Who is Shin Won-ho’s Girlfriend? Lovelife about Shin Won-ho of Cross Gene

Who is Shin Won-ho’s girlfriend? I’ll introduce his lover and lovelife.


Shin Won Ho (신원호), often refered to simply as Shin, was born in Seoul, South Korea in October 23, 1991. Currently, he is 25 years old.

Won Ho is a South Korean actor, model, idol and also singer. He has variety of roles in Korea’s entertainment industry.

He is one of the members of the South Korean idol boy group Cross Gene.

Won-ho has become well known since he was cast in the Korean drama series “Big” (2012).

When he appeared in the variety dating show “Dating Alone” (2015) Won-ho was called the “God of Dating” as women who watched the program, even Yuri of Girl’s Generation, were impressed by him.

Furthermore, he also shared that his dating skills have improved a lot after joining the program. Compared to the past when he had a self-centered mindset, now he can think from a woman’s perspective.

But, truthfully, we all are curious to know if the dating skills Won-ho learned through “Dating Alone” helped him get a relationship or not.


During an interview with KpopStarz Japan, Won-ho said that women aren’t interested in him, at that he was most adored by them in his early childhood years.

Furthermore, the young idol also said that he does not have experience in love life that can make him grow.

During another interview with KpopStarz he revealed that he is quite blunt in relationships, and that he will not confess immediately like Choi Gang in the drama “Secret Message”.

Currently, Won Ho has not annouced anything about his relationship, so we do not know if he has a girlfriend or not. Since it is his personal life, we can only wait for his annoucement.

Ex Girlfriend

Won-ho has also not revealed anything about his past relationships. This may be because he wants to maintain his personal life off the public sphere.

Ideal Type of Woman

Surprisingly, Yano Shino (who is current wife of MMA fighter, Chu Sung Hoon) is the ideal woman for Won-ho.

During his appearance in “Dating Along”, he said that he wants to meet the Japanese model Yano Shiho at all costs. He has expressed that he likes her so much, he walked to her neighborhood.

Unforturnately, Yano Shino is already married. Hopefully Won-ho will meet his ideal women like Yano Shino soon.

Furthermore, during an interview for the April issue of Ceci, Won-ho said that Jung Eun Ji (A Pink) is his ideal type of girl among all the female stars of “Dating Alone”.

He said that the girl who has pretty eyes when smiling is his ideal girl.

In addition, he also likes women who help him to choose food for him.

He claims he is a calm and rational guy, but not when it comes to food. So as a way of expressing his interest in someone, he shares food. It is his greatest way of expressing affection.

Views on Marriage

Despite being twenty five years old and mature enough to think about a long-term relationship, Won-ho has not shared his opinions regarding marriage.

Maybe he will reveal his thoughts on the matter in the near future.

Ideal Dating Situation

Won-ho has not mentioned anything about his ideal dating situation. Hopefully his new nickname “God of Dating” will match the fan’s expectations.

Fan’s Opinions

Won Ho’s fans do not say things about Won Ho’s girlfriend currently. They respect his privacy.


TV Dramas

– “Bachelor’s Vegetable Store” (2011)
– “Run 60” (2012)
– “Big” (2012)
– “Shuriken Sentai Ninninger” (2015)
– “Secret Message” (2015)
– “The Legend of the Blue Sea” (2016)


– “Run 60-Game Over” (2012)
– “ZEDD” (2014)



– “Timeless: Begins” (2012)
– “Timeless: Future” (Japanese, 2012)
– “With U” (Japanese, 2013)
– “Nahago Nolja” (2015)
– “Amazing-Bad Lady” (2015) Cross Gene
– “Game” (2016)


– “Ying Yang” (Japanese, 2016)


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