Profile and Facts of Jisoo of Black Pink: Bio, Net Worth, Fun Facts etc.

Jisoo is a member of Black Pink, an upcoming South Korean K-POP girl group. Black Pink is a new girl group that had its debut in 2016. They are under the management of YG Entertainment, one of South Korea’s most prominent recording labels in the music industry.

Jisoo will be the dancer of the group and she will be Black Pink’s representative when it comes to showcasing visuals or facial appearance.


Birth Date, Age & Zodiac Sign

Jisoo was born on June 20, 1995. She is 22 years old. Her zodiac sign is a gemini and her Chinese zodiac sign is a pig.

Height, Weight & Measurements

Jisoo is around 160 cm tall and weighs 45 kg.

Born Place, Nationality, Birth name, Bio and SNS

Blood Type: Unknown
Label: YG Entertainment
Official Website: none
Facebook page:
Instagram ID: @blackpinkofficial
Weibo URL: None

Birth Name: Kim Ji Soo (김지수)
Stage Name: Jisoo (지수)
Nicknames: Chi Choo, Jichu
Nationality: Korean
Blood Type: A
Before she became a member of YG Entertainment, it has been known to a lot of people that Jisoo was a really beautiful young woman. She was very popular in school because of her beautiful face and because of her talent.


Jisoo used to study at the School Of Performing Arts High School.

She eventually transferred schools when her family moved to Seoul, South Korea.


Jisoo has an older sister. It is also rumored that her father is CEO of a small show business company.

Career & Bio

Before Jisoo started out as a trainee of YG Entertainment, it has been well-known in her school that she is a beautiful student.
She often catches everyone’s attention.

Jisoo became a part of YG Entertainment as a trainee in 2011.
In 2012, she was revealed through the “Who’s That Girl?” teaser by the label, and it was followed with two photos in January of the next year.

Jisoo is fluent in Korean and Chinese.

Jisoo has appeared in numerous TV commercials and Music Videos ever since.

Music Video Appearances

Epik High – Happen Ending (2014)
Epik High – Happen Ending MV Making (2014)
Hi Suhyun – I’m Different (2014)
Hi Suhyun – I’m Different MV Making (2014)


Samsonite Red with Lee Min Ho (2015)
Nikon 1 J5 (2015)
Smart Uniform with iKon (2015-2016)
LG with iKon (2016)


Jisoo has never been in a relationship controversy. It is said that he ideal type of guy is someone who is especially caring towards her.

Favorite Things

Food: Healthy food
Drink: Water
Instrument: Guitar
Colors: Black, Pink
Brand: Samsonite, LG, Nikon
Drama Genre: Romance
Song: YGE’s songs
Favorite Music: Pop
Role Model: Seniors
Personality: Bubbly
Hobby: Dancing, Watching movies

Fun facts

Known as the dancer in the group.
She dislikes bad people.
She becomes happy when she dances.
She becomes sad when she isn’t with her loved ones.
She becomes mad when things don’t go her way.
She becomes sleepy when doesn’t do anything.
She becomes relaxed when she does her hobbies.
She likes to give nicknames to people.
She is friends with Twice’s Naeyeon.
She was known for being kind and beautiful in school.
She has a dog named Dalgom.

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