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GOT7 Profile & Facts : Get To Know Your Lucky 7 Stars !

GOT7 is a popular boy band from South Korea. The group is made up of seven members namely JB, Mark, Jackson, Junior, Youngjae, Bam Bam, and Yugyeom. They debuted in 2014 under JYP Entertainment and were recruited from different parts of Asia.


GOT7 originated from Seoul, South Korea. This band’s song genre are K-pop and hip-hop. They started their career in 2014, and still ongoing up until now.

As a famous boyband, they have several labels, including JYP Entertainment, Epic Records and Sony BEC-TERO Music. This group is also associated with JJ Project and JYP Nation, as some of their members originated from those fellow associations.


Official Website: www.got7.jype.com
Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/JJprojectOfficial
Instagram: @got7_fanclub
Twitter: @GOT7Official
Facebook Page: GOT7 Official


Originally, the band was not yet officially formed when band member Jr. and JB debuted as a duo called JJ Project.

Simply, they both had J as the first letter of their first names, thus lead to naming themselves JJ Project. They debuted in 2012 with Bounce.

Meanwhile, Mark, BamBam, Jackson and Yugyeom appeared in a reality TV game show called “Who is Next: Win” in September 2013.

They appeared as competitors on the 4th episode on the so-called game show.

Peak at the top spot

In January 16, 2014, the group released their first mini-album entitled “Got It?” with the lead single “Girls, Girls, Girls”.

The album reached a peak of number two on the Korean Gaon Charts and also took the top spot on the Billboard World Album Charts.

Five months after their debut album, GOT7 released their second EP entitled “Got Love?” with the song “A” as the lead single.

“Got Love?” proved to be a continued the group’s rising success by peaking at the top spot of the Gaon Chart and selling more than 60,000 copies.

This was immediately followed by the release of their first full-length album “Identify” in November 2014 with the promotional track “Stop Stop It”.

“Identify” shot up to the top of the Gaon charts and garnered about 80,000 copies in sales.

GOT7 made their first Korean comeback for 2015 with their third mini-album entitled “Just Right” released in July.

The eponymous single went on to become the group’s most viewed video in YouTube with more than 38 million views as of today.

Two months later, GOT7 came out with their fourth mini-album called “Mad”.

It’s lead single “If You Do” presented a darker and more mature tone for the group which helped them bag their first win on a music show.

“Mad” was later on repackaged for a Christmas release called “Mad: Winter Edition” and was serviced to the public on November of the same year.

Debuted in Japan

In April 2014, Epic Records of Sony Music got the band to sign under them and debuted their first performance in Tokyo on April 4th.

Therefore, this was the start of their journey to fame in Japan.

Aside from their Korean promotions, GOT7 also was able to enter the Japanese market. Their first Japanese single “Around the World” was released in October 2014.

The song peaked at number three on the Oricon Singles Chart and went on to sell 43,170 copies in its three-week run in the chart.

GOT7 returned with a brand new Japanese single in June 2015 called “Love Train” which placed first in the Recochoku mobile charts.

“Laugh, Laugh, Laugh” (released in September 2015) became the group’s first single to top the Oricon singles chart with 14,000 copies sold on the first day.

2016 Timeline

“Flight Log: Departure”, which is GOT7’s fifth official mini album, got released on March 21st.

This album got the attention of not just fans, but more people, and was able to fight its way up the Billboard Artist 100 chart, raking in the 45th place.

The album turned into a hit, leading them to 3 official rankings in Billboard.

They ranked 2nd in the Billboard Heartseekers album chart and also 2nd in Billboard World albums chart. As you can see, it was a complete success.

World Tour

Because of their successful fifth album debut, they were able to show their passion to the world and went on a world tour, including China, Thailand, Japan, Singapore, and even United States. The tour was called “Fly Tour”.

2016 Comeback

Just recently, in September, they announced the date of their comeback, which obviously got fans excited.

They declared that they will release their 6th album, which is called “Flight Log: Turbulence, that includes 13 tracks.

However, there is another good news for all of you. They said that the songs were originally written by the members in their own words.

They amazingly put their efforts and emotions in these tracks, which makes it more special.

There is no doubt that their fans are itching for the actual album release.

GOT7 released a couple of teasers around September 18 – 24, messing the minds of their fans.

The teasers included album spoilers, trailers, member’s teaser images and documentary teasers.

One of the songs in their 6th album “Flight Log: Turbulence” is called “Hard Carry” and they have already released its official music video last September 27th.



JB is the leader of the group. He has watched and listened to pop music since he was 7.

Because he didn’t have siblings, he enjoyed dancing and listening to music alone in his free time.

