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Profile and Facts of Jung So-min: Bio, Net Worth, Fun Facts etc.

Any talented person trying to gain popularity as an actor or an actress can face certain difficulties.

As for Jung So-min, the first obstacle she had to overcome was her parents, who wanted her to choose a more stable path in her life.

Since Jung So-min’s parents wanted their daughter to pursue a different kind of career, Jung So-min had to show a really strong will to follow her dreams.


Birth Date & Zodiac Sign

Jung So-min was born on March 16, 1989.
She is 27 years old.
Her astrological sign is Pisces.

Height, Weight & Measurements

Jung So-min is 5’5” ft. (165 cm) tall, and her weight is 47 kg (103 lbs).

Birth Place, Nationality, Birth name, Bio and SNS

Blood Type: A
Label: SM C&C (Korea)
Stage name: Jung So-min
Native name: 정소민
Chinese name: 庭沼珉
Given name: Kim Yoon-ji
Native Name: 김윤지
Twitter ID: @sommin_jj
Facebook page URL:
Instagram ID: somin_jj

Jung So-min’s born name is Kim Yoon-ji.
The process of choosing her stage name is kind of a funny story.
First of all, Jung So-min organized some kind of a contest and gathered her friends to pick a stage name.

In the end, she picked none of those suggested by her friends and chose the stage name on her own.
Jung So-min was born in Seoul, South Korea.

From her words, when her brother was still senior at a high school, they often fought.

On the other hand, their fights had never lasted for longer than several minutes.

Besides, Jung So-min considers their relationship to be close ones, and they hang out a lot together.

When she decided to enter the Korea National University of Arts, she had a quarrel with her father.

Although she thinks he had finally accepted her choice, when she received a scholarship, they hadn’t talked with each other for quite a long time.

Being an elementary school student, she attended ballet dance classes.

Later she had to quit ballet, as her parents advised her to study traditional Korean dancing.

Jung So-min also liked physical education while at school.
She even won an award in one of the competitions against another school.


Jung So-min’s parents were against her acting career.
They wished their daughter to pursue her career in a scientific field or in economics.

However, Jung So-min entered Korea National University of Arts (Acting Major).


Jung So-min has a father, a mother and a younger brother.
Her family is considered to be a wealthy one.

Jung So-min’s parents were against her career choice.
Despite this fact, Jung So-min decided to go against her parents and become an actress.

Career & Bio

For the great majority of people, acting career is only something you can dream of in childhood.

However, there are still those that can make their dreams come true.

Jung So-min is one of such people without any doubt.
She managed to achieve her goal, though it wasn’t as easy as it can seem.

Jung So-min started her career in 2010.
Her acting debut was marked by her appearance in “Bad Guy”, Korean television series.

In this drama, Jung So-min got a main role and appeared with such famous stars as Kim Nam-gil, Han Ga-in, Kim Jae-wook and Oh Yeon-soo.

Strange as it may seem, Jung So-min was participating in the soccer match in the “Bad Boy” celebration, and she was the only girl taking part in it.

One of her other successes was her leading role in the adaptation of popular manga “Itazura na Kiss”.

Surprisingly, this drama became more popular overseas than in South Korea.

Jung So-min won two awards for her role in “Playful Kiss” for Best New Actress for TV and New Star Award categories.
Her girlish and innocent act drew attention of not only South Korean audience.

Jung So-min continued to work hard and took a break from acting to pay more attention to her studies.

In 2012, the actress reappeared in the sitcom “Standby”, which brought her another award.

Jung So-min’s latest project was the movie “Alice: Boy from Wonderland” released in 2015.

By and large, Jung So-min’s charismatic look and acting talent played a vital role on her bright career path.

Hopefully, Jung So-min will continue surprising her fans with her outstanding acting.


There was a rumor about Lee Jong-suk and Jung So-min secretly going out.

Different community forums exaggerated on the topic of their dating each other as they were taking the same flight to Tokyo.
However, both their agencies denied the fact.

Jung So-min stated that she went to Japan on her own personal business, and it was not connected with Lee Jong-suk.
For now, there is no information on Jung So-min’s personal life.

Favorite Things

Pet: a Dog
Games: Soccer, Baseball
Dancing: Ballet, Traditional Dancing
Hobbies: Reading, Watching Movies, Listening to Music
Subject in School: Physical Education
Favorite genre: Musicals
Movie Genre: Thrillers
Favorite movie: “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”
Songs: “I’m Yours” and “Lucky” by Jason Mraz
Sports: Fighting

Fun facts

1. Her religion is Christianity.
2. Jung So-min wants to get a florist license.
3. She does not have any idols.
4. Jung So-min mentions in one of the interviews that she is quite aware of cameras at first, but she starts feeling more comfortable with time.
5. Her ideal boyfriend should not be rude.
6. If she reads something whether a novel or a comics, there is no stopping her, and she will read until dawn.
7. Jung So-min wants to learn to sing to appear in a musical.
8. Sometimes the actress has fights with her brother.
9. Jung So-min was compared to Yoon Eun-hye.
10. Jung So-min likes to take part in sports, but not just watch other people doing the sports or playing.
11. As she had to combine her acting career with studying at a college, Jung So-min had only three or four hours for sleep.
12. Jung So-min’s fans call her Minmin.
13. Rumor has it that her father is one of the richest people in South Korea.
14. Jung So-min appeared in some music videos by Seo In-guk.
15. The actress found it awkward to watch her bed scenes with her parents.