Profile and Facts of JJ Lin: Bio, Net Worth, Fun Facts etc.

Born in Singapore, JJ Lin is a renowned singer, producer, songwriter and actor who now lives and works in Taiwan.

He has worked with numerous famous Chinese singers, having written songs for Harlem Yu, A-Mei and fellow Singaporean singer A-Do, just to name a few.

JJ won the prestigious Golden Melody Award for “Best New Artist” and later for “Best Male Mandopop Performer”.

He has released 12 studio albums and embarked on 3 world tours thus far.


Birth Date, Sun Sign, Height, Weight & Measurements

while his chinese zodiac is Rooster.
He stands at 172cm (5’6″) tall and weighs 60kg.

JJ was born on 27 Mar 1981 (35 years old) and is an Aries

Bio and SNS

Blood Type: O
Label: Warner Music Taiwan Chinese
Name: 林俊杰 ( Lín Jùn Jié)
Officaial Website:
Twitter ID: @JJ_Lin
Facebook page URL:
Instagram ID: @jj_lin
Weibo URL:

Born Place, Nationality, Born name, Stories as a child

JJ Lin was born in Singapore and is a Singaporean.

He served his mandatory National Service in the Singapore Armed Forces.

While studying in a tertiary institution, his singing talent caught the attention of the arts enrichment teacher who encouraged him to enroll in a music school to learn chinese songwriting, he took her advice and honed his musical skills.

At the age of 18, he started his official training with Singapore-based music label Ocean Butterflies.

JJ’s bilingual skills is something that he is extremely proud.

While studying in Secondary school, while most of his classmates spoke mainly English, he would converse in Mandarin and this often attracted weird looks from others.

Despite this, he always insisted on actively speaking in both English and Mandarin.

JJ’s mother used to scold him and would hit him with a bamboo cane when he was young whenever he did not spend enough time practicing his piano.

He later said that this trained him to develop his perfectionist work ethics and this has helped him a lot in his career.


As a child, JJ attended Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) and later studied at St.
Andrew’s Junior College.


JJ’s family consists of his father, mother and a brother all of whom he is very close to.

His parents met in a Classical Chinese Music Troupe – his father played the er-hu and his mother the pi-pa.

Because of his parents’ background in Chinese Classic music, his music is heavily influenced by chinese classical music and traditional chinese instruments such as the er-hu, pi-pa and gu-zheng are often featured in many of his songs.

JJ’s father is currently the CEO of a communications company in Singapore, his brother holds the post of General Manager of Operations in a US company, and his uncle is rumoured to be the CEO of Canon Singapore Pte Ltd

Career & Bio

JJ started his career in Singapore with Ocean Butterflies management company.

He was with this company that helped propel him to stardom, before switching over to a Taiwan musical label Warner Music Taiwan.

His debut album Music Voyager, released in 2003, was a huge success and garnered him not only attention in Taiwan, but also a Golden Melody Award for “Best Newcomer”.

His second album Second Heaven was released the following year and this album successfully brought him homebound popularity that led to him being chosen to sing at that year’s Singapore National Day parade.

He also won “Best New Act” at the Singapore Hit Awards, signalling the start of manny years of popularity in his homeland.

Subsequently over the next 3 years, he released an album each year, “No. 89757”, “Cao Cao” and “West Side”, all of which were hugely popular in the region.

JJ continues to be a force to be reckoned with in the Mandopop scene and is Singapore’s pride and joy as he continues his huge success in the Asian region and beyond.


Hebe Tien

Back in 2013, at his Taipei Arena concert, he openly expressed his admiration for fellow singer Hebe Tien, claiming that he has had a crush on her for close to 10 years.

In 2005, there were rumours that JJ was dating a Taiwanese lady who works in the beauty aesthetics industry.
However, he has neither confirmed nor denied these rumours.

Favorite Things

Hobbies: Watching Movies, Going Online, Swimming, Basketball, Gaming
Colours: Navy Blue, Black, White
Male Singers: Michael Jackson, Craig David, Jacky Cheung, David Tao, Jay Chou, Lee HomFemale Singers: Kit Female Singers: Kit Chan, A Mei, BoAGroups: Linkin Park, S.H.E
Actors: Chou Yun Fat, Nicholas Cage, Tony Leung
Actresses: Fukada Kyoko, Jeon Ji Hyun, Zhang Zi Yi
Author: William Shakespeare, Charles Dickens
Book: The Holy Bible
Food: Drunken Prawns, Plain Rice, Sashimi
Number: 7

