Places with Many PokeStops in Japan: Are Parks Pokemon Paradises!?

I would like to introduce places called Pokemon Go spots where many PokeStop are found.

It will be useful for you when you make a certain strategy because this article provides information where to go to find a lot of PokeStops and rare pokemons.

PokeStops of Shigeru Mizuki Road in Tottori

What’s Shigeru Mizuki Road?

It is the name of the shopping street in Sakaiminato city of Tottori, where Shigeru Mizuki, a famous manga artist who drew GeGeGe no Kitaro, was born.

It is a tourist site whose theme is a world of Yokai, which is a kind of ghosts or phantoms.

There are too much PokeStops on Shigeru Mizuki Road.
Surprisingly, 47 PokeStop are found on the streets!

The reason why so many PokeStops are allocated to the road seems to be that each Yokai statue is set as a PokeStop.

How Many are PokeStops around Stations and Statues?

I play Pokemon Go every day since it launched and I find many PokeStops in places around artistic statues and illustrations except for stations and Macdonald’s collaborated with the game.

It is one of the enjoyable ways of Pokemon Go to find places where PokeStop are installed, and it will be a new discovery in your local area.

Kinshicho in Tokyo is Pokemon Go Paradise

Kinshi park is located near Kinshicho station.

It takes only 2-3 minutes by walk from the station.

The huge park is one of greatest PokeStop spots itself because it is crowded with many many PokeStops.

You can find PokeStops and Gyms in this Pokemon Go paradise.

Pokemon Gym is in a corner of Kinshi Park.
An additional reason why the park is popular is that two kinds of popular pokemons appear.
These pokemons are Bulbasaur, one of the big three and Eevee which has many possibility to evolve. Kinshi Park is called Pokemon nest of Bulbasaur and Eevee.

Rare pokemons you could get in Kinshi Park

According to some, rather rare pokemon are seen whether it is because of the Pokemon nest or not.

Vaporeon, evolved pokemon from Eevee and Magmar.

Further, Ninetales which is evolved pokemon from Vulpix appeared, though it escaped…

Other Pokemon Go Spots


Japanese ancient capital Kyoto is a special place as you see.

Kyoto is the prefecture which most world heritages are placed in Japan. ]There are 17 world heritages like Shimizu temple, Nijo castle and so on.

Because there are so many historical buildings in Kyoto, you will find a remarkable number of PokeStops.


Akihabara as hot area! Cherry blossom petals fall like snow!

Akihabara is the place where many PokeStops are and many Japanese and foreign tourists go there. There are a lot of PokeStops and they put Lure Module.

So, pokemon trainers who get as many pokemons as possible all gather in Akihabara.

Rare Pokemons Appear Around PokeStops!

Lure Module are often placed around crowded areas of PokeStops. Rare pokemons are likely to appear in such places.

You can go to near PokeStops while you take a walk and get rare pokemons!