Who is Son Ye-jin’s Boyfriend? Lovelife about Son Ye-jin

South Korean actress Son Ye-jin was born on January 11, 1982 in the city of Daegu. Her versatility in diverse genres made her become a popular actress in Korea and in other Asian countries.

In 2000, she made her acting debut from a movie entitled Secret Tears where she started to rose in fame. Since then she is known for appearing in romance-themed television series and movies, and received multiple awards that reflects her extraordinary skills in the field of acting.

Ye-jin is one of the richest actresses in Korea, having an estimated $20 million net worth as of 2015. This amount was garnered from her outstanding career and for being an actress for more than a decade.

As her acting career has been a part of her life for a long time, it is not impossible for her to earn what she has.


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As of now, Ye-jin is not interested for a having a relationship. She says that she has no time for a boyfriend because her passion for her cinema career has been growing.

She is not good at doing two things at the same time. The center of her heart is her acting career.

Rumored: Kim Nam Gil

Around October 2013, it has been rumored that South Korean actor Kim Nam Gil and Son Ye-jin have been dating. Their acquaintance shared that they quickly became close while filming a drama where they think that both of them have feelings for each other.

And in a phone interview, their agency confirmed that through their filming, the two become closer, however they are not dating.

Ideal Type of Man

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Everyone is curios in what type of man Ye-jin likes. She is looking for someone who is comfortable to have a conversation filled with wit.

Ye-jin also said that she would like a kind person, and doesn’t look at physical appearances, but she prefers the guy to be over 175cm. On the other hand, if the guy is shorter but catches her attention that would be fine.

And among her so-stars so far, she chose Park Hae II (who she appears with in the movie “Princess Deokhye”) as her ideal type.

Views on Marriage

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Marriage has not been a priority of the popular actress. However, Ye-jin does not want to ignore the idea of marriage in the future. She’s still hoping that she doesn’t get too old before she gets married.

Her ideal husband is someone that would understand her career consequences such her frequent time away from home. But as of now, she’s enjoying her successful life.

Ideal Date Situation

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Son Ye-jin confessed that she doesn’t really like to go out, and it wasn’t that clear if she’s pertaining to a date or something else. So for going to dates, she might also prefer it at home.

She said that most actresses like to make food at home because going outside is bothersome as it is hassle to prepare. The actress revealed that she can go two to three days without washing her hair when at home.

Everyone might be expecting that she has a lavish lifestyle, but it actually is very ordinary.

Fan’s Opinions

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Since Ye-jin began her acting career she has not been a subject of many dating rumors. There was only one rumor that can be considered as convincing, and it was with Kim Nam Gil, her co-star in the drama “Shark and The Pirates”.

Until now, any information that is connected to her love life is unknown in the social world.



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