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Member Profile of f(x): Bio, Fan Facts, History etc.

Audacious is not just a word, but another name for F(x) pop group. This award winning girl’s only band is under the management of SM entertainment and made a grand entry in 2009.

F(x) pop group have been recognized as “the most reliably risk-taking act in K-Pop due to their experimental fashion and their eclectic, electropop sound.

F(x) group members

They are made up of four, formerly five members-Victoria, Amber, Luna and Krystal, individuals who are not new to entertainment and whom individually are loaded with tones of experience spanning general entertainment and Reality TV shows.

f(x) is a South Korean four member girl group formed in 2009 by SM Entertainment.
They are one of the most popular South Korean girl groups, alongside others that debuted around the same time and now make up the veteran scene of idols in K-pop (Girls’ Generation, 2NE1, KARA…)

They are also one of the groups that made international success, as they were the very first K-pop group to perform at a famous Texas-based festival of new talents, SXSW; the girls’ 2nd album called “Pink Tape” was also the only Korean album on the US Charts at the time.

The members of f(x) are Victoria, Amber, Luna and Krystal.
Amber and Victoria are not South Korean, but Amber is Chinese-American and Victoria is Chinese.
The group originally had five members, with the fifth member being Sulli, who left in 2015, before the group released their 4th full-length album “4 Walls”.

Since their debut, f(x) has released 4 studio, full-length albums, 2 EP’s, and one repackaged album that got a special release in Japan, too.



The leader of f(x), Victoria Song, is one of the most beautiful faces in the world; she is very popular among big companies that would love to have her as their representative.
She was scouted in China in 2007, during a dance competition; she had always been a graceful dancer, leaving behind her studies of ballet and traditional Chinese dance.
Victoria was voted among the Top 50 most beautiful women in the world by the Chinese portal Sohu, and many idols name her as their favorite member of f(x).
From June 2010 until September 2011, Victoria was in the popular variety/reality show “We Got Married” with 2PM’s Nichkhun, who was apparently so charmed by her that he asked the producers of the show to set them up so they could be together in real life; it didn’t work out for Nichkhun, but it’s almost certain that he wouldn’t be the only man charmed by the lovely Victoria.


Birth Date & Sun Sign

Victoria is born on February 2. 1987 and is currently 29 years old.

Her zodiac sign is Aquarius.

Height, Weight & Measurements

She stands 168 cm tall and weighs 45 kg.


She took up Chinese traditional dance and Jazz dance at Beijing Dance Academy and graduated in 2006.


Victoria is the only child in the family. Her parents lives with her grand mother in China.


Her boyfriend is Yang Yang, Chinese actor.

As for her ex boyfriend, Changmin of TVXQ is widely known. They are dating in 2013, according to kpopstarz.

Nichkhun of 2PM is also her ex boyfriend in 2012.

Favorite Things

Subject in School: Chinese traditional dance

Food: Healthy food, Grandma’s cooking
Drink: Coffee
Colors: Purple, black

Song: LA chA TA
Favorite colors: Purple, black

Favorite Music: Korean drama OSTs
Role Model: Faye Wong, Zhang Ziyi
Personality: Funny, caring, and faithful
Hobby: Dancing
Place: Outdoors, nature

Fun facts

Known as the mom of f(x) and is often the one who cooks for the other members.
Is known to be for her flexible body as long her beauty.
Her fanclub name is Vickies.
Her shoe size is “24.0cm”.
Her hairstyle is long layerd in 2016,
She becomes relax when she is eating.
Her makeup tips are a fresh color base and light color eye shadow, drawing long winged eyeliner.
Her most famous gossip is the dating rumor with Changmin, TVXQ..
Her tattoo is on her left arm, and it suggests her name “Victoria”.