In high school, after meeting the school senior who dances, JB also started dancing seriously rather than studying in the school.

JB is the main vocalist of the group. He also debuted as an actor in a Korean drama called Dream High in 2011, portraying the role of a backup dancer. In the sequel of the drama, he re-appeared, but as in his own identity this time.

He went back to acting for a drama called A Man In Love as Seo-Min Joon, and played several roles as the lead actor in other dramas.


Real Name: Im Jae-bum
Birthday: January 6th, 1994
Additional trivia: His parents is managing an orchard.
Position: Leader, Lead vocal, Lead dancer
Height: 179cm
Weight: 66kg
Blood: A
Hobby: Bus travel, watching movies
Specialty: B-boying
Attraction: His teeth

Quick Facts about JB

1. His life goal is to be an artist or to be a man in nature.
2. His dream as a child was to live a life like a flowing river.
3. The places he wants to travel before he dies are Paris and Maldives.
4. His body is very flexible.
5. His favorite musicians are D’Angelo, Musiq Soulchild, Ray Charles Robinson, Prince, James Morrison, Damien Rice, Miguel, etc.
6. He likes chicken dishes very much.
7. He likes Murakami Haruki.
8. He at first refused to sing. However, from some point, he started practicing very hard and came to be a lead vocal.
9. He is not only popular among girls but also men also like him fascinated by his visual.
10. He is very polite to people especially to people who work with him.
11. He likes bus trips.
12. He chooses Jackson as the member who is most popular with the ladies.
13. He once said in an interview that JJ Project is still actually alive and still collaborating with GOT7 for activites.
14. He is named as the most bursque member in the group.



Mark is Taiwanese American member of GOT7. He lived in Brazil and Paraguay when he was little.

He attended Arcadia High School until 10th grade and he got his certificate.

He is the oldest member of the group. He was picked up when he was hanging out with his friends in the US.

He had never thought of becoming a singer before. However after his debut his passion for music got stronger.

Family-wise, Mark is the eldest boy among his siblings. However, he is not the eldest kid. He has 2 big sisters named Tammy and Grace and he has a younger brother named Joey.

His father’s name is Raymond Tuan. And surprisingly, he has his own twitter account, which is funny because it is famous among Mark’s fans.


Real Name: Mark Yi-En Tuan
Birthday: September 4th, 1993
Additional trivia: His face is very small. It makes him look tall.
Position: Sub rapper
Height: 175cm
Weight: 59kg
Blood: A
Hobby: Skateboarding, snowboarding
Specialty: Martial arts
Attraction: His lips

Quick Fact about Mark

1. Before his debut, he appeared in a TV commercial in 2011.
2. He appeared in the drama Dream High 2 as a cameo.
3. He describes himself as a quiet, but a lively person. Others call him mysterious.
4. Yoo-kyeom often says that he wants to be like Mark for his good personality.
5. He likes it when other members get a penalty for losing a game. His favorite penalty is one using clothespins.
6. His father, Raymond Tuan, likes to communicate with Mark’s fan through Twitter. Many fans also like Raymond for his wit.
7. He changes hairstyles a lot.
8. Because he had never thought of becoming a singer, he started learning dance, martial arts tricking, and Korean after he entered JYP Entertainment.
9. His Korean is not perfect. This is also a charming point fans like about Mark.
10. His motto is “Work Hard, Play Hard.”
11. Mark once said that he is so shy that when he is in front of girls, he can’t talk.
12. He completed in a casting competition in America. And on TV, it was revealed that he was either officially casted there or at school.
13. He was also randomly casted when he was just casually talking with his friends in school during his lunch break.
14. He actually chose JB as the member who always loves to punish and tease other members.
15. He is the one who jumps the highest, so he is mostly the one who does the flip.



Jackson graduated from an American International School and completed his 11th grade.

Jackson is a member from Hong Kong. Because his parents were both national sports players, he also used to do sports since very young.

He was very good at fencing. If it wasn’t for JYP Entertainment, he was going to participate in the Olympic in 2014.

Before he came to Korea, to persuade his parents, he got two gold medals in Asian fencing games, ranking 11th in the world and 1st in Asia.

Because of migrating in various countries when he was a child, he can fluently speak 4 languages, which are Cantonese, Mandarin, Korean and English.

Jackson is the second boy in his siblings. His father’s name is Wang Rui-ji, and he was a former coach for the Hong Kong national fencing team.

On the other hand, his mother, Zhou Ping, took part in the World Gymnastics before and got a gold medal.

Aside from being an athlete, he is also awesome in acting. He became active as an actor on both Korean and Chinese dramas.


