Coco Lee and Her Cool Husband: How They Met and In Loved?

Hong Kong pop singer Coco Lee’s Husband is a Canadian businessman, Mr. Bruce Philip Rockowitz.
They gave a lavish wedding event on 27 and 28 2011.

For their wedding banquet, they spent over US$20 million for their two-day wedding banquet.

Over 300 guests including Jackie Chan and many superstars attended Coco Lee’s amazing wedding banquet at Ritz Carlton Hotel Hong Kong.

Coco’s Husband: Bruce Rockowitz

Mr. Bruce Rockowitz is a Canadian businessman and he has been a CEO of Global Brans Group Holdings Limited.
He also was the President of Li & Fung Group.

He quit his university life at University of Vermont and came to Hong Kong in 1979 and his first job was a tennis coach at Hong Kong country club.

Because of one of the tennis student was Mr. Fung Kwok king, the manager of Li & Fung Group., Rockowitz entered this company.

He was a business partner of PCCW’s Richard Li as well.
He has been one of the world’s top 50 CEOs, and Coco Lee became his wife after 8-year romance relationship.

Lee met Rockowitz in a Chanel’s party before 2003, and they fell in love with each other.
They started their romance relationship.

Rockowitz has been divorced and he has two daughters at that moment, but Coco Lee did not mind this.
Because Coco’s business is Taiwan based, so Coco fly back to Hong Kong to see him every Wednesday.

Rockowitz gave a big diamond ring to Coco Lee and proposed marriage to her, and Coco agreed this.

Ex Boyfriend

Rumor with Leehom Wang

American singer-songwriter Leehom Wang is very famous as a producer, actor and art director as well.
He has been trained in Berklee College of Music.

Wang is good at creating a sort of fusion music works what are the mixture of Chinese and Western music.

It has been rumored that Coco Lee has a romance relationship with Leehom Wang after Wang joined the same record company.

Coco Lee explained that Wang can give her a kind of safety feeling.

Actually, Leehom Wang is a talented musician who won Golden Melody Award in Taiwan several times.
This award is like the “Grammys” in Taiwan’s music industry.

Rumor with Jay Chou

Jay Chou is a famous singer, music producer and composer, actor and director.
His music has gained recognition in Chinese-speaking market globally, and his albums has been sold over 28 million albums.

Jay Chou has written a lot of songs for Chinese Pop singers.

After his debut in 2000 from Alfa Music, Coco Lee was rumored that she had a love affair with Jay Chou because Coco Lee heled Jay Chou a lot when Jay’s early times in debut.

Jay has written a song “Dow Ma Dan” for Coco Lee in 2001.
This was the first time they collaborated in business.

In 2013, Jay Chou held his concert in Taipei, Coco Lee appeared on the stage, and they sang songs and danced so closely.

The entire audience had shocked.

Rumor with Lien Sheng-wen

Lien Sheng-wen (born in February, 1970) is a member of Kuomintang of the Republic of China in Taiwan.

It has been rumored that Coco Lee and Lien Sheng-wen had a romance relationship.

Lien resigned as Chairman of Easy Card Corp.

in 2009 and he joined the election of Taipei city mayor.

During the election, Lien was shot on 26 November 2010.
However, Coco Lee did not know this incident.

Although one of her friend informed this matter to Coco Lee, she was not going to make a phone call to Lien.
Their relationship ended after that.

Finally, Lien has married Patty Tsai.