Who is Yook Sung Jae’s Girlfriend? Lovelife about Yook Sung Jae of BtoB

Who is Yook Sung Jae’s girlfriend?

I’ll introduce his lover and lovelife.


Yook Sung Jae (born on May 2, 1995) is a South Korean Singer, Actor and Television host.

Yook Sung Jae known as Sungjae is born in Yongin, Gyeonggi, South Korea.

Sungjae is a member of Btob Boy Band.

He made his music debut in 2012.

He has also starred in dramas like Plus Nine Boys 2014, and Who are You: School 2015.

He’s currently starring in We got Married with Red Velvet’s Joy and their chemistry is so strong and pure that the fans cannot figure out if its only on screen or off screen as well.


When asked if he has a girlfriend, Yook Sung Jae mentioned that he hasn’t dated much, he has never got the time to date after his debut.

He has never mentioned in any interviews nor do his fans know if he ever had a real girlfriend.

Once a friend posted a video in instagram stating about Sung Jae having a mysterious girlfriend but then it was revealed that it was just a prank with a pair of woman’s boots who Sung Jae had held in his hand.

Ideal Type of Woman

Although Sungjae mentioned that he hasn’t dated anyone nor he has any dating experience, he has strong views on his ideal type of a woman.

He believes that he wants someone who is very thoughtful, cute, sexy, and active and who has big eyes, a good looking belly button, slim body and long black, straight hair.

The woman has to be glamorous and even though she is sexy she would pretend to be cute in front of him.

In another interview he pointed out that he doesn’t have his ideal type but he would want someone like his mom.

She should be good in cooking and very beautiful.

He also mentioned that girls who resemble his mom should call him.

When asked which Korean celebrity resembles his ideal type of a woman, he mentioned SUZY (Miss A) as his type.

He also said that he likes girls who are very direct and not fake.

He revealed in another interview that he considers Shin Minah as his ideal type, who is cute, thoughtful and enthusiastic.

Views On Marriage

Although Yook Sung Jae has married on screen in his latest reality show ‘We Got Married’.

When asked about his views on real life marriage, he said that he always dreamed of getting married at an early age, like at the age of 25, and have children at an early so he could be their friend, but now his views regarding marriage has changed.

He wants to get married late and enjoy the phase that he is currently in.

He hasn’t mentioned in any recent interviews when he wants to get married now although he is positive about it.

Ideal Dating Situation

Yook Sung Jae, even though he is not dating anyone at the moment, he revealed in an interview that he doesn’t mind dating women who are older than him.

He has never opened up about his style of dating, but he did reveal during an interview that he wants to put his arm around his girls waist and walk along the beach together, eat and watch movies, so that sums it all.

Fan’s Opinion

Sunjae has a very big fan circle.

His fans are absolutely stunned with his pure chemistry with Red Velvet’s Joy in ‘We got Married’.

They believe that their chemistry that shows on screen in the reality show is off screen as well.

Some of the fans think that Joy has a one sided crush on Sung Jae, because when she realized that the show is ending she had a tears in her eyes.


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