Fun facts

1. JJ recently appeared in the news for his spontaneous performance with a street busker.
2. His English name is in fact not “JJ”, but Wayne.
3. He is a hardcore Star Wars fan and owns numerous Star Wars memorabilia.
4. His name is in the Guinness Book of Records for signing 3.052 copies of “West Side”, released back in 2007, in just 2-1/2 hours.
5. If he had not become a singer, he could have been a comic book artist, as he is very skilled at drawing anime-style characters.
6. He does not like showing his forehead, hence the fact that his hair is always long in front, so as to cover it.
7. The pride of Singapore, JJ is the country’s tourist ambassador.
8. His award-winning song “Remember” is written about an ex-girlfriend.
9. Known to be a jokester, he also enjoys doing impressions of fellow singers.
10. Cantopop King Jacky Cheung is one of the singers that he used to do impressions of.
11. JJ was inspired to write “Jiang Nan”, a song that is extremely popular in the region, for his fans in Mainland China.
12. The first person he goes to for opinions on any new song that he writes is his father.
13. After completing a song, he will let his father listen to it and listen to any advice or suggestions on it.
14. His mother used to love singing on the karaoke system the family had installed at their home, and growing up, JJ would listen to his mother’s singing, and eventually joined in on these karaoke sessions himself.
15. As a child, his ambition was to become a police officer.
16. He collects silver accessories.
17. The body part that he is most satisfied with are his dimples.
18. His biggest dream is to surpass his idol Michael Jackson in terms of his musical career.

JJ’s Album “From M.E. To Myself” Still Banned In China


JJ’s albums have always been a success, however, China seems to not like it.

Something in JJ’s album must have been a hindrance why the album can’t be sold in China.

It is said that it has something to do in Hong Kong and China’s problems politically.

In the album, it is said that some songs are written by a person called Lin Xi, who was an activist in a protest against China.

Thus, Lin Xi’s works are all banned from China. Is JJ then regretting that he let Lin Xi write some of his songs?

“In composing, there’s no one to tell you what you should do. But once you have the enthusiasm, you’ll be willing to compose tirelessly even with no guidance.

I feel that it’s a waste, for each one of my albums of course I’d wish for it to be seen by everyone, but there’s nothing I can do.”

What does JJ mean by this? Does he care that his album is banned? Or he doesn’t care, as long as he can make other people happy and inspire them with his songs?

The album is not completely banned in China. Some netizens can get access by downloading illegally or streaming online. Although, the album itself, the physical album is not sold in CD stores.

As JJ has been releasing albums once a year, but now, he had decided to not do that anymore. He decided to take his time in making and composing music, and focus more on his musical debt instead.

JJ Plays Garageband with Apple CEO Tim Cook

As Apple is one of the most successful makers in our era today, they decided to team up with JJ Lin to promote a musical application called Garageband.

Around May 2016, there was a video uploaded in JJ’s official facebook page, featuring him and CEO Tim Cook, enjoyingly playing Garageband together.

Lin captioned in his video “Jamming my song. The Key with a new friend Tim Cook on the new Garageband! #timcook #garage.”

This has been one of JJ’s dreams. He is also a big fan of Apple, which is why he was very honored when he got the opportunity to meet Tim Cook.

He said he already knew what he was going to say to Tim Cook when they meet, but his mind went blank when he shaked hands with him.

In the press release, JJ stated “As a musician, I’m always looking for ways to take my music in new directions and Garageband has been such a great tool for me to experiment and add new elements to my songs on-the-go.

I love how the latest update to Garageband adds traditional Chinese instruments along with brand new loops so I can play around with mixing traditional and modern sounds to create completely new styles.”

Apparently, JJ is one of the world’s favorite musicians, he is so talented and he has a kind heart.

Surely, more experiences like this will come his way and introduce him to the world as a legendary musician.

JJ Lin Battles For Top Position

Jam Hsiao and JJ Lin, both famous singers, are competing with each other to be on the top position in the music industry.

It was announced that both singers will perform in the Christmas Countdown this year. Although, as their schedules are a little different, they can’t perform at the same day.

Is this a playful competition or a serious one? JJ was seen hanging out with Jam’s enemy Yuki in the U.S. so fans speculate that JJ is befriending Yuki so that he can beat Jam.

Yuki then became close to JJ, and will now have a movie with JJ. Perhaps, this relationship might be making Jam uncomfortable, but their agency then confirmed that there is no bad blood between JJ and Jam.


Studio Albums

Music Voyager (2003)
The JJ Haven (2004)
No. 89757 (2005)
Cao Cao (2006)
West Side (2007)
Sixology (2008)
100 Days (2009)
She Says (2010)
Lost N Found (2011)
Stories Untold (2013)
Genesis (2014)
From M.E. to Myself (2015)