Who is Barbie Forteza’s Boyfriend? Lovelife about Barbie Forteza

Who is Barbie Forteza’s boyfriend?

I’ll introduce her lover and lovelife.


Born in the province of Laguna on July 31, 1997. Her real name is Barbara Ambas Forteza.

She started her career in showbiz at a young age appearing in some tv commercials and playing the role of young character in the Filipino remake of “Stairway to heaven”.

She was first seen on television shows in 2009. Throughout her career, she already appeared in many television shows as well as independent films such as The Road and Mariquina.

Aside from acting, she also appears as a commercial model in television and magazines and sometimes a host to a variety show in GMA network.

She has won an academy award for New Movie Actress of the year in 2012 and has also released a single album entitled “Meron ba?” in 2013.


Kiko Estrada

Barbie Forteza is now in a relationship with Kiko Estrada. Barbie admitted during an interview back in May 2016 that she and Kiko are now officially a couple.

He is Barbie’s first boyfriend after several rumors that she was dating other men. It is the first time that Barbie has experienced what it is like to be in a relationship.

Barbie and Kiko met at the same tv network where they were together in a tv show called “that’s my amboy” where they started getting close and eventually dated.


At a much younger age, Barbie did not have a previous relationship and was just starting to be discovered in television.

It was not her priority to fall romantically in love just yet at the time.

There were also no known history of dating somebody serious.

Her Ideal Type of Man

Barbie Forteza, at a young age of 19 is only starting to experience being in a relationship.

She had not have many guys involved with before because she was focusing on her career and enjoying the teenage life. It can be said that because she committed to Kiko Estrada, whatever she found on him was her ideal.

He could be her dream guy growing up and fell in love with him because of his character and the way they bonded together.

She said that while on the stage of getting to know each other, they were enjoying their time with one another which lead into a romantic stage.

What She Thinks About Marriage

On the idea of marriage, Barbie Forteza has no answer to this since she is just 19 years old and still very young to even think about it at this stage in her life.

She may be in a serious relationship now with his first and current boyfriend but surely, marriage has never crossed their mind and their career is more important than anything else.

She still enjoys the opportunity and blessings she receives now and being with friends and family matters more than committing into a serious relationship. For her, marriage will come at the right time.

Ideal Dating Situation

On the idea of dating, Barbie Forteza has not have much experience on this.

There were some rumors that she was being courted by her co-stars in television and movie shows, but she denied before that she was dating and said that she was just close to her guy friends.

Maybe Kiko Estrada was sincere with his actions toward her which lead to Barbie Forteza finally said yes and have a boyfriend. She finds him sweet, lovable, attractive, and kind type of guy.

What Her Fans Think About Her Lover

Barbie Forteza was easily accepted and loved by the fans ever since her debut on television in 2009.

She has a kind attitude and charming appeal to viewers which made her easy to approach. She performs well in her roles and is just a sweet little girl who enjoys her career and open to new opportunities.


Ang Darling kong Aswang 2009
Si agimat at si enteng kabisote 2010
The road 2011
Sossy problems 2012
My little bossings 2013
Mariquina 2014
Saranghaeyo 2015