Who is Yura’s Boyfriend? Lovelife about Yura from Girl’s Day

Who is Yura’s Boyfriend? I’ll introduce her lover and lovelife.



Kim Ah-young, better known as Yura, is a South Korean singer, rapper, dancer and actress. She was born on the 26th of November 1992 in Ulsan, South Korean.

Yura became a member of the K-pop girl group Girl’s Day in 2010 under the Dream Tea Entertainment.

She is an outgoing, cheerful, lively and positive kind of person. She is also a gamer and a fan of League of Legends where she is in silver league.

There was an injunction case filed against Yura by her ex-management company Action Music Entertainment in 2010, where the company insisted that they had a video of her unacceptable behavior. The lawsuit was pursued and on 2011 the court ruled in Yura’s favor.

Yura went to around 10 institutes, which isn’t a good memory for her, but she got a 89.9 score average when she was in middle school.

Her skills are not only limited to singing, rapping, dancing and acting for she is also great in painting. She gave up art in order to pursue her other passions.



Having a boyfriend is not one of Yura’s priorities. She doesn’t have much time, as she even gave up painting over her singing, rapping, dancing and acting career.

Hong Jong Hyun


Fans speculated whether Yura and Hong Jong Hyun, a South Korean model turned actor, would be the next reel-to-real couple when they featured in the popular reality show “We Got Married”.

After seeing how much they’re having fun during filming, their colleagues wondered if they were actually dating.

In the episode of the show, she was asked by a close friend of Hong Jong Hyun about her ideal type. She stated that she used to like a man who is humorous. HJH is getting closer to her ideal type.

Ideal Type of Man


Being an artist, everyone was curious to what type of a guy she was looking for. Since her debut, Yura’s ideal type is Lee Seung Gi, a South Korean singer, actor, MC and entertainer. Knowing this, Hong Jong Hyun felt jealous.

She doesn’t consider looks very much and likes a guy who is full on the inside. For her, good looks only last for 3 years but a good heart lasts long.

She is looking for someone which has a similar personality with her; someone who is very outgoing and optimistic.

She wants a guy who has complete trust and confidence in himself or someone else, someone with a sense of humor that can make her laugh 24/7, and who truly cares and loves her with his whole heart.

And if he acted like a younger brother towards her, she wouldn’t mind it.

Views on Marriage


Yura didn’t talk much with regards to marriage as she doesn’t even have a boyfriend currently. However she is looking forward to it.



-I Trusted Him (2010)
-The Secret Angel (2012)
-To the Beautiful You (2012)
-Reckless Family 3 (2013)
-Family (2013)
-The Clinic for Married Couples: Love and War 2 (2013)
-The Dramatic (2013)
-Be Arrogant (2014)
-After the play ends (2016)



-Expectation (2013)
-Love (2015)
-Girl’s Day 2015 Autumn Party (2015, Japanese)


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