Who is Reema Lagoo’s Husband? Lovelife about Reema Lagoo

Who is the husband of Reema Lagoo?

I’ll introduce his lover and her lovelife.


Reema, an indian actress who was initially appeared in the marathi television shows.
Later she started her career in films both in marathi and hindi.

She was born in 1958 and her original name is Nayan Bhadbhade.

She has started her acting career soon after completing her high school education.
She is still active in the bollywood industry.

Reema’s Ex-Husband: Vivek Lagoo

Reema was married to a marathi actor Vivek Lagoo.

Both got separated few years later after their marriage.
they have a daughter.

Vivek Lagoo is a marathi actor who is popular in marathi films.
Their daughter named as mrunmayee, she is also an actress and stage show director.
Vivek is taking up supporting actors role recently.

His latest collection of movies as supporting actors are welcome zindagi, runh, my dear yash etc.

Both Reema and Vivek was a successful supporting artist their love life does not last till the end.

They got separated after many years of mutual understanding relationship.
The reason their separation was not known to the media.

Their daughter is with Reema who is testing her skills in the media field.

Vivek has not been in to hindi movies rather he has focussed his career in marathi field.

lovely couple got separated suddenly due to misunderstanding and deeply concentrating on their career irrespective of their family life.
Both are living single after their separation.

Reema Lagoo is a descent actress who has not get caught in any affair in her journey in the bollywood industry.

She had only male in her life he is none other than her ex husband Vivek Lagoo.
Presently she is single living with her daughter.

She is busy taking up mother roles in bollywood industry.
She is actress in 1970’s.

She has taken up comedy roles in her career as the main genre.
So nothing was spoken about her regarding her personal issues on media other than her ex husband Vivek.

After the divorce she is living single and happy with her work on shooting spots.

No affair other than her ex husband Vivek.
Since she hails from old bollywood industry and grown up as traditional marathi girl she was leading a indian culture life.

Even after her divorce there is no rumors about her personal life.

Her Ideal Man

Her ideal man is one who respects her emotions.

She wants her views and thoughts to be heard and analysed by her man.

Her ideal should be out spoken and able to share all his endeavours with her without any hesitation.

She expects truth in whatever be the situation.
She wants her man to accept her with all her pros and cons in life.

How She Thinks Marriage

She feels that marriage is a virtual bonding between the two.

The real understanding is what needed for successful marriage.

She has said that marriage is just a label for the society it does not do to any one’s life.

The more compatible with each other is more important than the label to the society.

She was happy during her initial days of marriage life.
But after few years when her child started to grow arose certain misunderstanding between the two and ended with divorce.

She feels that marriage alone is not the life.
There is something more to be enjoyed in life beyond marriage.

How many children they have?

She has a daughter named Mrunmayee and she is living single and she has no plans to have even a affair.

She is living happily with her daughter.

No plans to have children further she loves kids and loves to spend time with them.

She feels her stress and worries will fly away when we talk to these innocent beauties.

She has enjoyed when her daughter was growing.
She used to admire her child in her step by step development.

How she thinks about their children?

Reema wanted her daughter to get a stabilize projects in bollywood for her to settle in her career.

She wanted her daughter to lead a independent life with no fear.
Her daughter should become a able citizen and smart career women.

She always encorages her child to excel in whatever she does.
She has started this from her childhood days.

She always help to her child to enjoy in every aspects of life.
She always teaches to be contented and live happily with wherever be the situation.

She wanted to teach her the flexibility in life.

Her Ideal Dating Plan

Reema is busy in her career.

During her young ages she has been looking for a successful career.
She has no time to even think about dating anyone.

But she feels any private peaceful and pious atmosphere is good for dating.

Since she loves comedy she always want to crack jokes with her date.

She wanted to laugh, have fun with the date.
She had a good dating experience with her ex husband.

How her fan think?

Fans are aware of her failure marriage but still they love her humor sense a lot.

Fans are much interested about her acting rather than her personal data.
She is a well known artist even in television.

So she has many female fans as she used act in many female related subjects.

Fans does not care about her personal life even her gossips regarding her marriage life.

Fans were purely interested on her humor and longing to see her performance both in big screen and in television.


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