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Who is Jun Ji hyun’s Boyfriend? Lovelife About Jun Ji hyun

Who is Jun Ji hyun‘s boyfriend?

I’ll introduce her lover and lovelife.


Jun Ji hyun, also known as Gianna Jun, was born Wang Ji hyun.
She is a South Korean actress and model.

She started her career as a model when she was 16 years old.
Then she has been appeared in numerous movies and dramas.

Also she won some awards as an actress.
She married to a man who is a business man in South Korea in 2012, and gave birth to their first child in 2016.


Choi Joon hyuk

Her husband is Mr. Choi Joon hyuk who works at Bank of America in South Korea.

He is about 185 cm tall and looks good like some movie star.
He was born to a company president and a designer.

His grandmother is a designer of Hanbok, the traditional Korean attire.

He graduated from Korea University in Seoul.
He is said that his annual income is more than 480 thousand dollars.

He is the same age as Jun Ji hyun, and he has been a good neighbor.

Jun Ji hyun said that they started dating about two years before their marriage.

He told her to bring her passport, they flied to Japan, where he proposed marriage to her.

Ex Boyfriend

Jung Ji hoon

A world star, Rain, also known as Jung Ji hoon, and Jun Ji hyun were said that they had dated for a while.

Rain is a South Korean singer, songwriter, dancer and actor.

Although their agencies both denied the fact and scoffed at a rumor about their relationship, pictures of Rain visiting where Jun Ji hyun lived were taken.

In addition, pictures of them wearing couple accessories were taken by the press.

According to the press, they had dated from October in 2009 through some time in 2010.

Kim Soo hyun

There was a rumor that Kim Soo hyun and Jun Ji hyun had dated before.

They costarred in a television series “My Love from the Star” in 2014.

However, Jun Ji hyun had already got married in 2014.
It was just a rumor.

Once an actor and an actress appeared in the same drama or film, the rumor of their relationship comes out.


Jun Ji hyun does not talk much about her private life, and we never know about her life before she entered show business.

There seem not to be any more stories about her past boyfriends or even just rumors.

Ideal Type of Man

Jun Ji hyun once talked about her ideal love in an interview before she got married.

She said she liked a person who can enjoy conversation with her, a person who laughs a lot, and a person who is comfortable with one another.

A person who is strong and a person who always leads her well.
A person who has his opinions and tell them to others.

Views On Marriage

In the interview taken in 2009, which was three years before she got married, she talked about her thoughts about marriage.

She, at that time, did not have a boyfriend, she did not even have male friends, she said.

She was 29 years old then and she did not have particular thoughts or desire for having a boyfriend or getting married.

However she continued “if there should be someone who is really good and kind to her, I guess I may have to think about marriage.”


She talked about children she would like to have in the future.
She said she wanted to have three children.

The interview was taken after she was involved in a film “Chronicle of a Blood Merchant” in 2015.

She played a role of mother of three children.
She talked about these three child actors.

She says, “it could be wonderful if these three children who costarred in the film were mine.”

She also says, “I had never thought about having children of my own before.”

Ideal Dating Situation

She, going on 30, talked about her ideal type of dating in an interview.

The interview was took in 2009, which is when she is about to turning 30 year old.

She did not have a boyfriend at that time, however, she just want to do everything together if she should have a boyfriend.
Eating what she likes together.

Having conversations and laughing together.
It does not mean that she wants to force him to do what she likes.

She just want to have a good time together.

Fan’s Opinion

On June 2nd, 2012, when Jun Ji hyun made an announcement that she was going to get married, her fans were shocked at the fact in many ways.

Though it was the event worth celebrating, some of her big fans seemed to get discouraged.

Others sent felicitations to her even though they thought she married too young.

It is one of those reactions when a beautiful actress marries.

Interestingly, there were fans who cared for Yunho, a member of TVXQ, who always said that Jun Ji hyun was his ideal type of love.