Profile and Facts of Yoon Jeong Han of SEVENTEEN: Bio, Net Worth, Fun Facts etc.

Yoon Jeong Han, known as the Eldest Maknae of SEVENTEEN, was born in the capital of South Korea, Seoul, and was a trainee at Pledis Entertainment for 2 years and 2 months before debuting.

Jeonghan is a part of the Vocal team of SEVENTEEN.

He seems to be very shy, but he’s actually just difficult to approach; otherwise, he is an active member who enjoys the company of a lot of people, but also likes being pampered.

His biggest weakness is being sleepy for most of the time.

Jeong Han graduated from Hyangnam high school in 2014, and started recording hits with SEVENTEEN shortly after that.

He is considered to be one of the faces of the group, one who does most promotions and photo ops.

In 2015, he made his acting debut through playing the lead male role in the music video for “Playback,” a song by Phantom’s Kiggen.


Birth Date & Sun Sign, Height, Weight & Measurements

Born: October 4, 1995
Star sign: Libra
Height: 178 cm
Weight: 62 kg
Blood type: B

Born Place, Nationality, Born name, bio and SNS

Label: Pledis Entertainment
Official Website:
Twitter ID: @pledis_17
Facebook page URL:
YouTube URL:
Weibo ID: PLEDIS_17
(All members of SEVENTEEN use their shared account for SNS, so none of them have a personal SNS account)

Jeong Han was born under the name Yoon Jeong Han in 1995. He was born in Seoul, South Korea, and is of Korean descent.

Not a lot is known about him prior to debuting, but as a member of SEVENTEEN, he is a caring member whom everyone refers to as a parent, who takes care of friends and enjoys singing no matter what.

Ever since he was young, Jeong Han had a knack for showmanship and singing; he never auditioned to be in SEVENTEEN, but he was noticed at a shopping center and was asked to perform for Pledis in order to be put into a group.

He graduated from Hyangnam high school in 2014 and entered Pledis Entertainment right after that.

Even though he thinks other members sing much better than him, Jeong Han is willing to improve and practice, and enjoys singing on his own a lot.

He is very similar to the leader, the dad of the group, S.Coups; that is why the two of them are considered the parents of SEVENTEEN (Jeong Han keeps his hair long, so they all call him ‘mom’).

His favorite thing in the world is eating soup and stew, and he said he always had a hard time with being sleepy – wherever the group goes, Jeong Han will always take at least 5 minutes to take a nap!


Jeong Han went to primary school in Seoul, where he was born.

Upon entering Hyangnam high school, Jeong Han decided to major in the natural sciences department.

The word around is that he was the third best student in his high school.

He graduated high school as the 3rd ranked student in 2014, and then he became a steady member of Pledis Entertainment and SEVENTEEN.


Jeong Han’s family consists of his parents and a younger sister.

Not much is known about his family, but they have always supported Jeong Han in pursuing singing and a career of an idol.

He loves his mother’s cooking and enjoys quiet time with his family.

Career & Bio

Born as Yoon Jeong Han in Seoul, the capital of South Korea, Jeong Han grew up in a loving family.

His nicknames are Angel and The Old Maknae, and Angel stems from a wordplay on his birth date – October 4, or 10/4, which is pronounced “Cheonsa”, meaning also “Angel”.

His zodiac sign being Libra, he loves to think about his actions and relax in a quiet place very often, despite still being young; living with 12 other guys can make a person wish for some privacy once in awhile.

Jeong Han’s trademark is his long hair, which he enjoys keeping long, and he said that he likes when girls keep their hair long, too.

Jeong Han relaxes by doing sports, especially jogging and soccer.
After graduating high school, Jeong Han joined Pledis Entertainment, where he trained for 2 years and 2 months, getting vocal coaching and image makeovers.

Other members say that Jeong Han is like a parent to them – he likes taking care of them and being there for everyone as much as possible; no wonder then that he is considered to be the mom of SEVENTEEN, while the leader S.Coups is the dad.

He belongs to the Vocal Unit of SEVENTEEN, but he did say a few times that he envies the vocal abilities of his band mate Seung Kwan.

He is also a part of the visual team, and he made a magazine cover with his band mate Joshua; Joshua and Jeong Han are really close, as Joshua was the first member to approach Jeong Han and befriend him.

Now, the two of them, Vernon, Mingyu and Won Woo make up the visual group, too.

Recently, he expanded his career into the acting field, through acting in a music video for Kiggen’s song “Playback”.

Girlfriend/ Wife

Jeong Han isn’t known to currently be dating anyone, but he did frequently speak out on the type of girl that he prefers.

He said that he likes girls with long hair, and has an attraction for older girls, as well. He says that’s because he takes care of the group, and he’d love to have an older girlfriend which would take care of him a little bit, too.

Still, he said in a fan meeting that all that didn’t matter to him as long as there was attraction and respect between him and the girl.

He also once jokingly said that his ideal girl is someone who buys the group’s albums and supports them.

We hope Jeong Han can find a girl who can care for him as well as he cares for the group.

Favorite Things

Instrument: bass
Food: Korean stews and chicken
Drink: water
Song: “20” by SEVENTEEN
Colors: red and black
Music: pop
Role Model: Taemin (SHINee)
Sport: jogging, soccer, basketball, badminton
Specialties: singing and taking care of DK
Dislikes: candy, sweet food
Weakness: gets tired easily
Strength: being attentive and caring
Animal: cats and dogs

Fun facts

1. He’s known as the mom in the group.
2. He doesn’t like candy very much.
3. He’s known for his long hair.
4. He and Joshua are SEVENTEEN’s pair of buddies and their nickname is ShuJeon or sometimes ShuHan.
5. He gets tired easily and can sleep anywhere.
6. He says that people think he’s quiet, when he’s really the opposite.
7. He loves to eat stews and soups.
8. His nicknames are Angel and The Old Maknae.
9. He loves to play sports.
10. His Chinese name is Zhenghan.
11. He is a bit of a fashionista.
12. He can play bass guitar.
13. He is friends with V from BTS.
14. He has a younger sister.
15. He calls Dino “his baby”.
16. He considers himself the weakest in the group.
17. He looks up to SHINee’s Taemin
18. He likes summer the best out of the four seasons.
19. He does not like sweet foods such as chocolate.
20. He does not like using perfumes.

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