Popular Shopping Center in Shibuya

Shibuya is a popular shopping district and entertainment center surrounding the busy Shibuya Station in Tokyo. Many young locals go here to shop, eat, or just have fun.

Shibuya has become so popular that it is now considered as a tourist destination.

People who visit Tokyo would often stop by Shibuya to see the celebrated statue of Hachiko or cross the famous intersection just outside of the station.  Of course, when in Shibuya, one can’t help but indulge and do a lot of shopping.

‘The Famed Shibuya 109’

Popularly called “ichi-maru-kyuu” by the young people, Shibuya 109 is somewhat legendary when it comes to shopping centers in Shibuya.

Opened in 1979, its ten floors house more than a hundred boutiques full of trendy clothes and accessories for young women.

It’s such a popular place for shoppers since it offers a huge variety of clothing styles, from lolita to punk and many more. It may be loud and noisy inside especially when hold a sale but the Shibuya 109 remains a hit for those who love the young Japanese street style.

‘Shibuya Hikarie: the Skyscraper in Shibuya’

Although newly built, the Shibuya HIkarie with its 34 floors has attracted locals and tourists alike for its architecture and what it has to offer. The top floors are mainly government offices, museums, and restaurants but the first eight floors house a huge department store called ShinQs. They mostly sell clothes, accessories, and make up for women in their 20’s and 30’s.

Moreover, their two floor basement offers more food. On the outside, Shibuya Hikarie is a wonderful sight. With mostly glass as its walls, one could see Shibuya sights on the building.

‘Tokyu Toyoko Department Store: Convenience at its Best’

Located just above the Shibuya Station, the Tokyu Toyoko Department Store is not only very accessible but it’s quite impressive too.

The first and second floors are dedicated to the trendy urban population as it offers a wide range of fashion goods. Cosmetics are also easy to find here as they carry both local brands and foreign high-end names.

Moreover, the Tokyu Toyoko Department Store is not just a fashion haven; it’s also a gourmet oasis. A huge selection of gourmet cuisine is available at its basement. The gourmet hall offers traditional Japanese cuisine and many other foreign dishes.

‘Seibu Department Store: Shopping and Sweets’

Just a hundred meters from the Hachiko Exit of the Shibuya Station is the Shibuya branch of the Seibu chain of department stores. Divided into two buildings, Seibu caters for both men and women’s fashion.

Annex A mainly sells fashion and accessories for women while Annex B deals with men’s and children’s. Luxurious jewelry is available here. However, there are also a variety of restaurants inside the store. The Seibu Department Store is also popular for their selection of Japanese sweets and variety goods.

There are many more shopping spots in Shibuya, from small cozy salons to big commercial buildings. After all, it is not called a shopping district for nothing.

Although it may be noisy and crowded, visiting Shibuya is an experience. Visitors can immerse themselves into the Japanese youth culture while enjoying its colorful and entertaining space.