A list of Forbidden Areas in Japan: Think about Pokemon Go Places

I’ve made the list of places to avoid playing Pokemon Go in Japan.

Pokemon trainers like you who plan to go to various places to get pokemons should take heed of forbidden areas!

Pokemon Go Sets Forbidden areas!

Pokemon Go uses the location information and the camera function to play.

You have to take a walk in different areas, so it is good to go out and walk around.

However, there are some forbidden places that you can’t enter and you should pay attention to them!

Keep good manners and Get Pokemons!

List of Forbidden Areas

Name of Place (Prefecture)

・Izumo Taisya (Simane)
・Sendai Ikuei High school (Miyagi)
・Ise Jingu (Mie)
・Unsho Temple, Soji Temple (Kanagawa)
・Miyazaki Shrine (Hiroshima)
・Peace Memorial Museum (Hiroshima)
・Osorezan (Aomori)
・Osaka Castle (Osaka)
・Kumamoto Castle (Kumamoto)
・The Navy Memorial Museum, Nijo Castle (Kyoto)
・Okayama University Hospital, Kosei Hospital (Okayama)
・Horyuji (Nara)
・Koyasu Shrine, National Center for Child Health and Development (Tokyo)
・Kotohiragu (Kagawa)
・Katsushika Hachimangu (Chiba)
・Inano Shrine (Hyogo)
・Tsukuba Botanical Garden (Ibaraki)
・Higashiyama Haisuijo (Aichi)

Places which tend to ban Pokemon Go

I explain the features of the places where you cannot actually play Pokemon Go in detail.

Off-limit Areas

First of all, you mustn’t enter off-limit areas regardless of forbidden places of Pokemon Go.

Even though such facilities and areas become Poke Stops, owners of these places probably request deletions of Poke Stops to avoid any trouble.

Don’t poach such off-limit places!

Solemn Places Like Temples and Hospitals

Managers of solemn places like temples and medical facilities may stop visitors from playing Pokemon Go.

There are posters that show you can’t play Pokemon in such areas, and you have to make sure if the place permits you to play it or not whenever you go.

Dangerous Areas

They ask people, rather than they forbid, to stay careful while playing Pokemon Go in dangerous places such as cliffs or powerplants.

It is because it is very risky to walk around while you look at a screen of the smartphone. Looking at your smartphone while walking is very dangerous itself.

Besides, there are more dangerous places like rocky ground makes you hard to walk or cliff.

Let’s not play Pokemon in such places!

Off-limit Areas like School or Workplace

Some schools and workplaces forbid people to play Pokemon Go.

It intends to let them focus on their studies and their works.

And also, other areas prohibit it to prevent strangers from coming in.

Places that Encourage people to play Pokemon!?

Tottori Sand Dune is the “smart-phome game district”!

You may feel there are many off-limit areas, but some areas push people to play Pokemon Go.

One of them is Tottori Sand Dune!
Governor Hirai declared that Tottori Sand Dune is a smart-phome game area.

Enjoy Pokemon Go Safely in the Sand Hill!

The sand hill is broad and covered by a lot of sand, so you can play the game there, without any concern unlike in other places.

The governor recommends the Tottori Sand Dune as a destination for a summer holiday trip.

Follow Rules!

However, it is required to keep the rules such as traffic ones.

In addition, even while looking at the screen of your devices, you have to pay utmost attention to your surroundings!