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Bettina Carlos and Her Husband : How They Met and In Loved?

Who is Bettina Carlos’s boyfriend now? I’ll introduce her lover and lovelife.


Bettina Carlos was born on December 25, 1987. She was 16 years old when she started her career in GMA7. But in 2003, she moved to the rival network, ABS-CBN. She stopped appearing on TV Shows when she decided to continue and eventually finish Management at the Ateneo University.

After a few years, she came back to GMA7 and played supporting roles. Presently, she is not only an actress but also a baker and a mother.

She is currently one of the writers in Manila Times on the web and composed numerous articles as of now. Bettina Carlos is a solo parent by decision to a five-year old lovely and God-fearing young lady.

Bettina is A Mom, But Single

Bettina has a past relationship with a guy who became the father of her child Gummy. But she doesn’t want to reveal the identity of the guy because she said he no longer play any roles in her life. She is a single mom to Gummy.

During the time she was pregnant, she and her ex-boyfriend was already falling out of love. Gummy was just barely six months in her womb when they called it quits. They didn’t see each other again because their differences don’t work. At present, her father and two brothers are father figures to her child.

Rumor with Raymart

Bettina Carlos doesn’t have any boyfriend now. But Bettina was linked with Raymart Santiago who she keeps on denying. She said they were just good friends. They are not in a relationshiop and they are not living together.

Raymart Santiago is a comedy actor. He is from a clan of actors. He has children with actress Claudine Barretto.

The two were already separated. Caludines said that she was so sad when her ex-boyfriend died so she dated Raymart and got married two years after. She was not fully prepared for their marriage that’s why it didn’t last long. Now, they remain friends for the sake of their children.

Her Ideal Guy

Bettina said she is not closing her doors to anyone. It will matter who is willing to take a risk.

It will matter who is willing to take a risk because she already have a kid. So she wants someone who will accept her for who she is and will accept her child and treat her child as his own.

She don’t have any specific guy that he wants, she said, the right guy will just come along.

How She Thinks about Marriage

Bettina Carlos says “If my future boyfriend will ask me to marry him, I f there are no reason not to say yes. I will go for it.

But we will only know it once it’s there. For now, I just need to have one” She also considers to be in a relationship firth for more than 3 years before going to marry, so that she will know more about the guy she will marry soon.

How many children they have?

She is not yet planning to have another baby.

How she thinks about their children?

Her child Gummy has taught her how to take a sweet time. She wishes to pass on Gummy an attitude of gratitude and generosity. she wants her to count her blessings and be a blessing as well.

How her fan think?

People were curious who her baby’s father is and why they broke up. But Bettina wants to keep mum about it. On the other hand, when she was involved with Raymart, many netizens bashed her.