Profile and Facts of Wonwoo of SEVENTEEN: Bio, Net Worth, Fun Facts etc.

Wonwoo is a South Korean singer and dancer. He is one of the members of the popular K-pop group SEVENTEEN.

Ever since he was young, he was inspired by urban talents and music, but he also enjoyed a lot of classical music and classical music training.

As a graduate of the Seoul Academy of Performing arts, Won Woo gives his best to work hard and give out an impression of a hard working guy.

But, Won Woo’s aspirations make him seem like a really serious guy that has trouble relaxing; in reality, Won Woo is a sweetheart, just waiting to tease and make fun of whomever comes in the way.

Not only is he a nice guy, but he’s a bit sensitive, too, and doesn’t mind crying when listening to sad music; the one thing Won Woo is really special for is the fact that he’s always writing songs and lyrics – he has 5 notebooks with only lyrics prepared!


Birth Date & Sun Sign

Wonwoo is born on July 17, 1996 and is currently 19 years old.

His zodiac sign is Cancer.

Height, Weight & Measurements

He stands 182 cm tall and weighs 63 kg.

Born Place, Nationality, Born name & SNS

He was born in Changwon, Gyeongsangnam-do, South Korea and is Korean by birth.

His original name is Jeon Wonwoo.

Blood Type: A
Label: Pledis Entertainment
Chinese Name: 全圓佑 (Quán Yuán Yòu)


Officaial Website:
Twitter ID: @pledis_17
Facebook page URL:
Instagram ID: saythename_17
Weibo ID: PLEDIS_17


He started pursuing a music career at a very young age; ever since he was a kid, he listened to music and loved to learn about artists and new instruments.

One of his heroes is the Korean rapper Tablo from the group Epik High, and because of Tablo, Won Woo also decided to start writing raps and create lyrics.

As a kid, Won Woo kept all of his lyrics in notebooks, which he keeps with him to this day; there are five notebooks full of bars and lyrics by the talented Won Woo.

Won Woo has always seemed to be a cold and closed off kind of guy, which many people say is due to his serious, sharp eyes; but, in actuality, he’s nice and usually shy around new people.

He and Mingyu are the „Meanie Couple“ of SEVENTEEN, because of their constant teasing of the other members, and each other.


Won Woo graduated in 2015 from the prestige High School of Performing Arts, located in Seoul (SOPA).

He majored in Broadcasting at SOPA.

SOPA is famous because many idols attended and graduated from it, starting with a few members of Super Junior, KARA, Girl’s Day, EXO, Boyfriend and many more.


Won Woo’s family is South Korean and they live there, too.

The members of his family are his parents and his younger brother Jeon Bo Hyuk.

Won Woo’s family is not famous, and not much is known about them, but Won Woo always says that his parents are his role models and idols, and that he does a lot of things according to how they taught him.

Career & Bio

Jeon Won Woo, known as just Won Woo most of the time, is one of the rappers of the group SEVENTEEN.

Ever since he was a kid, he loved to listen to music and he enjoyed discovering new genres.

He moved to Seoul during middle school, and attended the Seoul high school of performing arts; he auditioned for Pledis Entertainment for the sake of experience, but he managed to get through and became a part of SEVENTEEN.

Won Woo is inspired by hip hop as of recently, which is why he ended up in the Hip Hop Unit; he loves to listen to Epik High and their leader Tablo, who was the reason why he went into hip hop in the first place.

He once said that he’d love to make up a sub-unit in SEVENTEEN, made up of Seung Kwan, Minggyu, Hoshi, DK and Dino and name them „Comic Line“, because they are top notch pranksters.

But Won Woo isn’t like that – he’s actually quite serious, and sometimes seems too serious to other members.

He heard once or twice from others that he looks the best when he’s totally serious, but in reality, he is fun loving, smiling and always very nice.

Won Woo’s heroes are his parents because of all the hard work they’ve put in so far to make him and his younger brother happy; that is why he always works hard and gives his best, to make his parents proud.

Occupation: Singer
Introduced at Pledis Entertaiment: 2015
Position in SEVENTEEN: a member of a Hip Hop unit
Active Years: 2015-present
Status: Single

TV show

Big Debut Plan (2015), One Fine Day(2016),


“Seventeen carat” (2015), “Boys Be”(2015), “Love & Letter”(2016),


Golden Disk Award:Rookies of the year (2015)

Net Worth

He has an estimated net worth of $2.5 million from his artist work


Won Woo isn’t dating anyone currently, but he spoke out about an ideal type of girl he may have.

Firstly, he doesn’t believe in love at first sight.
Won Woo believes that love takes time to grow between two people, and that’s why he wouldn’t want something like that.

His ideal type of girl is someone who would just suit him and his personality.

His romantic idea of a perfect woman is someone sitting by the window in the morning and reading a book.

Won Woo certainly dreams of movie-like romance.

Wonwoo Says Sorry to Girls’ Generation


Around May 2016, Seventeen member Wonwoo publicly called Girls’ Generation members ugly and debunking their plastic surgery agendas. He also wrote posts, including only negative comments and hate. He was an anti-Girls’ Generation since the start, but soon regretted this.

Fans were surprised by the inappropriate action and behavior of the once sweet Wonwoo, also trying to defend the Girls’ Generation. Wonwoo decided to write an apology letter to his fanbase.