Quick facts

1. Her favorite animals are dogs, because they’re loyal.
2. Her favorites are coffee and grandma’s cooking.
3. Victoria’s favorite colors are black, blue and violet.
4. She admires Chinese actresses Faye Wong and Ziyi Zhang.
5. Her ideal man is a tall guy who doesn’t smoke and can speak the same languages as her.
6. Victoria speaks Chinese and Korean.
7. Victoria had her first kiss just before she entered college, with her then boyfriend of 2 years.
8. SM’s CEO gave her the nickname “Victoria”, so that she could triumph everywhere she goes.
9. She has about 16 million followers on the Chinese social platform “Weibo”.
10. She takes care of her bandmates and does everything very carefully.



Amber is the tomboyish perfectionist of f(x), and she is incredibly lovable, too.
Many idols love to call her their friend, since she is very easygoing and fun-loving.
Amber’s main role in f(x) is rapping, and she’s really good at it, but she prefers to listen to rock music in her free time.
Some of her closest idol friends include Henry, Jackson Wang from GOT7 and Eric Nam; Amber and Jackson were filmed a few times for a reality show, and they are truly like long lost twins, both non-native Korean speakers, both funny and truly honest in everything they do.
Amber’s ventured into solo waters in 2015, when she recorded her solo mini-album named “Beautiful”, and some of the feature hits from it are “Shake that Brass” and “I just wanna”, while in 2016, she released the song “Need to be needed” which she wrote herself.

Birth Date & Sun Sign

Amber is born on September 18, 1992 and is currently 23 years old.

Her zodiac sign is Virgo.

Height, Weight & Measurements

She stands 167 cm tall and weighs 45 kg.


She attended El Camino Real High School, California, USA, prior to moving to South Korea to be a trainee under S.M. Entertainment in 2008.Then she finished school by homeschooling in Korea.


Amber is the second daughter of her family.
She has an older sister named Jackie, father and mother.


Her ex boy friend was from her high school in USA.

Favorite Things

Instrument: Guitar and drum
Food: Ddeokbokki, Cookies, Chips, Chocolate, Sweets, Oh Yes (A Korean cake snack)
Drink: Soda
Song: SHINee’s “Nuna is very Pretty” / Taking back Sunday “What’s it Feel Like To Be A Ghost”
Favorite colors: Red

Favorite Music: R&B and African

Personality: Friendly, active and responsible
Hobby: Music, drawing, sewing

Sports: Basketball, taekwondo

Fun facts

Known as a tomboy in the group.
Does not like Junk Food anymore.
Is known to be “Llama” to her fans.
Her pets are dogs.
Her fanclub name is Æmbers.
Her religion is Christianity
Her tattoos are on her both arms, back, shoulder, etc, and that suggest dogs, staff notatioan, moon and cloud, etc.

Quick facts

1. Her favorite food is Mexican.
2. Amber has an older sister Jackie.
3. She’s great at taekwondo and solving the Rubik’s cube.
4. Her favorite music is rock, and her favorite bands are Linkin Park and Taking Back Sunday.
5. Amber’s ideal man is Orlando Bloom.
6. She was on the reality show “Real Men” on which she cried because of a lot of pressure.
7. She said she won’t wear a wedding dress when she gets married.
8. Amber’s dream is to abolish any restrictions and create freely.
9. She suffers from insomnia.
10. She is vegetarian.



The amazing and versatile Luna may be one of the underrated idols of her time; she is both a dedicated group member and an amazing solo artist.
She grew up in a family of singers and sang alongside her twin sisters all her life; she was the guest singer on the wedding of the famous South Korean chef Raymond Kim when she was only 13 years old; Luna also participated in the show “King of Mask Singer”, where the concept is singing behind a mask, without the judges knowing who it is.
Luna took two wins and a Golden Mask in the show, which brought her immense success, as she was praised for her vocal abilities; she said that’s what truly made her happy.
Luna is hardworking and dedicated to what she does fully; she released a solo mini-album in 2016, called “Free Somebody” and the hit song with the same name was released along with a music video at the end of May 2016.


Birth Date & Sun Sign

Luna is born on August 12, 1993 and is currently 23 years old.

Her zodiac sign is Leo.

