Who is Isabelle Daza’s boyfriend? Lovelife about Isabelle Daza

Who is Isabelle Daza’s boyfriend?

I’ll introduce her lover and lovelife.


Isabelle Diaz Daza is a Filipina model, actress and TV host.

Belle, as she is fondly called, is the daughter of the late Bong Daza and Gloria Diaz, who bagged the Miss Universe 1969 title.

Popularly know as an “It Girl” in the entertainment industry, she entered showbusiness after working as a pre-school teacher.

Belle also joins triathlon competitions occasionally.


Adrien Semblat

Belle Daza is engaged to be wed to Adrien Semblat.

In 2015, the handsome French guy popped the question during their holiday vacation in Turkey.

Adrien is a bit older than Belle.

He is working for Adidas, a well-known sports apparel company, as its general manager in the Philippines.

Just like his sweetheart, he is also into sports.

In fact, this gorgeous couple had flown to Hawaii once to compete in the Ironman Triathlon.

Adrien is a prince charming and you will be convinced that he really is once you learn at how he has pursued Belle.

For seven times, he was given the thumbs down by her, but he didn’t give up.

This kind of guy is for keeps!

Her Ideal Type of Man

For Isabelle Daza, Adrien Semblat is the ideal man.

Adrien is from France, where they say the most romantic people are from.

Belle is sporty and so is Adrien.

She is into fashion and travel.

Her man is also inclined on those two.

Wow, and how blessed is Isabelle Daza?!

She definitely got what she asked for.

What She Thinks About Marriage

To be able to travel is happiness for Belle Daza.

So, it’s not surprising that she’s choosing to get married in Italy in September 2016.

Belle and Adrien Semblat will be having a destination wedding!

After six years of dating, the romantic pair is going to celebrate with their family and friends very soon in Tuscany.

To tell the truth, Belle has been hoping to settle down with Adrien this year.

And now, she’s excitedly preparing for their big day, despite of her busy work schedule.

Her Ideal Situation of Dating

Belle is the granddaughter of Nora Daza, a famous chef from the Philippines.

She knows how to cook and spot good food.

By that, she’s game to gastronomic adventures.

So, dating with eating is her thing?


On social media, any netizen can catch sight of her dining with family, friends or Adrien, her fiance.

It can be in Manila or in any part of Europe or Asia.

She might also enjoy some downtime in the gym or a quick jog somewhere.

Belle’s a fitness buff, anyway.

What Her Fans Think About Her Lover

The fact is she has bashers, but most people adore Belle and Adrien.

Some even call Adrien as a French hottie.

It’s undeniable that both are easy on the eyes.

They’re both in good shape.

Needless to say, the couple is stunning.

It’s not a surprise that people look up to their magazine covers, TV interviews and social media posts.

Even celebrities feel giddy upon hearing their love story.

Thousands of Instagram followers congratulated them for their engagement.

They approve of Adrien Semblat for Belle Daza.


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