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Who is Kathryn Bernardo’s Boyfriend? Lovelife about Kathryn Bernardo

Who is Kathryn Bernardo’s Boyfriend now?

I’ll introduce her lover and her lovelife.


Kathryn Chandria Manuel Bernardo, famously known as Kathryn Bernardo, was born on March 26, 1996. She is a Filipina actress best known as Mara in the primetime Filipino drama “Mara Clara” (2010).

Her acting career began in 2003 when she appeared as the young Cielo in ABS-CBN’s “It Might Be You” (2003). It was in 2006 when she got her first main role in the TV series “Super Inggo” in the role of Maya, who is the love interest of the main character.

From then on, different roles in ABS-CBN shows where given to her. In 2014, she also ventured into the music industry by recording diversed original songs thus, releasing her first studio album Kathryn.

She was also ranked 17 in the FHM Philippines’ 100 Sexiest Woman 2015.


Daniel Padilla

Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla started dating in September 2012. They were on-screen partners and the actor admitted that they are getting closer and closer while in the courting stage.

Even though they have not yet admitted the real status of their relationship, both of them shared that they are very happy with each other. They just really care for each other and concedes that whatever others see in them is just the truth.

Daniel promised her that he’ll be always there for her and that he won’t leave her until he’s by her side. While Kathryn promised him back that there will never be a moment where he’ll feel that he’s alone.

Ideal Type of Man

In a press conference of “She’s Dating The Gangster” (2014), Kathryn Bernardo was asked whether she preferred a gangster or a nice guy for a lover. She answered by describing exactly what is an ideal guy for her.

She wants a guy who is proud but still kind. She wants both but she would prefer one who doesn’t pick up a fight. Also, she’s into loyal guys who can defend her whenever someone is fighting her.

Ideal Dating Situation

In an interview, Kathryn Bernardo confessed that part of their mutual understanding of Daniel Padilla was to not date anyone else. She also agreed that she doesn’t want to entertain other suitors.

Many believed that they are already in a relationship because of the way he protects her like what a boyfriend usually does. She even revealed that Daniel inspires her to be more open-minded, that he just wants her to be more conscious of her actions.

When asked if she thinks that Daniel would be a strict boyfriend once they have formalized their relationship, she explained that she believes he has good intentions towards her.

Fans’ Opinions

According to a fan of Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla, her fellow fans may believe that something was going on but Daniel lost interest and prefers to pursue someone.

The sad part in it was when this love team would go live on air, they’re just trying their best to show intimacy.


Television Shows

-“It Might Be You” (2003)
-“Krystala” (2004)
-“Vietnam Rose” (2005)
-“Goin Bulilit” (2005)
-“Gulong Ng Palad” (2006)
-“Komiks Presents: Aqua Bendita” (2006)
-“Komiks Presents: Bandanang Itim” (2006)
-“Super Inggo” (2006)
-“Pangarap Na Bituin” (2007)
-“Prinsesa Ng Banyera” (2007)
-“Maalaala Mo Kaya” (2008) Bracelet
-“Your Song Presents: You Know Its Christmas” (2009)
-“Maalaala Mo Kaya” (2009) Blusa
-“Super Inggo At Ang Super Tropa” (2009)
-“Endless Love” (2010)
-“Magkaribal” (2010)
-“Mara Clara” (2010)
-“Growing Up” (2010-2011)
-“Wansapanataym” (2011) Apir Disapir
-“Wansapanataym” (2012) Ensaymada
-“Princess And I” (2012)
-“Got To Believe” (2013)
-“Be Careful With My Heart” (2014)
-“Wansapanataym” (2014) Puppy Ko Si Papi
-“Maalaala Mo Kaya” (2015) Parol
-“Pangako Sayo” (2015)


-“Gagamboy” (2004)
-“Nasaan Ka Man” (2005)
-“Tatlong Baraha” (2006)
-“Supahpapalicious” (2008)
-“Way Back Home” (2011)
-“Shake, Rattle & Roll 13” (2011)
-“24/7 In Love” (2012)
-“Sisterakas” (2012)
-“Must Be Love” (2013)
-“Pagpag: Siyam Na Buhay” (2013)
-“She’s Dating The Gangster” (2014)
-“Crazy Beautiful You” (2015)
-“Barcelona: A Love Untold” (2016)



-“Mula Noon Hanggang Ngayon” (2012)
-“Pagdating Ng Panahon” (2013)
-“Ikaw Na Nga Yata” (2014)


-“Kathryn” (2014)

Music Videos

-“Pinasmile” (2014)
-“You Don’t Know Me” (2014)
-“Mr. PJ” (2014)