Profile and Facts of Min ho of SHINee: Bio, Net Worth, Fun Facts etc.

Choi Min ho is a South Korean singer, rapper, actor, presenter and model. He is one of the members of the popular K pop group SHINee.


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Birth Date & Sun Sign

Minho is born on December 9, 1991 and is currently 24 years old.

His zodiac sign is Sagittarius.

Height, Weight & Measurements

He stands 181 cm tall and weighs 60 kg.

Birth Place, Nationality, Birth name & Childhood stories

He was born in Incheon, South Korea and is South Korean by birth.

His original name is Choi Min ho.

Blood Type: B
Label: SM Entertainment
Chinese Name: 崔珉豪


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He attended Konkuk University’s affiliated high school.

Minho then took up arts and culture film major in Konkuk University as a part time admittance and graduated in 2010. He was named Honorary Ambassador of the University in the same year.


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Minho is the second boy in the family. He has one older brother named Choi Minseok.

His father, Choi Yun Kyum, is a South Korean football manager currently at K League Challenge side Gangwon FC.

He played in the K League for Yukong Elephants from 1985 to 1992. After he retired, he moved into coaching.

Minho doesn’t have many memories with his father. When he was little, his dad was busy with his career. Moreover he became a SM trainee at a young age, and had to move from his house when he was still young.

He confessed that because of this situation he has a hard time expressing his feelings to his family. He doesn’t want to worry them, so he will often hold back his feelings when he is sad or struggling.

Career & Bio

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He made his debut in 2008 as SHINee. He is also famous for writing several of the raps of the group. Aside from promoting with SHINee, he became active as an actor.

Occupation: Rapper, actor, presenter, model
Introduced at SHINee: May 25, 2008
Position in Shinee: Main Rapper, vocalist, visual
Active Years: 2008–present
Status: Single

TV show

I dol Army (2008)
Star King (2008 2011)
Strong Heart (2009 2012)
Dream Team (2009 2012)
Infinite Challenge (2010) 
Gag Concert (2011)
Music Bank (2011)
Running Man (2012)
Show! Music Cre (2013 2015)
Cool Kiz on the Block (2014)
1 vs 100 (2015)
SNL Korea (2015)
Non Summit (2015)
Happy together (2016)
Section TV (2016)
Weekly Entertainment (2016)

TV drama

My precious Child (2008)
Pianist (2010)
Salamander Guru (2012)
To the Beautiful You (2012)
Medical Top Team (2013)
Because It’S The first Time (2015)
Cop (2016)
Hwarang : The Beginning (2016)

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SMTOWN Live in Tokyo Special Edition (2012)
I AM (2012)
SMTOWN the Stage (2015)
Grandmother Gye choon (2015)

TV Show Theme Songs

Countdown with SHINee Dream OST (2009)
Stand By Me with SHINee Boys Before Flowers OST (2009)
Fly High with SHINee Prosecutor Princess OST (2010)
In Your Eyes To the Beautiful You OST (2012)
3 2 1 with SHINee Tokyo Toy Box OST (2013)
Green Rain with SHINee The Queen’s Classroom OST (2013)
Moonlight Miss Korea OST (2014)


SBS Entertainment Awards (2010)
Honorary Ambassador for Youth 2011 (2011)
Best Male Idol as Model (2011)
SBS Drama Awards (2012)
MBC Entertainment Awards (2014, 2015)

Net Worth

He has an estimated net worth of $300 million from his annual advertising rate.


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It is said that his ex girl friend is Yuri, a member of the girl group Girls Generation. The two were spotted wearing the same bracelet and this made the fans speculate about a possible relationship.

They were said to be dating in 2013.

Favorite Things

Subject in School: Physical education
Movie: Action, romantic comedy
Instrument: None
Food: Korean ramen noodles
Colors: Blue
Computer Game: Winning Eleven
Motto: Never give up no matter what you encounter!
Personality: Competitive, not much talking
Hobby: Soccer, basketball, performing
Place: Stage
Sports: Soccer, basketball

Fun facts

1. Known as the tallest in the group.
2. Known as “Flaming Charisma Minho”
3. His fanclub name is SHINee World.
4. His famous quotes are “As long as you don’t give up your dream and hope, it will have a happy ending”.
5. His shoe size is “8 “.
6. He becomes happy when he is singing and dancing on stage.
7. He doesn’t have tattoo.
8. When he was 16 years old, he was discovered as Andre Kim’s fashion show model.
9. He is close to Suho (EXO), Kyuhyun (Super Junior) and Changmin (Dong Bang Shin Ki).
10. The number he likes is 10 and his lucky number is 99.
11. When he was a child, his dream was to become a soccer player.
12. But his father, who used to be a soccer player, strongly opposed that and Minho gave up the dream.
13. He is especially adored by seniors.
14. He is not good at getting up early and tossing and turning. 
15. He appeared in “Gee” MV song by Girls’ Generation.


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