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Profile and Facts of Mark Yi-En Tuan from Got7: Bio, Fun Facts, History etc.

Mark Yi-En Tuan is an American singer and rapper, currently based in South Korea.

He is best-known as a member of a South Korean boyband Got7.

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Birth Date and Star Sign

Mark was born on September 4, 1993 and is currently 23 years old. His zodiac sign is a Virgo.

Height and Weight

He stands 175 cm tall and weighs 59 kg

Birth Place, Nationality, Bio

He was born in Los Angeles in the U.S.

His birth name is Mark YI-En Yuan.

When he was young, he had no interest in becoming a singer and he auditioned only because his school encouraged him to do so.

However, once he became a practitioner in an agency and stood on a stage. Mark felt that he found a place where he belongs and began considering a career as a singer more seriously.

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During his childhood he has also lived in Brazil and Paraguay, which shapes his personality to a great extent.

He does not talk much, but does not hesitate to clearly express his opinion.


He has completed up to the 10th grade in Arcadia High School (California) where he earned his certificate.


He has two older sisters and one younger brother. He is very close to his family.

They often contact each other and follow each other on Twitter. His family is very supportive of his career.

His father (Papa Tuan, or Raymond Tuan) has his own twitter account (@linbea945) where he prefers to troll on both Mark’s fans and anti-fans.

His sister describe him as being shy, quiet, and reserved at first, but opening up more once you start to get to know him better.

Career & Bio

Among the members of Got7, he is very close to Junior, because Mark had helped him learn Korean.

They had even kissed in a reality show.

He is currently studying Korean in order to be able to work in Korea.
His work experience includes KT Olleh CF in 2011.

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Net Worth

JYP entertainment keeps information about individual net worth of Got7 members.

However, it is sure that the members are paid individually.

Some sources show that one K-pop singer earn about 48 million won, or 40,000 dollars on average.

Taking into account that popularity of Got7 is above average, it is highly possible that they earn much higher than this average number.


No information about his girlfriend can be found at all. Apparently he has had some romances in LA, but it remains confidential.

He does not have specific type of women he likes and the most important thing for him is to feel that he wants to spend more time with this girl.

A perfect date for him is going to the sea and walking on a beach with his girlfriend.

Favorite Things

Sports: skateboard, snowboard and trekking
Musician: Chris Brown, Drake, ASAP Rocky, Tyga

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Fun facts

He does not have any pets. (They all live in dorms.)
His fan clubs name is Alluring Voice.
His religion is Christian.
His famous quote is “Don’t diminish your progress just because it’s not perfect.”
His shoe size is 26.5
His favorite fashion brand is BRATSON.
The cologne he wears is by Ralph Lauren.
He becomes happy when he is rapping.
He becomes sad when not all members can participate in a concert.
He becomes mad when the music video is not really considered to be American style.
He becomes sleepy when he doesn’t do martial arts.
He becomes relaxed when he is in isolation.
He becomes high when he goes to the beach.
He speaks English, Cantonese, Chinese, Korean, Japanese.
His makeup tips are to pick a right color for eye shadow.
His most famous gossip is that his secret girlfriend in Jessica Koh.
He does not plays any instruments.


His language skills are English and Chinese.
He does not speak much.
His way of relieving stress is to think in isolation.
His Blood type is A.
He lived in Brazil and Paraguay for a couple of years
His ideal solo concert would be about rap
His roommate is Jackson.

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