Height, Weight & Measurements

She stands 162 cm tall and weighs 44 kg.


She attended Seoul Lira Art High School and later took up Theater Studies in Chung Ang University in 2012.


Luna is the fourth child in the family. She has an older brother, older twin-sisters, father and mother.


Her boyfriend is Seo Kyung Soo, Korean musical actor.

Favorite Things

Food: strawberries, chocolates, cake, and pizza

Colors: Purple
Drama Genre: Chinese dramas
Song: Whitney Houston’s “One Moment in Time”, Brown Eyed Soul’s “Live Well”, Keyshia Cole’s “Love-The way it is” and Classical Genre
Favorite colors: Purple

Favorite Music: R&B and African American Music
Role Model: Yoo Mi Rae (Tasha), Boa, Lee Junghyun, Whitney Houston, Brown Eyed Soul

Personality: Bright, active and a perfectionist
Hobby: Watching Chinese movies to learn Chinese language and Chinese musical dance

Sports: Yoga

Fun facts

Known as the most talented but the most outshined member in the group.
Her pets are dogs.
Her fanclub name is Lunatics .
Her religion is Christianity.
Her hairstyle is short bob in 2016,
She becomes relax when chatting with her friends .
Her tattoo is on her hip, and it suggests a small star.

Quick facts

1. Luna is Christian.
2. Her best friends are Minzy from 2NE1 and IU.
3. Luna’s amazing talent is dance.
4. Some of her favorite foods are strawberries, chocolate, cakes and pizza.
5. She says she couldn’t live without a mirror.
6. Luna’s ideal type is a man dedicated to his work, who appreciates good music and has the same job as her. So Luna would probably gladly date another idol!
7. Her ideal type of man is the Japanese idol Takuya Kimura.
8. Her mother and sister are also singers.
9. She suffers from a phobia of heights.
10. Luna has a twin sister.



The youngest of f(x), Krystal, is behind all others only in age; her talent and experience are measurable to many veterans in the acting and singing industry, since she is the most active member of f(x) outside of the group’s activities.
Krystal acts in dramas day in and day out, and she has a special talent that makes her get more work anyway – she has super memory, that can enable her to learn her script within a single day!
She got recognition in the form of awards when she won Best Actress award for the drama “My Lovely Girl” and the Best Couple award with Kang Min Hyuk when she starred in the popular drama “The Heirs”.
Her acting colleagues Lee Min Ho, Park Shin Hye and Kim Woo Bin said Krystal is a lovely, friendly, shy and nice person.

Birth Date & Sun Sign

Krystal is born on October 24, 1994 and is currently 21 years old.

Her zodiac sign is Scorpio.

height, Weight & Measurements

She stands 165 cm tall and weighs 40 kg.


She attended Korea Kent Foreign School, Seoul and later hallym Entertainment Arts high School, Seoul.

Krystal graduated hallym Entertainment Arts high School in 201.


Krystal is the second daughter in the family. She has an older sister named Soo Yeon (Jessica, Ex-SNSD).
Her father is a boxer-turned-lawyer.

Her mother used to be a gymnast.


Her boyfriend is KAI of EXO.

Analyzing Love Relationships Between KPop Stars Just Like Lee hong Ki’s

(Source: http://news.kstyle.com/article.ksn?articleNo=2056510)

Even though the Kpop Industry has their strict policies, they never put limits when it comes to love. In this matter, FTISLAND’s Lee hong Ki and actress han Bo Reum are definitely the center of these relationships.

It was announced on November 9 2016 that the star couple Lee hong Ki and han Bo Reum confirmed their relationship status and proudly stated that they are dating.

They were both in the TV Drama “Modern Farmer” that was aired in 2014, and their friendship started by just talking about their favorite sport which is bowling, then lead to romance.

Like Min from Miss A and G.Soul, they started as friends and announced in their JYP Entertainment that they are now lovers.

In October 2016, Shin ha Kyun and Kim Go Eun confirmed that they were dating.

