Sudha Chandran and Her Husband: How They Met and In Loved?

Who is the husband of Sudha Chandran?

I’ll introduce her lover and her lovelife.


Sudha Chandran, a noted danseuse and film actress, was born on September 27, 1965 at Mumbai, India.

She is a notable actress having done many roles in television serials in Hindi as well as Tamil.

Her father K D Chandran is also a notable character artiste.

Her life took a dramatic turn in June 1981 when her family met with an automobile accident while returning from Tiruchirapalli to Madras.

She suffered serious injuries to her legs resulting in formation of gangrene and subsequent amputation of one leg.
That dashed her hopes of becoming a top notch dancer.

However, she fitted a Jaipur foot and went on to give innumerable dance performances all over the world.
There are two films, one each in Telugu and Hindi about her life story.

Sudha Chandran’s Husband: Ravi Dang

Sudha Chandran married assistant director, Ravi Dang in 1994.

According to her, her husband is a pillar of strength for her.
He is the one who handles her dance school.

There has been no affairs linking Sudha Chandran with any person in life.
Sudha Chandran has a very strict father in Mr K D Chandran.

He is a no-nonsense type of a personality who used to keep a strict watch on Sudha’s activities.

Moreover, Sudha Chandran was the only daughter of her parents and she had the most impeccable of upbringings.

Thus if the internet says that she does not have any affairs, it must be very true at least in the case of Sudha Chandran.

Her Ideal Guy

Sudha Chandran has seen the worst stages of life at a very early age.
She has the image of a supportive husband in mind.

She has found such a person in Ravi Dang.
She expects her husband to accept her as she is with all her deformities and imperfections.

How She Thinks Marriage

Sudha Chandran’s husband, Ravi Dang is a Punjabi by birth.
He was an assistant director in the Hindi film industry.

They met on the sets on the film, Seeta Salma Suzie.
She found in him an emotionally suportive person.

They got married in 1994 in traditional South Indian style.

They do not have any children as on date.
He manages her dance academy in Mumbai.

How many children they have?

Sudha Chandran does not have any children.
Now as she is over 50 years of age, she may not have any in the future too.

How she thinks about their children?

As the couple does not have any children, there is no question of any thought about their future as such.

Her Ideal Dating Plan

Sudha Chandran is an emotionally strong person.
She would like her partner to accept her as she is.

Her idea of a date would be having a dish of Pav Bhaji along with her beau on the sands of Juhu Beach in Mumbai.

How her fan think?

Sudha Chandran was a famous dancer when she had that accident.
She was just in school at that time.

However, she had her share of fans after she portrayed herself in the film, Nache Mayuri.
They could identify with her pain and share it too.


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