Who is Nam Joo Hyuk’s Girlfriend? Lovelife about Nam Joo Hyuk

Who is Nam Joo Hyuk’s girlfriend?

I’ll introduce his lover and lovelife.



Nam Joo Hyuk, a South Korean actor and model, was born in Busan on the 22nd of February 1994. His first appearance as a model was on SONGZIO Home Spring/Summer Collection on the year 2013.

After pursuing a career in modeling, he then made his first appearance as an actor in a Korean TV Drama called The Idle Mermaid.

He loves to play basketball and bowling in his free time. His other hobbies include watching movies and listening to some good music. Nam Joo Hyuk was nicknamed Jweki, Namssang and Namju when he was a child.

He loves to take dorky selfies. Nam Joo Hyuk once mentioned that he had 3 girlfriends in the past. He also added that they who were the same age as him, but refused to reveal any other details.


Rumor: Lee Sung Kyung


Actress Lee Sung Kyung’s Instagram picture of her and Nam Joo Hyuk hugging in the water gathered attention from the fans, and sparked speculations about a possible relationship between the two.

Lee and Nam were co-stars in the K-drama “Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo”, where they play a weightlifting athlete and a competitive swimmer respectively.

Behind-the-scenes videos also showed the couple ad-libbing a kiss scene. Nam Joo Hyuk’s candid reaction further shows how good is the chemistry between them.

However, in a November 2016 interview he clarified what was going on between them. He said that “That [pose] was because the water was too cold and we had to survive”, and that he actually sees her as a caring older brother.

School Years Sweetheart

During an interview Nam Joo Hyuk, when asked if he was dating he answered yes without thinking twice, but he has never mentioned who he is dating or if he actually has a real girlfriend at the moment.

During another interview he revealed that he doesn’t have a girlfriend currently.

His first love was in 3rd year in middle school. He fell in love with a girl with whom he used to walk to school with.

He started dating her in 3rd year and even stayed with her for three years. He found her very cautious and self-conscious and maybe that was why she was reluctant to be with him.

He loved her so much that he didn’t have the heart to contact her after they broke off.

Although Nam Joo Hyuk mentioned that he had 3 girlfriends, he never said anything else about his other two girlfriends.

Ideal Type of Woman


When asked about his ideal type of a woman, Nam Joo Hyuk mentioned that he admires Yoo Jae Suk but his ideal type would be Lee Eun Bi (the character from his show ‘Who are you: School 2015′) as she has a perfect personality and she is someone he would want to protect.

He said that it is quite tough to explain his ideal type but besides a pretty face, he needs to feel something for her when they first meet.

He likes girls who are nice and he wants someone who is gentle and who would be compatible. He is very much attracted to people who are physically appealing.

He believes that the first meeting and that the first impression is very important. He finds Go Eun Byul (the character from his show ‘Who are you: School 2015′) very similar to his ex-girlfriend.

He even considers Park Soo Jin as his ideal type but nothing more than that.

Views On Marriage


Nam Joo Hyuk is too young to think about it, but he does have a positive view on marriage.

He believes that 32 is the right age for him to get married.

Ideal Dating Situation

Although Nam Joo Hyuk has talked about his ideal date he has never revealed in any interview what his ideal dating situation would be.

Fan’s Opinion

Nam Joo Hyuk has an extensive fan circle, mainly because he is an idol of today’s generation and his fans find his chemistry with his co stars very cute.

The fans have absolutely no opinions regarding his love life. It does not help that he has not been spotted in any revealing situation!


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