Who is Ji Soo’s Girlfriend? Lovelife about Ji Soo

Who is Ji Soo‘s girlfriend?

I’ll introduce his lover and lovelife.


Kim Ji Soo, known as only Ji Soo, was born on March 3, 1993 in South Korea; he’s a popular South Korean actor.

Ji Soo graduated from the Digital Seoul culture arts university, majoring in Film and theater.

He was a trainee at JYP Entertainment and he trained judo in elementary school, competing nation-wide.

Ji Soo became famous because of his role in the drama „Angry mom“, but he appeared in several short films and debuted in 2009.

His latest feature film is „One way trip“ from 2016, and during 2016 Ji Soo landed roles in 4 dramas – „Page turner“, „Doctors“, „Scarlet heart“ and „Fantastic“.


Ji Soo isn’t currently dating anyone.

In March 2016, he revealed that he hasn’t dated any women since 2014 and that he doesn’t have experience in romance; he would love to star in a romantic drama, which he believes would improve his sense of dating and help his love life overall.

Ji Soo stated that he’d love to have a relationship now, but that being an actor and very busy makes things like that more difficult for him; he said that his current wish is only to find someone he can connect with.

Ideal Type of Woman

Ji Soo revealed that his ideal type of girl is someone who has a pretty gaze; he’s more bent on girls who have a soft glare in their eyes than the girls who can flirt with their eyes.

He loves looking at girls’ eyes, and said that if the girl has a gentle look, he’d look at her all day long.

Ji Soo also enjoys a lovely smile from a girl, and if the girl has a nice smile, he’d do all he can to make her laugh all day long.

He likes actresses Natalie Portman, Amanda Seyfried and Marion Cotillard.

Ideal Dating Situation

When he’s dating, Ji Soo loves to have a good communication with his girl; he believes that a relationship consists at least 97% out of communication.

If the girl he’s dating can communicate well, she’d also be well mannered and have a good sense of humor.

He likes to take his time with dating and fall in love through conversations the most.

Ji Soo hasn’t dated in a while, but he didn’t think he was truly aware of what love is, so by acting in love stories and portraying romantic characters, he believes he’d improve his dating situation.

Fan’s Opinion

Ji Soo’s fans loved him in the drama “Angry mom”, where he plays the love interest of a woman older than him.

As he displayed a gentle side, he also showed that he is a bit cold on the outside but warm on the inside.

Ji Soo’s fans believe that according to this, he should find a girl worth his time, someone patient enough to wait and see his warm side.

Fans loved him in “Page turner”, a 3-part drama about young people falling in love, where he starred alongside Kim So Hyun; someone like her should be great for him, according to them.


2007 – Beastie Boys (movie)
2010 – Boy in Pain (short film)
2014 – Han Gong-ju (movie)
Seoul mates (movie)
Adult (short film)
More Than (short film)
2015 – Angry Mom
Cheer Up!
2016 – One Way Trip
Page Turner
Scarlet Heart: Ryeo