Fact and Profile of SEHUN : Member of EXO

Oh Se Hun Known as Sehun is member of EXO and EXO-K, one of the most famous K-POP groups.


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Sehun was born as Oh Se Hun on April 12, 1994 in Seoul ( South Korea ). His nationality is Korean.

He has an elder brother. His family is composed by four members including him and they are his Dad, Mom, and his Elder Brother.

He received his early education in Seoul Arts High School.

In 2007, when Sehun was 12 years old, he was scouted by a casting agent in the streets. He advised him to go to an audition which was being held by S.M entertainment.

He passed it and a year later, in 2008, he succeded in getting into S.M Entertainment after going through four painful auditions in two long years.

On January 10, 2012 he was formally introduced as an EXO member. He is also the fifth and youngest member of the EXO subgroup Exo-K.

His nickname is Baek-gu (white dog) because of his white skin.

Sehun is considered an Ulzzang, a popular South Korean term literally meaning Best Face or Good Looking.


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Aside from his activities within EXO, he started a career as an actor in TV dramas and movies.

Sehun was recently casted in the lead role in an upcoming Chinese web-drama titled “Dear Archimedes”, slated to air in 2017. The filming for this production began in September 2017 in South Korea.

Occupation: rapper, singer and actor
Position in EXO: lead dancer
Active Years: 2012 – present
Status: unmarried

TV Dramas

-”To the Beautiful You” (2012)
-”Royal Villa”(2013)
-”EXO Next Door” (2015)
-”Dear Archimedes” (2017)


-”Catman” (2017)


-”XOXO” (2013)
-”EXODUS” (2015)
-”EX’ACT” (2016)


Weibo Kpop Star Award at Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards (2016)


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He graduated from Seoul Institute Of Arts High School which he attended while training and participating in auditions.

Sehun has expressed regrets of not being able to fully live his high school life. Since he was busy training to build his career in the show business, he did not have enough time to make memories and spend time with friends.

The time spent at school with his classmates was probably more important to him than we can imagine, a relaxing parenthesis in his ever hectic life.

Music Videos

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He showed off his performative abilities through a two man performance with fellow men Kai in a teaser clip.

He also made a brief appearance in Girls Generation TTS ‘s music video for “Twinkle “ along side fellow members Baekhyun, Chanyeol, and Kai.

Sehun also guest starred in the 2nd episode of 2013 sitcom “Royal Villa“ with Chanyeol. In 2015, Sehun was featured in BoA ‘s music video for “Who Are You “ for her 8th Korean language studio album “Kiss My Lips “.


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・Real Name – Oh Se-Hun
・Stage Name – Sehun
・Badge – Wind
・D.O.B – April 12 , 1994
・Birth Place – Seoul , South Korea
・Nationality – Korean
・Height – 181cm
・Blood Type – O
・Occupation – Dancing ,Musical Artist
・Introduced At Exo – Jan 10 , 2012
・Position At Exo – Dancer , Rapper , Sub- Vocalist , Maknae
・Active Years – 2012 ( present )
・Status – Active
・Education – Seoul Arts High School
・Label – S.M entertainment
・Specialties – Dancing , Acting


Sehun is too busy to have a relationship at the moment. However, he did reveal that his ideal type of woman should have a bubbly personality.

She should also be tidy.

Favorite Things

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Subject in School: Ethics and physical education
Movie: Action
Food: Meat, sushi
Drink: Chocolate flavored bubble tea
Song: Justin Bieber “Baby” (during training)
Favorite Colors: White, Black
Favorite Movie: Action
Favorite Music: Hip-hop
Motto: Let’s live while doing things we like!
Personality: Caring, shy but talkative once you get along

Fun facts

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1. Known as the cutest in the group.
2. Does not like spicy ddukbokki.
3. His fanclub name is Honey.
4. His religion is Christianity.
5. His famous quotes are “Let’s live while doing the things we like.”
6. His shoe size is “27”.
7. His favorite perfume is A&F, Ferrari.
8. He becomes mad when he is called cute, he likes handsome.
9. His favorite makeup brand is Chanel.
10. He is scared of being in elevators alone.
11. He liked Chinese actions films since he was young.
12. He was a former ulzzang.
13. He has a lisp.
14. He looks in the mirror a lot.
15. He likes to tell jokes.
16. His role model is BoA.
17. He finds it difficult to pronounce the letter “s” due to his lisp.
18. He does not want to start conversations as he is shy.
19. He looks in the mirror a lot.
20. He has a stuffed toy named Pinku Pinku that he can’t sleep without.

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