Spruha Joshi and Her Husband: How They Met and In Loved?

Who is Spruha Joshi’s husband now?

I’ll introduce her lover and her lovelife.


Spruha Joshi, a Marathi film and television actress was born on 13 October 1989 at Mumbai.
Her father Shirish Joshi works in a Trimax company whereas her mother is a householder.

She has a younger sister by the name of Kshipra Joshi, who is a sportsperson.
Spruha had a great love of acting and stage presentation right since her school and college days.

Her talent took wings while she was in the the Ramnarain Ruia College in Mumbai.
She got the chance to present various shows and take part in drama skits as well.

She made her debut in the Marathi film, Maay Baap in 2004.

Spruha Joshi’s Husband: Varad Laghate

Spruha Joshi was a child artiste during her school days.
She continued her stint during college as well.

She married Varad Laghate on 24 February 2013.
They were in a romantic relationship for five years prior to their marriage.

Spruha Joshi does not have any affairs as such in the industry.
Spruha comes from a very cultured background with her parents being high-class Maharashrian Brahmins.

They have a rich culture and have a great history of maintaining their culture at any cost.

This is the speciality of these Maharashtrian Brahmins that they do not easily mix with persons of the opposite sex.

This explains why Spruha did not have any affairs as such other than the one with Varad Laghate whom she later on married.

Her Ideal Man

Spruha Joshi is a typical Maharashtrian Brahmin girl.
She has been brought up in a culturally rich background in a predominantly Brahmin locality in Mumbai.

Her idea of an ideal husband would be someone who could protect her from all odds in life.
She has found such a person in Varad Laghate with whom she has been in a relationship for over five years before tying the knot in 2013.

How She Thinks Marriage

Spruha Joshi’s husband Varad Laghate is a marketing professional with no connection to the film and television industry.

He is a tall and handsome guy who has been in love with Spruha since 2008.
They married on 24 February 2013 in Mumbai in a typical Maharashtrian fashion.

He has an obsessive cleanliness disorder according to Spruha’s own admission.
He keeps washing his hands frequently.

How many children they have?

As on date Spruha does not have any children.
Maybe she will have a couple in the future.
Anyway she is still quite young at just around 27 years of age.

How he and she think about their children

Spruha does not have any children as on date.
She may have some in the future as age is on her side.

Her ideal Dating Plan

She is a typical Maharashtrian girl fond of special Maharashtrian food.
Her idea of a date would be relishing the local delicacies along with her beau followed by a stroll at Shivaji Park in Mumbai.

How her fan think?

Spruha is a child artiste.
She has her fan following right since childhood.

Her fans were very happy when she got engaged to Varad after a five year courtship period.


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