Where Do You Want To Go? Top 10 Of The Most Famous Asian Festivals

Festivals are marked to remember an occasion, success or achievement during an era.

Others are sorrow, outbreaks of a disease, hunger, abundance of food etc.

Each culture has its own way to celebrate such moments and when it will.

Here are some of the famous festivals on the Asian calendar.

No. 1 Hong Kong Arts Festival

The Hong Kong Arts Festival has gradually become one of the prominent festivals in Asia.

It showcases arts from local talents as well as famous artist around the globe.

Activities at the festival includes opera, art show, ballet etc.

It also promotes the culture and heritage of Hong Kong to the rest of the world.

Hong Kong Arts Festival is patronized by locals and foreign nationals.

No. 2 Harbin Intl Ice Festival

Harbin Intl Ice Festival is one of the famous ice festivals in the world aside that of Quebec Winter Carnival, Snow Festival in Japan etc.

The festival is been marked during the ling cold winter month.

Some of the activities at the festival includes Ice Lantern Garden Party, Skiing contest, Theatrical performances, Snow sculpture etc.

So if you are a fun of ice activities, all you need is to take part of the Habin festival to catch a glimpse of dazzling and spectacular ice creation.

No. 3 Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossoms, a festival celebrated in Japan does not have an exact time date it takes place.

The festival is dictated by the weather condition at the time so it varies from year to year.

Cherry Blossom also known as Sakura is celebrated countrywide and showcases the beauty of streets in Japan.

The festival is relevant in Japan because Cherry as a flower is used to represent the beauty, charm and unpredictable nature of a woman.

No. 4 Songkran

Songkran is a festival celebrated by the people of Chiang Mai, Thailand.

It is the celebration of the New Year and takes the line of April fool day.

Songkran is also known as the biggest world water fight where water is spill on people without notice.

If you are not alert someone can play a prank on you to get you wet.
Be careful you down fall because the roads become very slippery.

No. 5 Kite Festival

The Kite festival is celebrated by the people of Jaipur, Rajasthan in India.

The festival brings together experts in kite makers and flyers around the world together to celebrate the day.

The purpose of the festival is for thanksgiving for the religious.

During the time, the skies of Jaipur is filled with colorful fighter kites to compete one another for the crown.

The last kite which remains in the sky is adjudged the winner.

No. 6 Ati-Atihan Festival

Ati Atihan Festival is celebrated at the beginning of each year by the people of Kalibo, Aklan in Philipines.

During this period, local and tourists visit the island of Kalibo, Aklan to take part in various activities in honor of patron saints.

Activities includes processions, masses and street dancing.

The locals also compete in dancing which in a way attracts many visitors.

The colorful traditional costumes accompanied with masks makes the festival an absolute delight to watch.

No. 7 Kadayawan Festival

Kadayawan Festival is a thanksgiving festival celebrated throughout the week for a bumper harvest by the people of Davao, Philippines.

Kadayawan is coined from the primitive word “madayaw” which means a warm and friendly greeting for things which brings about good fortune.

The day is marked with street dance, floats of fresh flowers, boat race, horse fighting, beauty pageants etc.

Fresh fruits from their bountiful harvest is also displayed for your purchase during the festival.

No. 8 Bali Spirit Festival

Most festivals comes with merry making and noise but Ubod-Bali, a festival celebrated in Indonesia is an exception.

You would have to exercise some form of quietness if you want to partake in this festival.

This festival is marked for a full month where people uplift their self through yoga, live dance and vibrant music.

Experts in yoga and music instructors around the world visits the place to lend their expertise to participant.

Participants at the end of the festival benefits by having a positive mindset and attitude towards life.

No. 9 Boryeong Mud Festival

This festival is celebrated in South Korea and it attracts many people across the globe.

Tourist and other celebrants troop to the Boryeaong which is a 3.5 kilometer stretch of white beach to witness the joyous mode at the place.

Activities at the festival includes mud fountain, mud painting, mud wrestling, swimming in the mud, mud attack and many others.

Even if you don’t participate in the activities, just watching other play in mud bring out much excitement.

No. 10 Holi Festival

Holi festival is a festival is a Hindu festival celebrated annually in March.

It is mostly celebrated by the Hindus in India, Nepal and Pakistan.

It is one of the revered festivals for the Hindus across the globe and has got much attraction worldwide.

It is celebrated as a form of renewing old relationships, making peace, ending conflicts and making good triumph over evil.

It is marked with bonfires before the Holi day which is known as Holika Dehan (burning of holika)

Celebrants commemorate it with singing, dancing and merry making accompanied with throwing of colored powder.

Families also visits each other and share sweets and holi delicacies to mark it.