Who is Jang Hyuk’s Girlfriend? Lovelife about Jang Hyuk

Who is Jang Hyuk‘s girlfriend?

I’ll introduce his lover and lovelife.


Jang Hyuk was born as Jung Yong-joon in Busan, South Korea on December 20, 1976 and he’s a famous South Korean actor.

He graduated from the Dankook University, majoring in Theater and film, and he debuted in a TV drama called „Model“ in 1997.

He was the guy in g.o.d‘s famous debut video „To my mother“, and he starred in a few TV dramas before starting his movie career in 2001.

His first major movie role was in „Volcano High“, which brought him recognition among both audiences and critics alike.

In 2004, Jang Hyuk was accused of avoiding his mandatory military service, a scandal which brought him into a lot of trouble; he apologized immediately and went on to serve his mandatory 2 year army period.

Jang Hyuk got married in 2008, and he said that since his marriage, he managed to score roles which were more gentle and romantic.

Although Jang is known for being good at action sequences and playing cold-hearted characters, his marital status changed him and gave him perspective for romantic roles, too.

Some of the famous movies he made are „Volcano high“, „Fated to love you“, „The Client“, and one of his most famous dramas is „Shine or go crazy“.


Kim Yeo Jin

Jang Hyuk has been married for 8 years, to his wife Kim Yeo Jin, and they have three children together.

They met in 2002, when Jang Hyuk visited his wife’s pilates class, and he was persistent in winning her over, until he really did.

The couple dated for six years before getting married in 2008; Jang Hyuk said that his wife was his biggest supporter for many years, and that without her, he wouldn’t have been able to learn some things and become more compassionate.

Kim also had to wait for Jang Hyuk for two years while he was serving in the military; he mentioned his gratefulness to her in an interview, and said that she is the most romantic person he’d ever met.

Kim Yeo Jin is two years older than Jang Hyuk, and she was a jazz pilates instructor when they met.

She gave birth to three children, two sons, born in 2008 and 2009, and one daughter, born in 2015.

Jang Hyuk’s wedding ceremony had some of his famous friends as attendees, such as the actor and singer Cha Tae Hyun and singer Kim Jong Kook.

Ex Girlfriend

Jang Hyuk never talks about his exes, and the way he speaks, it doesn’t seem like he has any ex-girlfriends.

He prepared to be an actor, and met his wife when he was 25; they have been together for 14 years, and he loves to talk about his marriage, but never about his previous relationships.

Ideal Type of Woman

Jang Hyuk, of course, always lists his wife as his ideal type.

He mentioned that before they met, he decided to pursue her because he got a glance at her when she was leaving the shower in a gym.

Jang Hyuk also says that his wife is the most romantic person he’d ever met, and that because of her, he became a better person.

It makes sense that his type became defined after getting married, since people can speak of their ideal type

Views On Marriage

Jang Hyuk thinks that marriage changed him and made him a better person.

He enjoys romance and thinks that it’s important for any marriage.

Jang Hyuk also says that his wife was his biggest supporter during the hard times in his career, and he believes that is a foundation of true love and a great marriage.

Ideal Dating Situation

Jang Hyuk was relatively known when he met Kim Yeo Jin, but he still managed to have a normal dating life.

His ideal situation was not talking about his relationship and not revealing details of his dating situation, which made his relationship all the more strong.

It’s possible that tabloids and press did things differently 15 years ago than they do it now; nowadays, there are journalists whose life is based on taking photos of celebrities in their dating situations.

When Jang Hyuk started dating his wife, things were still very low profile, and dating was a little bit easier.

Fan’s Opinion

Jang Hyuk’s fans support him and his wife in their successful marriage; they also congratulated Jang Hyuk on his last child and wished him a good life with his little daughter and two young sons.


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