Real Name: Jackson Wang
Birthday: March 28th, 1994
Additional trivia: He used to have many Korean friends in American International School of Hong Kong.
Position: Main Rapper, Main Dancer
Height: 174.8cm
Weight: 63kg
Blood: O
Hobby: Dancing, rap, beatbox
Specialty: Fencing
Attraction: His nose

Quick Facts about Jackson

1. His personality is like that of dogs. He is friend with everyone.
2. He is straight about his emotions. He does not hesitate to express love and gratitude by words.
3. He is not confident about his looks. But he decides to accept the way he is.
4. His pronunciation of Korean is very good. It is apparent in his rap.
5. He has a good control over his body when he dances.
6. He often appears on TV, especially on variety shows.
7. He has many friends in the entertainment world.
8. He calls JYP “hyung (big brother).”
9. He uses Cantonese, English, Korean, Mandarin, and Shanghainese.
10. He won a TV award in 2014 for his appearance on variety shows.
11. He chooses JB as the coolest member in the group.
12. He declares that he is wild and sexy but also dorky and funny at the same time.
13. Jackson once admitted that he got depressed and thought of quitting the band and get back and focus on fencing again. But thankfully, he preserved and stayed in the group.
14. He said that his parents were against his journey of being a star in Korea. But after winning his fencing competition, his dad finally let him do what he wants.
15. He said he wants to be close with Shindong.



Junior is a member of a duo JJ Project and the group GOT7. He is named “Junior” because his real name is the same as the producer of JYP, Park Jin Young.

At first, his name was spelled “Jr.,” but because people were at first confused with other artists with names “JR,” he changed it to “Junior.”

Junior attended Yongwon Elementary School, Angolpo Middle School and later Kyunggi High School. Then, for college, he took up performance in Howon University and got his diploma there.

Junior is the only boy among his siblings. He has two big sisters.

Junior started out in 2012 under the unit group “JJ Project” with fellow member JB. His stage name “Junior” is based from the fact that his real name is Park Jin Young which is similar to the CEO of their company.

Among the members, Junior is one who is most active in acting. Aside from “Dream High 2”, he has also appeared in dramas such as “When a Man Loves” in 2013 and “My Love Eundong” in 2015.

He is also set to star in “Snowflakes”, his first leading role in a movie. Junior also currently hosts M! Countdown along with Bambam


Real Name: Park Jin-young
Birthday: September 22nd, 1994
Additional trivia: One year before the debut as GOT7, he made debut as JJ Project with JB.
Position: Sub-vocal
Height: 178cm
Weight: 63kg
Blood: O
Hobby: Watching movies and plays, taking a walk, playing piano
Specialty: Dancing
Attraction: His dialect

Quick Facts about Junior

1. Because he is from an island in a countryside, he uses dialect.
2. His grades were good when he was in school.
3. He likes to read. Some of the authors he likes are Guillaume Musso, Milan Kundera, and Paulo Coelho.
4. He also likes movies.
5. He is a Christian. He prays before his stage as a routine.
6. His favorite sports is soccer. He used to play midfielder.
7. His ears turn red often.
8. He also is an actor. He made his debut through the drama Dream High 2.
9. He sometimes works on the group’s choreography.
10. He is like sub-leader or a mother of the group.
11. He is GOT7’s mom because he takes good care of them and he is so sweet.
12. Jr and JB tied at first place in JYP open audition.
13. He wants to become a huge artist just like Justin Timberlake. If he does not achieve this goal, he said he won’t come back to JYP.
14. Jr. said he has a strong aegyo due to the fact that he has 2 sisters.
15. He has 2 noonas, so he remembers playing with dolls most of his childhood.

Young Jae


Young-jae was not at all famous before his debut compared to other members. Also, he spent the shortest time in trainee (7 months).

He attended Muntae Middle School and later attended Seoul Korea Arts High School. For college, he is currently taking Theater and Film in Seokyeong University.

Family-wise, Youngjae is the second boy among his siblings. He has an older brother and an older sister.

Before he entered JYP, he wanted to become a music therapist. Since young, he enjoyed singing with his big brother. He learned to sing from his brother who is a vocal trainer.


