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Who is Jung Joon Young’s girlfriend? Lovelife about Jung Joon Young from Drug Restaurant

Who is Jung Joon Young’s girlfriend? I’ll introduce his lover and lovelife.


Jung Joon young is a South Korean singer, who belongs to the idol group IKON.

He first became well-known when he appeared on MNET’s reality singing talent contest called “SuperStar K4” back in 2012. In the show, he won third place. Thereafter, he joined popular KBS variety show “2 Days 1 Night” Season 3 in 2013.

One year later in 2014, he became a radio DJ and hosted his first solo radio show titled MBC FM’s “Jung Joon Young’s Simsimtapa”.

Later on, he made his first big screen appearance in “Love Forecast” in 2015 and joined a rock band known as JJY Band (which later changed name to “Drug Restaurant”).

Since his debut as the lead singer in his rock band, he has won the “New Male Solo Artist” Award for the title track of his first mini album at the 3rd Gaon Chart Kpop Awards.

Subsequently, he held concert tours, overseas showcases and fan meetings in Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Taiwan and even in America.


Rumor: Jung Yoo Mi

Jung Joon Young’s rumoured girlfriend is Jung Yoo Mi who was his former partner on the popular reality show “We Got Married”.

The couple has got along so well that netizens believe that they are truly in love.

Some celebrities including Jung Joon Young’s close friends have even commented that they have seen Jung Joon Young and Jung Yoo Mi drinking together in public outside of the TV show.

Jung Joon Young has said previously that he grew up in Jakarta, Indonesia and spent most of his childhood there. Netizens have also managed to find out that he once had an Indonesian girlfriend in the past whom he was very romantic and sweet to.

Ideal Type of Woman

When asked about his ideal type of woman, Jung Joon Young said that he likes a girl who is pretty, tall and has a small face. However he said that he has not met a girl who is single and matches all his criteria.

Joon Young jokingly said that if such a girl suddenly appears in his life the first sentence that he will say to her is “Where do you want to go to drink some alcohol?”

Fans have known that he is a guy who loves to drink, and as expected he wishes that his girlfriend is someone who can hold her liquor well and enjoys drinking with him during their spare time.

Views on Marriage

Jung Joon Young has admitted that he is not good with relationships as he is a very self-centered person. He said he gets jealous easily when his girlfriend meets her guy friends often, and when she sounds cold telling him that she’s tired.

He gets upset thereafter and cannot focus for the rest of the day.

He said that women feel stressed when they are in a relationship with him. Therefore, feels that he should not get into romantic relationships anymore as he will likely treat his partner badly and then feel regretful after breaking up.

Ideal Dating Situation

Jung Joon Young has expressed in a “Geek Interview” that he wants to date.

However, he is not able to find such opportunities during work and outside of work.

He also said that his friends are not setting up dates and match making him actively because they think he will not go out with them anymore once he is attached.

Fan’s Opinions

Fans of Jung Joon Young have previously commented that his girlfriends are all capable of drinking alcohol well and are generally fun-loving. Fans also think that his girlfriends must be quite lucky because Joon Young is a super romantic guy.

During a variety TV show, someone asked him “When do you think about your ex the most?”. He replied that he thinks of her all the time and especially when he listens to the songs he composed as they were all inspired by her.


-Love Forecast (2015)


-Be Stupid (2013)
-Missed Call (2013)
-To Me (2014)
-Friends (2014)
-Sympathy (2016)
-Amy (2016)