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Profile and Facts of BamBam of GOT7: Bio, Fan Facts, History etc.

Bambam is a Thai rapper, singer, dancer and presenter based in South Korea. He is one of the members of the popular K-pop group GOT7.


Bambam is born on May 2, 1997 and is currently 19 years old.

His zodiac sign is a Taurus.

He stands 170 cm tall and weighs 52 kg.

He was born in Bangkok, Thailand and is Thai by birth.

His orginal name is Kunpimook Bhuwakul.

Blood Type: B
Label: JYP Entertainment
Official Website: http://got7.jype.com/
Twitter ID: @BamBam1A
Facebook page URL: https://www.facebook.com/bambam.GOT7/
Instagram ID: bambam1a
Weibo ID: GOT7Official




Bambam is the third boy in the family. He has two older brothers and a younger sister.

Career & Bio

He made his debut in 2014 as a lead dancer and main rapper of GOT7.

He is famous for his great dancing ability. Aside from promoting with GOT7, Bambam became active as an actor, rapper, singer, dancer and MC.

Occupation: Rapper, Singer, Dancer, MC, Actor
Position in GOT7: Lead dancer, Main rapper
Active Years: 2014 – Present
Status: Single


Fairy Tale Killer (2012) *Pre-debut

TV show:

Mnet Who Is Next (WIN) (2013) *Pre-debut
I GOT7 (2014)
Weekly Idol (2014-2015)
A Song for You Season 3 (2014)
The Fanclub GOT7 (2015)
A Song For You Season 4 (2015)
Running Man (2015)
My Young Tutor (2015)
Korean Course on TV (2016)
Real Men (2016)

Web drama: Dream Knight (2015)


M! Countdown (2015)

After School Club (2015)


*Group activity
Got it? (2014)
Got Love (2014)
Identify (2014)
Just Right (2015)
Mad (2015)
Moriagatteyo(2016) available only in Japan
Flight Log: Departure (2016)


SBS MTV Best Of the Best Best New Artist (2014)
SBS PopAsia Awards Best Rookie Group (2014)
Golden Disk Awards Best New Artist (2015)
Golden Disk Awards China Goodwill Star Award (2015)
SBS Awards Festival Chinese Netizen Popularity Award (2015)
Fashion Power Awards Asia Style Best Influence Group (2015)
Seoul Music Awards Rookie Award (2015)
SEED Awards Popular Asian Artist of the Year (2015)
Top Chinese Music Festival Most Promising Newcomer Award (Overseas Category) (2015)
YinYue V-Chart Awards Best Korean Newcomer (2015)
Youku Night Awards New Asian Group Award (2015)


He currently has no girlfriend.

Favorite Things

Movie: The Simpsons
Food: Cheeseburger, Tom yum kung
Colors: Blue
Song: G-Dragon
Favorite colors: Blue
Favorite Movie: The Simpsons
Favorite Music: G-Dragon
Role Model: Rain
Motto: Light it up.
Personality: Humble, Coward
Hobby: Listen to music

Fun facts

Known as a fan service king in the group.
Does not like being treated as baby, though he is the youngest in the group.
Is known for the best dance performer.
He has two dogs. One black one is named “Black” and the brown one is named “Fat.”
His fan club’s name is I GOT7.
His religion is Buddhism.
His famous quotes are NA.
His shoe size is “25.5”.
His hairstyle is shortcut in mixed colors, like black and blonde or black and pink.
He becomes happy when he is dancing.
He becomes sad when people treat him like a baby.
He becomes relaxed when voice training.
He becomes high when he is dancing.
His makeup tip is just to have perfect skin.
His most famous gossip is Dating with Red Velvet’s Irene.
He plays no instruments.
He has no tattoos.
His mother is a big fan of Rain.
His mother opened Korean restaurant in Thailand, affected by Rain.
His siblings are all well-known dancers in Thailand.
He cooks Samgyeopsal well.
He thinks he is like a puppy.
His nickname, Bambam, came from cartoon “Flintstones.”
He is called “God of fan service” by his fans.
He uses SNS heavily to communicate with his fans.
He is called “Toothpaste” by JB, as his hair color is close to the color of it.
He won 1st place in a “Rain Cover Dance” competition in Thailand back in 2007.
He also won 2nd place in a “LG Entertainer” competition in Thailand in 2010.
His ideal type is a girl with a pretty and attractive smile.

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