Real Name: Choi Young-jae
Birthday: September 17th, 1996
Additional trivia: He loves his family very much. Especially, his brother is a big support for him.
Position: Main vocal
Height: 177cm
Weight: 61kg
Blood: B
Hobby: Piano
Specialty: Singing
Attraction: His Voice

Quick Facts about Young-jae

1. He is the youngest in the family. He sometimes expresses his love for his family on SNS.
2. He is very strict about caring for his throat. This is why he always wears a scarf.
3. He is very patient according to the members.
4. He likes singing very much. He likes the voice of Bruno Mars. He dreams of being on the same stage with him.
5. He likes rainy days.
6. He likes playing games.
7. He is good at billiard.
8. He hates cucumbers and lemons.
9. He has cat allergies.
10. He sometimes uses Jeonlanamdo dialect without realizing.
11. He picked Mark as the member with a Gentle Personality and very handsome.
12. He also picked JB as the member who thinks has the most experience with girls.



BamBam hails from Thailand and was a child star in his home country, appearing in movies and several television commercials.

BamBam pursued a career in Korea because he and his mother were big fans of Rain and he wishes to be the same global star as Rain is.

He trained under JYP for three and half years and appeared on the reality show “Who is Next?” along with Mark, Jackson, and Yugyeom for a dance battle between YG trainees.

Together with Junior, SHINee’s Key, and CNBlue’s Jung Shin, BamBam is one of the hosts of MNet’s music show, M Countdown.

BamBam is a Thai member of GOT7. As he is the lead rapper of the group, he is good at Korean.

BamBam is his real name. He is named after a cartoon character who was a strong boy. Before his debut, he was on TV commercial in Thailand and a Hong Kong horror movie.

He attended Pramoch Wittaya Ramindra School. Family-wise, he is the third boy among his siblings. He has two elder brothers and one younger sister.


Real Name: BamBam, Kunpimook Bhuwakul
Birthday: May 2nd, 1997
Additional trivia: His mother is a fan of Rain, who was in JYP before BamBam entered JYP Entertainment.
Position: Lead Rapper
Height: 176cm
Weight: 52kg
Blood: B
Hobby: Listening to music
Specialty: Dancing
Attraction: Long legs

Quick Facts about BamBam

1. He is good at girl idol’s dance.
2. His Korean sounds very cute. Fans love to hear his Korean.
3. He is a fan of Taeyeon of SNSD and G-Dragon of Big Bang.
4. At first, he was 170cm. After the group’s first album, he grew up to 176cm.
5. He used to show Thai rap as his specialty.
6. He is very skinny even among the members of GOT7.
7. He likes Yanggaeng, which is a sweet jelly of red beans.
8. He likes the brand Yves Saint-Laurent.
9. He bought a house for his family in Thailand.
10. Bae Moon-bae is a Korean name fans have given to him. Fans like it because it sounds friendly.
11. He declares that he is the cutest in the group.
12. He only shows his aegyo to his fans.
13. Bambam stated that JB is the sexiest.
14. He likes a girl who always smiles.
15. He won 1st place in a JYP dance competition in Thailand.
16. Bambam’s mom is a big fan of Rain and also likes Kpop.
17. He likes borrowing clothes from other members.



Yoo-gyeom, although tallest in the group, is the youngest in the group. As he is the youngest, he is teased by the seniors in the group.

When other members once played a prank on him on camera. He is most close to BamBam among members.

Yugyeom attended Donong Elementary School and Migeum Middle School for his elementary and high school days.

He attended Hamlim Arts Highschool and majored in street dancing when he was 13, thus made it possible for him to audition for JYP for his amazing dancing skills.

Family-wise, he is the second boy among his siblings. He has an older brother.

Yugyeom is famous for his amazing dancing skills and of course, his tall figure.


Real Name: Kim Yoo-kyeom
Birthday: November 17th, 1997
Additional trivia: He has the biggest chest size among members.
Position: Sub-vocal, Lead Dancer
Height: 182cm
Weight: 68kg
Blood: A
Hobby: Dancing, singing
Specialty: Street dance
Attraction: His physique

Quick Facts about Yoo-kyeom

1. He won an award on House Dance when he was in grade 8.
2. He is good at English.
3. He loves chocolates.
4. He was a fan of Chrystal of f(x).
5. When he wore a scarf he got from a fan as a present, the scarf gained public attention and caused the scarf to sold out.
6. He is like a brother with Mark.
7. Some fans call him ‘Oppa’ even though they are older than him, because of his physique.
8. Members approve that Yoo-keom is the best dancer in the group.
9. He is especially good at freestyle dance.
10. When he was underage because of his look, he was often not considered as underage by people who don’t know him.
11. He is an underground dancer.
12. He is one of the members who were trained to do his tricks/flips but once while still a trainee, he injured himself and still afraid to do it now.


Korean Albums

Identify (2014)
Got It? (2014)
Mad (2015)
Flight Log: Departure (2016)
Flight Log: Turbulence (2016)

Japanese Albums

Moriagatteyo (2016)

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