Who is Hyorin’s boyfriend? Lovelife about Hyorin of SISTAR

Who is Hyorin‘s boyfriend?

I’ll introduce her lover and lovelife.


Kim Hyo-jung or popularly known as Hyorin is an South Korean singer, dancer and actress in profession who was born on January 11, 1991 in Incheon, South Korea.

She also shared the truth behind their group success is that they toured a lot to promote their own music during summer and their music just finely suits the weather because their songs are refreshing and that makes it effective.


Currently she doesn’t have a boyfriend or rumored boyfriend because she still wants to focus more on her career.

She said that her very first boyfriend was stolen by her best friend.

She said that when she was dating with the guy, her best friend was with them also and they hung out together because she trust people easily and she is no good in hiding anything.

Her boyfriend told her that he was in love with her best friend so she let them go and acknowledged their relationship because they were very special to her.

Ideal Type of Man

She prefer personality over looks but not to the extent that he is kind to anyone or everyone.

His ideal type is the South Korean actor Kang Dong Won and when she was asked if he would asked her for a date, she said that she would go on a date with him.


– Dream High 2 (2012)


So Cool (2011)

– Let’s Get the Party Maboos Started
– So Cool
– Girls Do It
– Follow Me
– New World
– I Don’t Want A Weak Man
– How Dare You
– Over
– Oh Baby
– Shady Girl
– Push Push
– Ma Boy

Loving U EP (2012)

– Loving U
– Holiday
– Alone

Alone EP (2012)

– Come Closer
– Alone
– No Mercy
– Lead Me
– Girl’s on Top
– I Choose To Love You

Give It To Me (2013)

– Miss Sistar (feat. Duble Sidekick, Jooheon)
– Give It To Me
– The Way You Make Me Melt
– Bad Boy
– Summer Time
– A Week
– Crying
– Hey You
– If U Want
– Up and Down

Touch N’ Move EP (2014)

– Touch My Body
– Naughty Hands (feat. Verbal Jint)
– But I Love U
– Ok Go!
– Sunshine

Self-titled Album:
Love & Hate (2013)

– Lonely
– One Way Love
– Don’t Love Me
– Stalker (feat. Mad Clown)
– Massage
– Closer
– Red Lipstick
– Falling
– O.M.G. (feat. Lil Boi of BOI Geeks)
– Tonight

Fun Facts

1. Her height is 164 cm and her weight is 45 kilograms.

2. Her zodiac sign is Capricorn and her blood type is B.

3. Her favorite color is red and her religion is Christian.

4. She is under the label of Starship Entertainment but she was a former trainee in JYP entertainment.

5. She is a member or SISTAR a female group in South Korea.

6. She debuted on June 2010 in SISTAR.

7. She is the Leader, Main Vocalist and the rapper of the group.

8. She is a versatile entertainer.

9. She is known as the face of the group.

10. She is known as the Korean Beyonce.

11. She can speak both Korean and English language.

12. Among the group she has the darkest skin tone.

13. The first thing that she do when she was home is washing clothes.

14. She is the hardest member to be woken up and she prefers rest than dating.

15. She is kind of perfectionist but she is the laziest of the group.

16. She chooses jeans over skirts and dresses.

17. Her best friend is Uee and in SISTAR it is Soyu.

18. She is an animal lover (mostly cats and dogs)

19. She is so noisy and she haven’t cried in front of her members because she thinks she is weak.

20. She was once had social anxiety disorder that results to locking up herself in her room for about two months because she was afraid of people.

21. She sings the Korean version of Disney’s Frozen Let it Go.

22. Her own fan club name is called Hyottie.