Who is Daesung’s girlfriend? Lovelife about D-LITE from Big Bang

Who is Daesung’s girlfriend? I’ll introduce his lover and lovelife.


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Kang Dae-sung, or best known as Daesung or D-LITE, is a member of the very popular K-pop band, Big Bang. He was born on April 26, 1989 in Itaewon, South Korea.

Initially, his family was against his singing career, but Daesung worked hard and proved that singing is his passion. With hard work and dedication, he was eventually recruited by YG Entertainment after an auditioning and made his first musical debut on 2006.

Apart from Big Bang’s success, Daesung also ventured as a solo artist. His first solo single entitled “Useo Bonda” was released at the end of 2006.

Everything was doing good when a very unfortunate accident happened. On August 2009, Daesung was returning to Seoul when his van hit the guardrail. All of the passengers were badly injured by the accident and Daesung had a broken nose, injured back, and minor bruises on his body.

After that incident, Daesung had to be in the hospital and he made his return during Bigbang’s dream concert on October 2009.

Daesung has many nicknames but he want to be called as the ‘Smiling Angel’.


As of to date, Daesung is not into any romantic relationship. Daesung and the rest of the group members are very busy with their world tour.

Bigbang are having sets of concerts for their 10th anniversary and consequently, having a girlfriend is not is their current priority.

He also admitted during an interview that although he had some previous relationships, he is not good at breaking up with girls.

Also, there was a time after his musical debut when he was diagnosed with voice chord nodules and consequently, he developed sociophobia and stage fright. It was his fellow singer, Gumm, who helped him recover and before the release of the group’s second album, he was already in very good condition.

Daesung confessed that he had a girlfriend while Big Bang had activities in Japan. After his revelation, he shared a funny confession of how he pretended to lose his passport so that he could look after his girlfriend who sick at that time.

Daesung admitted that he had his first kiss during 9th grade with his girlfriend.
They were in a cafe and said that they both like each other so they shared a light kiss.


DaeSung and JiYoung from KARA Dating Rumours

(Source: https://sookyeong.wordpress.com/2010/01/25/daesung-and-kang-jiyoung-clear-up-on-their-scandal/)

In 2010, DaeSung and JiYoung’s scandal became a hot topic. They once admitted that they always text each other, but didn’t clarify if there’s something going on between them.

The reason why they always text each other is because they want to know more about each other. Since they’re both in the K-pop industry, they should bond over stuff and be friends.

In one interview, JiYoung jokingly said that DaeSung sometimes feel awkward when both of them are around each other. However, looking closely at JiYoung’s tone in the interview, it seemed pretty serious that DaeSung avoids JiYoung when they bump into each other somewhere while working.

Ideal Type of Woman

In an interview with DongA News, Daesung revealed the traits of her ideal woman.

Daesung narrated that he wants a woman who is very understanding of his career. It doesn’t matter is the girl is older or younger than him as long as she’s able to lean on him for support and strength.

He wants a girl that will console him when they are together and someone that he can grow with. And the physical feature he wants in a girl is someone who looks beautiful when she smiles.

Funny thing, Daesung admitted that he date fellow BIGBANG member, T.O.P if he were a girl.

Views on Marriage

When asked about marriage, he said that if he finds the right person, he would get married right away and wants to have two kids, a boy and a girl. Then he changed his answer to 11 children.

He jokingly said that he wants to make an all-boys soccer team.

Ideal Dating Situation

When G-Dragon and Daesung had an interview about their romantic life, Daesung shared he is very shy when it comes to dating girls. He stated that he is really not good at having a conversation and is very cautious of what to do.

Therefore, he prefers someone who is a good-talker since he likes just to listen to a girl and reply with “yes, yes”.

His ideal dating situation is preparing his loved one some foods. And he continued that since the group is often out of town or county, he wants to communicate with his girlfriend through sending emails after every hour or two.

Fan’s Opinions

Daesung’s fans were not very into her past lovers since they are more focused with his musical career.


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Fun facts

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Cotton Candy (2010)
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