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Who is J-Hope’s Girlfriend? Lovelife about J-Hope from BTS

Who is J-Hope’s girlfriend? I’ll introduce his lover and lovelife.


Jung Ho-seok, commonly known as J-Hope, is an idol from the k-pop boy group BTS (Bangtan Boys). He was born on February 18, 1994 in Gwangju, South Korea.

He is the rapper, dancer, composer and choreographer of BTS. Other than that, he is also active in the entertainment industry as an MC and model.

Before joining BTS, J-Hope was a street dancer in a group named NEURON where he did popping a lot. His love for dance has been proven by the many dance battles and competitions he participated in.

Now, he is like a mother to BTS due to his nagging.

One thing about J-Hope that many of his fans probably do not know is that he is a serious man even though he is the type who approaches people and has a joyful and charismatic attitude.


Although BTS’ label company, Big Hit Entertainment, does not impose a no-dating contract to their celebrities, the members, including J-Hope, do not have time for love.

Chasing after career and the hectic schedule has eaten up J-Hope’s time to enjoy his life and finding a girlfriend. How can J-Hope go out for a date when he cannot get enough sleep himself?

The only time J-Hope can be seen in the public is when he dines in restaurants with his BTS members. Most of the times, the members are together.

What’s important for him and his team members at the moment is perfecting their skills and talents rather than finding love.

Ex Girlfriend

In the past, J-Hope had a girl who he liked a lot and dated for a while. This happened probably before he debuted with BTS.

Their break up was tragic as the girl he used to love left him and chose another guy. He was so distressed and decided to ride a bus while listening to “Solo” by Dynamic Duo as it reminisced him with their memories together before the time he was dumped.

Being solo should set him free but parting was never easy.

Ideal Type of Woman

J-Hope has a long list of his ideal type of woman, but importantly, if a woman dates him, she is definitely his ideal type. His biggest condition, however, is that his girlfriend is a good cook.

She has to love, care and help him in his future. He wants a girl who can give attention to him and in return will receive his brightest love.

He is also a fan of the beautiful Im Jeong-hee and Park Ji-young.

Since J-Hope is a smart guy, he wants someone who reads books and can cook.

He also points out that he will like to have a girlish girl as his partner and prefers if the girl has a sense of humor just like his.

Views on Marriage

It is unlikely that J-Hope or any BTS members will be married at any time soon.

However, as a husband, J-Hope could be cheesy. He seems to prefer a younger woman who calls him oppa and he will in return, calls her aegi.

Since J-Hope is messy and always scattered his things around, his wife should be the other way around and cleans up his mess. He is also a clingy man who should always be given attention to.

His wife should also be someone who can cook and they could have time cooking together.

Ideal Dating Situation

J-Hope has a very simple idea of dating.

Since he loves the sea, he idealizes a beautiful date where he could walk on a beach while holding his girlfriend’s hands. As a celebrity, if he could freely do so, his girl is so lucky to date him.

But as he hates working out, it is a big no to exercising date.

He should probably date in a library since he loves a girl who reads a lot. Their date could be like a nerdy couple date which would be so adorable to see. It could be more interesting if they cook for each other too.

Fans’ Opinions

BTS’ fan club, ARMY, is very protective towards its idols. The fans are very sensitive but as J-Hope has yet to get involved in any love scandal or rumor, their hope is yet to scatter.

J-Hope after becoming an idol has no dating story. Whether he is good at hiding it or due to no time for a relationship is something only he truly knows.

But BTS is quite known as an idol group with few scandals, probably because the members are focusing on growing up their careers.



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