Who Is Jang Na Ra’s Boyfriend? Lovelife about Jang Na Ra

Who is Jang Na Ra’s boyfriend?

I’ll introduce her lover and lovelife.


Jang Na Ra (Born on March 18 1981) is a South Korean Singer and Actress who works in the South Korean and Chinese Entertainment industries.

She was born and brought up in Seoul, South Korea.

Jang Na Ra made her debut as a singer in 2001 and her first acting appearance was in the popular show New Nonstop.

She had her first lead role in a movie Oh! Happy Day in 2003.

Jang Na Ra does charity work by sending milk powder to the hungry North Korean children.


Jang Na Ra although she is in her mid-thirties, she doesn’t have any boyfriend at the moment as she is busy with her career and hasn’t found the right one yet.

She doesn’t have anyone in her mind right now.

Ex Boyfriend

She revealed in an interview that she had unsuccessful relationships in the past.

She broke up with her boyfriend in a weird way, with a lip lock instead of a farewell which made her regret as she missed him more.

She also stated that when she likes someone she would tell them and it was worst when she was young as she called her ex boyfriend around 100 times.

Regarding the rumour that she gets dumped every time, she said that it is not every time but the ratio of her getting dumped is 6:4.

She also said that boys don’t find her fun and she is not so popular with the opposite sex.

She has had a boyfriend who she has mentioned in her interviews but we don’t know if she had more than one boyfriend although she seems to have dated a few guys.

She was allegedly linked with Kim Nam Gil, Daniel Choi ad Peter Ho but her agency dismissed these baseless rumours.

She was also linked with Park Bo Gum but they both denied it.

Ideal Type of Man

An ideal type of man for Jang Na Ra is someone who is kind hearted and healthy.

Appearance doesn’t matter to her.

She wants to meet a man who likes her, loves her and only her.

She believes that if she has too many conditions it will be hard to meet a man at this age.

She considers Seo In Guk as her ideal type.

Views On Marriage

Jang Na Ra has strong views on institution of marriage.

She has stated in many interviews that she wants to take up acting till the age of 37 and then get married.

If it doesn’t work out when she is 37 then she will even consider going out on blind dates.

She wants to have children before the age of 40.

Even her mother once told the actress in a show that she longs for her to get settled in life and have a beautiful child which she agreed to.

Ideal Dating Situation

Jang Na Ra has never mentioned what a typical date for her would be like as far as we know.

If she falls for a guy she wouldn’t mind confessing first although it is difficult but she said that she has confessed once and she has succeeded.

Fan’s Opinion

Jang Na Ra has a huge fan circle that include a great number of Chinese fans.

These loyal fans want to see their favourite actress who shows no signs of ageing to settle in life soon with the love of her life.


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