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Who is Kim Rae Won’s Girlfriend? Lovelife about Kim Rae Won

Who is Kim Rae Won’s girlfriend?

I’ll introduce his lover and lovelife.


Kim Rae Won (born on March 19, 1981) is a South Korean Actor.

He was born in Gangneung, South Korea.

Kim made his acting debut with Teen Drama Me in 1997.

Kim is rumoured to have come from a rich family although he denied it but said that he has inherited an apartment and large sum of money from his grandmother.

He has been allegedly involved in an altercation with a bar waitress in Seoul but he denied it and later apologized for it.

Kim Rae Won seems to have an interesting love life with lots of ups and downs.


There are rumours that Kim Rae Won has a long term girlfriend who he hasn’t mentioned in any of his interviews.

The latest gossip states that he has been engaged or even married to her as he has been spotted with an engagement ring.

Sources reveal that they have been spotted shopping for pricey engagement rings in exclusive jewellery stores.

People who are supposedly close to them revealed that they are madly in love so there is a possibility of an engagement soon.

There are rumours that his girlfriend is also pregnant with a child.

In a recent interview Kim Rae Won mentioned that he is not dating anyone currently therefore there is no certainty if the rumours are baseless or true.

Ex Girlfriend

Lee Yo Won

Regarding his girlfriends in the past, he has mentioned that he has met different women but no assurance of how many past girlfriends he had.

He stated in an interview that his first girlfriend who was an actress is a mother now.

He met her when he was 18, and he calls her beautiful, bubbly and introverted but she was older than him.

He met her when he was shooting for a drama and considers himself a religious, conscientious lover.

She asked him out first, and they had a year and a half long relationship where he used to pick her from the subway every day and take her home which was almost a 3 hour round journey, and then she dumped him.

He was still in high school and she was in college, and he had sold his gold necklace gifted to him by his mum and also his phonograph so he could take her to different places.

She had so many men around her so it was hard for her to concentrate on him alone.

He was so heartbroken that he tried to kill himself by jumping into the river, but later crawled back.

He felt terrible then but now those are just a part of his childhood memories which he just cherishes.

He has clarified that he doesn’t have any feelings for her anymore. Fans assume that it is actress Lee Yo Won.


He has also dated a woman for 6 years

Recently he revealed that he had been dating a woman on and off during the shooting of Gangnam Blues in 2015 but that relationship faded away.

We wonder if he is still on with the same woman.

Ideal Type of Woman

On his views on his ideal type of a woman, he said he wants someone who is graceful and intelligent.

He likes small and wise women and wants someone who is jolly and intelligent and suits his personality.

Views On Marriage

Although we hear rumours about marriage being on the card for Kim Rae Won or that he is already married, Kim mentioned in an interview that he doesn’t want to be married for some time and focus on his career but down the lane he wants to settle as a head of the family.

Fan’s Opinion

Recently after hearing his rumoured marriage, his fans have been sent into a frenzy.

They are really excited and hope that the news of his engagement or marriage is true.

On the other hand a few fans have been heartbroken as they infatuate getting married to him.


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