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Profile and Facts of Han Ga-in: Bio, Net Worth, Fun Facts etc.

It is generally known that acting career is a rather thorny path to choose.

Han Ga-in did the right thing having chosen her path though.
It turned out to be a blessing in disguise, as she met her true love in her debut drama.

To say even more, Han Ga-in and her husband are still happy and head over heels with each other.

Han Ga-in’s fans hope that their favorite actress will soon return to acting.

Currently, she is taking a break and has to take care of her newborn daughter.


Birth Date & Zodiac Sign

Han Ga-in’s birthday is on February 2.
She was born in 1982 and is now 34 years old.
Her astrological sign is Aquarius.

Height, Weight & Measurements

Han Ga-in is 5’6” ft. (168 cm) tall, and her weight is 49 kg (108 lbs).

Birth Place, Nationality, Birth name, Bio and SNS

Han Ga-in is a South Korean citizen, she was born in Seoul.
Her born name is Kim Hyun-Joo.

Han Ga-in attended a high school for girls, her grades were rather high and she was a top student in her class.

Han Ga-in dreamed of pursuing a career in medical field while at high school.

Later she changed her mind and chose Tourism as her major at college.

Han Ga-in was never truly interested in the acting career.

Fortunately for her fans, Han Ga-in happened to participate in a “Star Golden Bell” quiz show.

That was the point where her career as a model started.
Han Ga-in’s sweet charm brought her popularity among the male audience.

On the other hand, she also appears as a rather shy person in her everyday life.
Han Ga-in says that there are only few things she likes about her look.

The actress thinks only her eyes might be considered as attractive.

Blood Type: AB
Label: BH Entertainment
Stage name: Han Ga-In
Native name: 한가인
Chinese name: 韓佳人
Given name: Kim Hyun-Joo
Native Name: 김현주
Chinese name: 김현주
Official Website:
Facebook page URL:
Instagram ID: hgi.0202


Han Ga-in attended the Paiwha Girls’ High School and had very good grades.

After graduation, she entered the Kyunghee University and studied at the Department of Hotel and Tourism Management.


Han Ga-in’s family consists of her sister and her husband, Yun Jung-hoon, whom she married in 2005.

Her father-in-law is a famous actor, Yun Kyu-jin.
Recently, she has become a mother after having given birth to a beautiful daughter.

Career & Bio

Han Ga-in gained her first popularity at a rather young age, and it was an unexpected success for her.

She didn’t pay much efforts to boost her career in her 20s.
Han Ga-in debuted as a promotional model of Asiana Airlines; yet, she worked without any goal.

Her increasing interest in acting career made Han Ga-in long for improvements of her acting skills.

There was still one thing that made Han Ga-in feel somewhat insecure.

She was afraid of getting typical roles, as her innocent look might remind male audience of their first love.

Han Ga-in was offered two projects with similar roles of someone’s first love: “Architecture 101” and “Moon Embracing the Sun”.

Both of them were very popular, although Han Ga-in’s acting in “Moon Embracing the Sun” raised some discussions on the Web.
On the other hand, the viewership of “Moon Embracing the Sun” reached over 40 percent nationwide.

The movie won several Awards and boosted Han Ga-in’s popularity level. Han Ga-in’s character in “Architecture 101” resembles many traits of her true nature.

The movie had an unexpected success and attracted over 1 million viewers during a week. The acting of Han Ga-in was also noticed, and she received positive reviews from critics.

Right now, a young mother is on a break and pays more attention to her family.


Han Ga-in met Yun Jung-hoon while shooting at the drama “Yellow Handkerchief” in 2003.

They played a couple in the drama, and, as if it was meant to be, they started dating later.

Han Ga-in and Yun Jung-hoon had been dating for about 2 years, before they finally got married in 2005.

Though Han Ga-in married when she was still young, the marriage has lasted for more than ten years already.

Nevertheless, their love for each other seems to get even stronger.

Han Ga-in’s face seems to light up when she tells something about her husband and their marriage, which is built on mutual understanding and respect for each other.

Favorite Things

Favorite Music Group: Big Bang.
Favorite Musician: G-Dragon.
– Listening to Sad Music;
– Watching Movies;
– Cross-stitching.
Favorite Vegetables: Cherry Tomatoes.
Favorite Food: Seaweed.
Dancing Style: Modern Dances.
Favorite Workout: Exercises for Ballet Dancers.
Favorite Songs:
– “On the Street” by Sung Si-kyung;
– “Drifting Apart” by Nell;
– “Making Memories” by Kim Hyun-sik.

Fun facts

1. Han Ga-in’s husband gave a nickname to their daughter; he called her Bolt, as a cartoon movie character.
2. Han Ga-in’s nickname is Bacchus girl.
3. Han Ga-in and Yun Jung-hoon had to postpone their honeymoon due to tight acting schedules.
4. There is a rumor that her religion is Islam; however, the information was not confirmed.
5. Han Ga-in presented her favorite musician, G-Dragon, with the award in 2012. The actress was so excited that she could not conceal her true feelings.
6. Han Ga-in participated in a one-week film program in Vietnam; she was helping students to learn more about film production.
7. Her grades at the high school were 5th in the rating of students’ marks.
8. Yun Jung-hoon was not the first love of the actress; Han Ga-in shared this information with her audience in the SBS radio show.
9. She was a face of Asiana Airlines.
10. One of the articles mentions that Han Ga-in’s first love was HaHa; they participated in one of the episodes of “Running Man” together.
11. The actress is very flexible.
12. Han Ga-in gets upset when her husband comes home after midnight.
13. The actress is rather shy. When she was asked what she didn’t like about herself, Han Ga-in answered that it would be easier to tell what she liked.
14. Han Ga-in is considered to be the type of an actress that reminds men of their first girlfriends, as she looks innocent and pure.
15. She recorded the commercial music song for Samsung.