There were actually rumors that Kim Go Eun changed agencies and went to Shin ha Kyun’s agency so that they could be togetHer.

But wait, there’s more. The star couple that has been the hot topic these days are Kim Gook Jin and Kang Soo Ji.

By working with each other in a SBS Drama called “Burning Youth”, fans were cheering for the two of them, which led to them actually falling for each other and people started calling them the “Chihuahua Couple.”

These couples that were mentioned above are not the only couples who we want to look up to, there are and will be more. Love is just in the air these days, you can’t just stop and you can’t just resist it.

Just like EXO’s Kai and f(x)’s Crystal, 2AM’s Jinwoon and Wonder Girls’ Yeeun, SE7EN and actress Lee Da hae, all of them publicly and proudly announced their love for each otHer.

On the other hand, Block B’s Zico and AOA’s Seolhyun’s relationship was revealed by a scandal. Other than that, Kpop fanatics must be really happy about what’s going on with these star couples and their dreamy lovelife.

Favorite Things

Instrument: Piano, Guitar
Food: Beef and mango also Burrito and Mexicans Food.
Song: No Ra Jo’s “Mackerel” / Rollercoaster’s “flight”
Favorite colors: Red, Blue, Black
Favorite Movie: Pride and Prejudice
Favorite Music: Underground, Electronic, house
Role Model:Christina Aguilera

Personality: Shy, easy-going
hobby: Dance

Fun facts

Known as “the center” of the group.
Does not like Cucumbers.
Is known to be a Style Icon.
Her pets are Dogs.
Her fanclub name is Krystalized.
Her religion is Christianity.

Her shoe size is “2.5cm”.
Her hairstyle is Medium layerd bob in 2016.

She becomes relax when she is Her sister, Jessica, ex SNSD.

Her makeup tips are natural-look red lip stick and eyeliner to make Her eyes look deeper.
Her most famous gossip is dating rumor with EXO KAI.

Her tattoo is on Her left arm for “Red Light” mv, and it suggests “WhAT DO WANT FROM ME YOU ARE USELESS”

Quick facts

1. Her special skill is good memory – she can learn a drama script on the same day of shooting!
2. She speaks Korean, Mandarin, English and Japanese.
3. She admires the French actress Lea Seydoux.
4. Krystal is allergic to apples.
5. She loves cats and dogs, but doesn’t have any pets.
6. She is very close to Suzy from miss A and Sohyun from 4Minute.
7. Krystal graduated from Sungkyunkwan University in Acting and Theater.
8. Her favorite color is blue.
9. She suffers from anemia.
10. She is the 8th most searched actress on the popular Korean drama portal DramaFever.

Sulli (former member)

Sulli is a South Korean Singer, Dancer and Actress. Sulli is the former member of the popular K-pop group f(x).

Birth Date & Sun Sign

Sulli is born on March 23, 1994 and is currently 22 years old.

Her zodiac sign is Aries.

Height, Weight & Measurements

She stands 167 cm tall and weighs 41 kg.


She attended Cheongdam Middle School and later Seoul Art High School.

Sulli graduated Seoul Art High School in 2013.


Sulli is the third child in the family. She has two elder brothers, a younger brother, father and mother.


Her boyfriend is CHOIZA, Dynamic Duo.

Favorite Things

Food: Ice Cream
Colors: Pink
Song: Park Sunjoo’s “Man and Woman” Park Hyo Chin “After Love”
Favorite Music: K-pop, Electro Pop
Personality: Friendly
Hobby: Dance

Fun facts

Known as “Giant Baby” because of her baby face and being the tallest member in the group.
Does not like Blunt guys.
Is known to be the cutest member of the group.
Her pets are dogs.
Her fanclub name is Sullians.
Her religion is Christianity.

Her shoe size is “25.0cm”.
Her hairstyle is Long layerd in 2016,

Her perfume is Lanvin “Éclat d’Arpège”.

She becomes relax when eating.

Her most famous gossip is dating scandal with her current boyfriend CHOIZA, Dynamic Duo.


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