Who is Jang Ja-Yeon’s boyfriend? Lovelife about Jang Ja-Yeon

Who is Jang Ja-Yeon‘s boyfriend?

I’ll introduce her lover and lovelife.


Jang Ja-Yeon was a female model and actress in profession in South Korea.

She was born on January 25, 1980 in Jeongeup, North Jeolla Province, South Korea.

Her height is 168 cm.

Her talent agency was The Contents Entertainment.

Due to her parents death because of a car accident, she had been living with her one sister and one younger brother.


She died at the age of 27 on March 9, 2009 at her home in Bundang District, Seongnam, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea by suicide through hanging herself in the stairway banister.

During the past year, she had been suffering from clinical depression and was under medical treatment for her illness.

Before she took her life, she called her sister at 3:30 pm complaining about the stress that she was under and telling her that she wanted to die.

Because her sister can’t reached her through her phone, at about 7:42 pm, her sister arrived at their shared home and found her dead body hanging.

It is believed at around 4:30 pm, she killed herself.

According to police investigations, there was no foul play that happened and she intentionally killed herself.

An alleged suicide notes which were a seven-page letter which was written weeks before her death was published by some netizens and they also named who and what were the reasons why the actress committed suicide.

In her letter she asked to be avenged because even in her death she would bring revenge in her grave.

Yun also attempted to took his life but he recovered to avoid of being criticized for releasing Jang Ja Yun suicide letters.


Her suicide letters was investigated to check if she really had written all of those and to know if it was really her suicide note or it was fake.

Kim Song-hoon was arrested in Tokyo, Japan because of overstaying his visa to avoid being arrested in Korea on June 2009.

Kim has proclaimed his innocence in the case but still he was sentenced to two years of probation, one year in jail and 160 hours of community service in relation to the late Korean actress cause of death.

The men who were listed in her letter was also investigated.

Jang Ja-yeon made her debut in 2006 in a commercial in television and made her breakthrough role in Boys Over Flowers as Sunny, one of the female antagonist in the leading lady of the drama.

Because of her shocking way of death, she shook the world of show business in South Korea and caused an outcry to the whole industry.

The casts of Boys Over Flowers attended her funeral.

In 2013, a movie entitled Norigae was made and it was inspired by the suicide of Jang Ja Yeon.


Because of her unexpected death, there is no assurance that she had a boyfriend but she was forced to had sex with different men.

She was known to had difficulties in her talent agency.

According to her suicide notes, she was beaten regularly and force to had sex with 31 different men over 100 times in the showbiz industry by her chief manager Kim Sung-hoon.

She listed the names of those 31 men whom she had sex with in her letter, and these includes almost all the highest officials or prominent figures in the showbiz industry, while some were heads of private corporation and officials in news organization.

She said that she had sex with VIP’s including her producers, directors and CEO’s in the show business industry of South Korea.

She called the 31 men in her letter demons and she was even forced to attend in drinking parties to sing and dance and to have sex with a man.

She was also forced to attend an overseas golf tour to be a host.

Part of her letter stated that whenever she was about to get new clothes she was going to meet another demon and even in her parents’ memorial death she was forced to host another demon.

She addressed her suicide letter to her current manager Yun and she said that her former manager which was Kim had abused her verbally and hurt her physically.

When the police raided Kim Soo hyun’s office, they found a secret room on the third floor that had a shower and a bed.

She committed suicide and she was exposed to the industry for a short time that’s why it is not yet sure if she had a boyfriend before.


Drama Series

– My Ugly Sweetie (2006)
– Boys Over Flowers (2009)


– They Are Coming (2009)
– Penthouse Elephant (2009)