Who is Jeonghan’s Girlfriend? Lovelife about Jeonghan from SEVENTEEN

Who is Jeonghan’s girlfriend now?

I’ll introduce his lover and his lovelife.


Yoong Jeong Han or also known as Jeonghan is one of the most promising and handsome members of the Korean Boy Band SEVENTEEN.

He belongs to the Vocal Team but he thinks he is not the best among other boys who are also part of the Vocal Team because according to an interview he says that he is envious about Seungkwan’s vocal voice and he still needs a lot of vocal training to become close to Seungkwan.

His Chinese name is Zhenghan but he is most commonly called Eldest Maknae, 1004 and Angel.

He calls himself Angel because he was born on October 4 and in Korean this date means Cheonsa or Angel in English.

His birthplace was in Seoul and was been in training for almost 2 years and 2 months now.

Asides from his prowess skills in singing he is also good when it comes to soccer, basketball and badminton.

Jeonghan’s Girlfriend

Jeonghan is so busy making up with the career he have with SEVENTEEN.

So far, he doesn’t have a relationship since he wanted to be good in his field which is in singing and together with his boyband.

But despite the fact that he is not into a relationship as the moment, he is still one of the most charming and handsome among SEVENTEEN.

With his long and beautiful hair, no one will never get to notice him.

By the way did you know that he was voted by his group mates as a member with the best personality, so it would be very impossible for girls not to like and even love him.

He doesn’t have a girlfriend as of the moment or someone he can say he is exclusively dating.
Because again he doesn’t have time for that and he is really focusing on his career as an actor and as a singer.

Jeonghan maybe one of the most attractive actor in Korea but when it comes to work he really is focus and very determined to work well as an actor.

In fact, he still wants to improve more the way he acts in his upcoming movies and projects.

His Ideal Woman

We cannot deny the fact that a lot of girls most especially those who admire Jeonghang are still having their hopes high of becoming his girlfriend but before we start day dreaming again, let us first know what are Jeonghang’s ideal type of girl.

According to an interview with Jeonghang, his ideal girl would be someone who is older than him because he needs a woman who knows how to take care of him.

Also during the interview he mentioned that he likes girls who love his boy band and who buy their albums.

So I guess after reading this article, a lot of girls will be rushing out to buy SEVENTEEN’s album and maybe just maybe, hoping for a chance that they will be able to finally meet their prince charming Jeonghang.

Don’t worry girls, as long as this handsome lad is single, you still have a chance of becoming his damsel in distress.

Also keep in mind girls that this young fellow over here doesn’t like sweets so I guess sweets won’t be one of your options if you are planning to send him gifts because it will really not do the trick.

But again don’t worry girls because Jeonghang is still very single and ready to mingle.

How He Thinks Marriage

Marriage is another topic that is very serious for our ultimate crush Jeonghan.
But come to think of it, sooner or later I believe he will finally decides that he wants to settle down with someone he loves.

Since he is a type of person who forgets easily, he will be needing a partner for life that will help him remind some little things that he might miss and at the same time he would also do the same for her because he believes that marriage is all about two people working out together about their differences and making themselves as one.

That I think is the sweetest thing that is ever said by a boy. If you could only see and observe Jeonghan, he is the type of person that is serious and a one woman man.

So with this kind of quality, I believe that the person he would destined to end up with would be very lucky to have him.

List of Love story Love Songs She Appeared On

Since we all know for a fact that Jeonghan belongs to the vocal team of SEVENTEEN, he has already sung a lot of star topping hits like Adore U, Pretty U, Mansae, Very Nice and a whole lot more together with his boy band.

But despite of his wonderful voice, he would still think of himself as someone who still needs a lot of improvement and work ups on his voice.