Who is CL’s Boyfriend? Lovelife about Lee Chae Rin (CL) of 2NE1

Who is Lee Chae rin‘s boyfriend?

I’ll introduce her lover and lovelife.


Lee Chae-rin is a South Korean singer, model and rapper born on February 26, 1991.

Best known as CL, she was born in Seoul, South Korea.
She is the lead rapper of the group 2NE1.

CL spent most of her childhood days in France and Japan where she had her education.

At age 15, she was auditioned by YG Entertainment to become a member of 2NE1 after been formerly trained by JYP Entertainment.

After featuring on Big Bang’s Intro, Hot Issue in 2007, CL also made a stage debut that same at Seoul Broadcasting System’s Music Award.

After joint singles and album release with 2NE1, CL released a solo single, The Baddest Female on May 28, 2013.

She premiered her first single Hello Bitches which was not part of 2NE1’s album on November 21, 2015.

It was done through a music video launch on the Noisey Website.


2NE1’s CL has not be public when it comes to her relationship.

Unlike her fellow idols who like show off their boyfriends, CL has been very quiet on it.

Though she has had several rumors related to dating, she has not come out to accept or deny such rumors.


CL is rumored to be dating a graphic designer.

The rumors sparked when some Netizans saw some similarities in CL and the designer’s Instagram post.

Though it has not been confirmed, the two are also seen wearing the same clothes and accessories.

The two are rumored to have met through an introduction of 2NE1’s coordinator YangGang.

The two then started each other and as timer went on fell in love.
The two are also seen together on several occasions.
One may say its coincidence but this is too obvious.


There were several rumors which came out that 2NE1’s CL is dating Mino of Winner band.

The speculations started when pictures of the two started popping up on the media.

The pictures which appeared on October 21, 2015 showed the two hanging out on a hotel.

However, the management of 2NE1 and Winner YG Entertainment came out strongly to deny that rumors.

In a statement, the management said it was ridiculous and laughable for people to start such rumors.

It said the photo which claimed the two were dating was photoshopped and can’t be true.

The statement said, there is no way the rumors can be substantiated and should be disregarded.

Ideal Type of Man

CL ideal type of man is someone who is in his own world.

According to her, the guy needs to be on his own and has an individuality instinct.

Whiles other may think he is crazy, he should be someone who thinks and acts like a man.

Views On Marriage

On marriage CL, in an interview with Taiwan’s Choc magazine,
CL stated that she dreams to have a happy family one day.

She dreams to marry and have kids on her own at the appropriate time.

Ideal Dating Situation

CL will date when she has much time on her side.

As at now, she is concentrated on her music career and releasing solo albums.

Fan’s Opinion

Not much is been said by fans in relations to CL dating.

When there was rumors that CL and Minho were dating, some fans expressed surprise.

However, the rumors were later denied.


Please Don’t Go – CL and Minzy ¬(2009)
The Baddest Female – CL 2013
Hello Bitches – 2015
Kiss – Dara ft CL, 2009
You And I – 2NE1, 2010
It Hurts – 2NE1 , 2010
I Love You – 2NE1, 2012


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