Who is Jin Yi han’s Girlfriend? Lovelife about Jin Yi han

Who is Jin Yi han’s girlfriend now?

I’ll introduce his lover and his lovelife.


Jin Yi-han is a well-known and talented actor in South Korea.

Jin Yi-han was born as Kim Hyun-joong on October 10, 1978.
He is 38 years old.

Future actor educated in Seoul Institute of the Arts where got a Visual Design degree.
He began actor career in 2002 in musical theatre.

He bursten into television in 2007 with “Conspiracy in the Court”.

Jin Yi-han’s name connects with television serieses “My Life’s Golden Age” (2008), “A Good Day for the Wind to Blow”(2010), sitcom “You’re Here, You’re Here, You’re Really Here” (2011), and mystery-romance “My Secret Hotel”(2014).

Jin Yi han’s Girlfriend

Rumor with Ha Ji-won

There was the rumor about love between South Korea actor Jin Yi-han and Ha Ji-won.
Ha Ji-won is an actress from South Korea.

Her Birth name is Jeon Hae-rim (Hangul: 전해림), she was born in Seoul, South Korea.
Her date of birth is 28 June 1978.
Ha Ji-won is 38 years old.

Known by a stage name Ha Ji-won played in historical dramas “Hwang Jini” and “Empress Ki”, also there was a romantic comedy with her participation “Secret Garden”.

Beautiful actress Ha Ji-won also acted in various television dramas, shows, she was nominated and won many prizes and awards for her marvelous performances.

His Ideal Woman

The ideal woman should look better without make-up.
She should be a charming person.
The ideal woman should be in good looks, but shouldn’t give it all the time.

With reference to character, the ideal woman is the one which you are comfortable with at all the times.
She has to appreciate you, but not your money.

How He Thinks Marriage

Jin Yi-han supposes that marriage is a good continuation for a strong relationship.
Love, passion, mutual respect are the main things for happy family life.

In his opinion, not always marriage is a guarantee of a happy life and a strong and long relationship.
In today’s world, there are many divorces.

When people rush to get married and do not check their feelings, it can cause many problems, pains and sufferings.

Therefore, he believes that he should not rush into a wedding because Jin Yi-han doesn’t want to cause the broken hearts.

His Ideal Dating Plan

Jin Yi-han supposes that ideal date is a good deposit of a strong relationship.
Often the simple idea can be genial.

The ideal dating with a beautiful woman is home cinema show.
Despite the simplicity of ideas, watch a movie together, wrapped a blanket, it is really cool.

Especially if you combine this activity with the absorption of tasty ice cream, crispy popcorn and pizza with seafood.

In winter you can add a hot chocolate and it takes “plus ten” to the mood!

How Fans Think About His Lover

There was the rumor about love between South Korea actor Jin Yi-han and Ha Ji-won.
Jin Yi-han’s fans talked that popular South Korean actress Ha Ji-won and their idol actor had a relationship.

Jin Yi Han and Ha Ji Won acted together in films “Tal Tal” and “Ki Seung Nyang”, and television drama “Empress Ki.”

They played a couple in love in these films and thereafter there were gossips about stars’ relations.

But, Ha Ji Won assured that they are only good friends.

List of Love story Dramas/Movies He Appeared On


Love, So Divine (2004)
Break Away (2010)

Television dramas

All My Love (2010)
Hooray for Love (2011)
A New Leaf (2014)
The Family Is Coming (2015)