’s Opinions

Kim Young Kwang’s fans think that his lover should ideally be someone who can handle the stress and responsibility of being his girlfriend.

This is because Kim Young Kwang’s past scandals have been damaging to his relationships and ex-girlfriends.


Here is a list of Kim Young Kwang’s romance TV series.

D-Day (JTBC / 2015) – Lee Hae-Sung
Pinocchio (SBS / 2014-2015) – Seo Bum-Jo
Age Ending in Nine Boy / Ahobsoo Sonyeon (tvN / 2014) – Kang Jin-Goo (29 years old)
Secret Love (Dramacube / 2014)
Good Doctor (KBS2 / 2013) – Han Jin-Wook
Secret of the Birth / Choolsaengui Bimil (SBS / 2013) – Park Soo-Chang
Can We Get Married? / Uriga Gyeolhonhal Soo Iteulkka (jTBC / 2012-2013) – Ki-Joong
Love Rain / Sarangbi (KBS2 / 2012) – Han Tae-Sung