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Profile and Facts of Han Ye-seul: Bio, Net Worth, Fun Facts etc.

Many people think that the careers of celebrities are not stable as they depend on the fame and popularity.

On the other hand, many famous people try to prove them wrong.
Han Ye-seul put a lot of efforts to achieve her goal of becoming a famous actress.

Even though her first attempts were on the edge of being complete failures, she did not give up. Thanks to that, we continue enjoying her appearance in the Korean movies and dramas.

Nevertheless, there is always the possibility of her hard work to pay out and to turn into an unexpected breakthrough project.


Birth Date & Zodiac Sign

Han Ye-seul’s birthday is on September 18, she was born in 1981. She is 34 years old. Han Ye-seul’s astrological sign is Virgo.

Height, Weight & Measurements

She is 5’5” ft. (166 cm) tall, and her weight is 46 kg (101 lbs).

Blood Type: A
Label: KeyEast (Korea)
Korean name: Han Ye-seul
Native name: 한예슬
Given name: Kim Ye-Seul-Yi
Native Name: 김예슬이
American name: Leslie Kim
Nickname: Barbie Doll
Twitter ID: @Han_Ye_Seul
Facebook page URL:
Instagram ID: leslie_allwehaveisus
Websta ID: leslie_allwehaveisus

Han Ye-seul was born and raised in Los Angeles, California.
She was also given an American name of Leslie Kim when born.
Han Ye-seul renounced her American citizenship and returned to Korea to start her career.

However, Han Ye-seul’s parents are still living in the USA, to be more specific, in Orange County of LA.

Notwithstanding the fact that there is an immense distance between them, Han Ye-seul is very close to her mother.

Han Ye-seul tries to do her best to talk with her mother as often as possible, though her acting schedule always keeps the actress very busy.

When Han Ye-seul is asked questions about her personal life and family while being interviewed, she always tries to avoid those personal questions to protect her beloved ones.

Han Ye-seul mentioned that she was asked about her father’s occupation during one of the interviews at a supermodel contest.
The question took Han Ye-seul by surprise, and she could barely evade answering it.

When she has a break from shooting, she flies to Los Angeles to visit her parents.

She is very protective of her parents’ privacy and, therefore, there is not much information about them.


Han Ye-seul graduated from the Cerritos High School.
After that she entered Cerritos College and graduated with the Bachelor’s degree of Computer Graphics.


Han Ye-seul has parents and an elder brother.
Her parents stayed in California, the USA.
They did not return to South Korea together with their daughter.

Career & Bio

Han Ye-seul is an American-born Korean actress.
She refused from the American citizenships and came back to South Korea to pursue modeling and acting career.

Han Ye-seul became famous after participating in the Supermodel Contest in 2001.

The actress’s appearance in the popular for its cast of teen idols “Nonstop 4” marked her acting debut in 2003.
Though the following projects were not as successful as her first one, Han Ye-seul’s breakthrough didn’t make her wait long.

“Couple or Trouble”, where Han Ye-seul played a main character of a spoiled heiress losing memory, became a hit in 2006.
Han Ye-seul’s attempts to show different sides of herself as an actress paid off in her first movie, “Miss Gold Digger”.

For her role of a woman manipulating four men, Han Ye-seul won several awards in the Best New Actress category. Such of her projects as “Tazza” and “Will It Snow for Christmas?” also turned out to be a success.

However, there emerged a scandal surrounding Han Ye-seul’s role in the television series “Spy Myung-wol”.

The actress, as it was explained by her later, faced difficult working conditions and left for Los Angeles in the middle of the shooting process without explaining the reasons.

Han Ye-seul later apologized before her colleagues and fans, but there still was some unpleasant sediment left.

“Birth of a Beauty”, which was released in 2014, marked Han Ye-seul’s successful comeback after a short break.


Teddy Park

Han Ye-seul is currently dating a famous American producer of the Korean descent, Teddy Park.

They officially announced their relationships in November 2013, though Han Ye-seul and Teddy started dating in May of the same year.

Judging by the photos on Instagram, Han Ye-seul is head over heels with Teddy.

On the other side, the producer considers her to be his muse and dedicates songs to Han Ye-seul.

Their fans hope that their romantic, unconventional love story will become an exemplary one and will eventually end in a happy marriage.

Favorite Things

Favorite Pets: Dogs
Role Model: Kim Yun-jin
Favorite Songs: The Ones Written by Teddy Park
Favorite cities: London, Paris
Hobby: Piano, Watching Movies and Listening Music
Idol group: Infinite
Member of the group: Sungkyu
Shoes: High Heels
Favorite makeup: Smokey Eyes
Favorite specialties: Singing and Dancing

Fun facts

1. Han Ye-seul is Protestant by religion.
2. The languages she is fluent at: English and Korean.
3. She follows her mood when choosing the outfit.
4. Han Ye-seul has two pets, and she thinks that people dressing pets or dyeing them do not think about what is really good for the animals.
5. Her pets’ names are Yangsoon and Yangdol.
6. There were rumors that Han Ye-seul and Teddy parted; however, this rumor proved to be wrong.
7. There was a scandal when Han Ye-seul left the Award ceremony when it was still in progress.
8. She recorded several soundtracks.
9. Han Ye-seul was dubbing the main character, Susan Murphy, from “Monsters vs. Aliens” in the Korean version of the animated movie.
10. The actress was rumored to appear in “Eclipse”, the continuation of “Twilight”.
11. Han Ye-seul considers her lively personality as her charming trait of character.
12. There appeared photos of Han Ye-seul being a bridesmaid of her best friend in 2012.
13. The actress held up the shooting of “Spy Myung-wol”.
14. Her boyfriend, Teddy Park, produces songs for such famous musicians as Seven, Big Bang, and 2NE1.
15. She wishes to promote Korean culture worldwide.