Wonwoo’s agency, which is Pledis Entertainment stated “He wanted to apoogize himself instead of through the label. He thought this would be the best way to express his feelings, so we are revealing this after a lot of thought. We apologize for not fulfilling our role as a guardian.”

This is, in fact, not normal, but this usually happens with young Kpop stars. They often get carried away by their popularity and say something bad in public accidentally, without meaning it.

Thus, Wonwoo’s letter is uploaded in his fancafe, and here is what he wrote:

“Hello, this is Wonwoo. First, I want to apologize for everyone who I have hurt by this situation. Instead of making excuses by saying they were foolish mistakes I made when I was young, or saying that I don’t remember what I did, I believed that admitting my faults and apologizing was the right choice, which is why I’m writing this.

Even though I wrote it when I was young, it is definitely something I wrote, and I am sorry to the Girl’s Generation sunbaenims, their fans, as well as Carats who were hurt by this. I am also sorry to the members, who worked hard together to become Seventeen together.

If I think about it now, I was so immature. I thought lightly about the stars on television, and I never thought about how the words I said would hurt other people.

During middle school, after I became a trainee to become Seventeen, I realized the weight that the people who stand on stage have to carry. I realized how many people work hard for one person to stand on stage.

After I became Seventeen and stood on stage and learned what kind of feelings people have on stage, I realized the meaning of standing on stage.

I sincerely felt how amazing it was for the Girl’s Generation sunbaenims to stand on stage, and respected them. I also learned how responsible I have to be in this field with the fans’ love.

While getting attention from the public, I learned about the effects of a single post, and how the person reading it felt. Because of this, I am even more reflection on my actions.

I don’t dare ask for forgiveness. I only want to reflect endlessly about my actions and apologize to the Girls’ Generation sunbaenims. Even when I look back on myself, the thoughtless posts were improper, and they were actions that I could have hurt someone, so I can’t even raise my head because I am so sorry.

I will work hard never to disappoint again. I will read all the criticism and advice on my immature actions and never forget them. Also, please continue to teach me. I apologize once again. I am sorry.”

Indeed, Wonwoo sounds sincere in his apology letter. The question is, did the girls accept his apology after humiliating them in public?

Wonwoo’s Absence At Dream Concert Due To Health Problems


Around June 2016, Seventeen’s agency Pladis Entertainment, declared that member Wonwoo is going through health problems.

They said that Wonwoo cannot join the group’s future activities due to health problems and he is still recovering. In fact, Wonwoo was absent in their recent performance at Dream Concert because he had “acute gastritis”.

They released a statement, concerning Wonwoo’s health and the future activities of Seventeen.

“It has been decided that Seventeen member Wonwoo will not be doing broadcast promotions for the time being in order to make a healthy recovery.

We’d like to apologize to fans who cherish and love Wonwoo for bringing this sudden news as well as the previous news about his health last time.

Following his diagnosis with acute gastritis, Wonwoo received a check-up in order to recover. The check-up revealed that he lost stamina and it was determined that he would need time to rest and would be unable to continue promotions after a long discussion with Wonwoo.

Wonwoo had been resting in order to stabilize and recover after his acute gastritis. With intentions to join promotions for the planned repackaged album, he participated in recording and music video filming.

However, we decided that music shows and broadcast schedules would be too much for Wonwoo, who is still recovering. We advised that Wonwoo rest for his health and for his future.

Wonwoo showed a strong will to join his members in promotions, but he will be resting time in order to fully recover so he can be healthy and be with Seventeen for a long time.

Therefore, Seventeen’s broadcast promotions and schedules for their repackaged album is planned to feature 12 members. Wonwoo will rejoin promotions and meet fans after his health is fully recovered.

We apologize once again for causing fans to worry. Please support Wonwoo and Seventeen. Thank you.”

Despite the long explanation of his agency, Wonwoo still hasn’t spoken out yet, which fans find suspicious. Usually the star posts something on the media, thanking for support. However, Wonwoo did not.

Some people think that maybe Wonwoo wasn’t able to take all the hate that he received from fans about him saying negative things about Girl’s Generation, that he can’t face the consequences, which led him to take a break? We hope this is not true.

Favorite Things

Subject in School: Music
Food: Ramen
Drink: coffee
Genre: action, horror, family movies
Song: Seventeen Carat
Colors: Blue
Movie: Miracles of the Seventh room
Music: HipHop
Role Model: Lupe Fiasco
Personality: Kind
Hobby: Read a book and watching movies
Fruit: pomegranate

Fun facts

1. Known as sexy in the group.
2. Is known to be a rapper.
3. His favorite hobby is watching movies.
4. He cries when he watches the movie “Miracle in cell no.7”
5. He says despite everybody thinking he’s cold, he actually has a warm personality.
6. He’d love to play the piano as well as Jihoon.
7. He thinks he’s the 3rd best looking in the group; no.1 is S.Coups.
8. He falls asleep easily when listening to music.
9. He would love to meet the rapper Tablo.
10. Other members voted him the cleanest member.
11. He dislikes aegyo (cuteness).
12. He speaks Korean and Japanese fluently.
13. He was a trainee for 4 years, just like Hoshi.
14. He was coupled up with Minggyu and they’re called the “Meanie couple” because of
their teasing of other members.
15. He’s one of the visuals of the group.
16. He and Minggy covered G-Dragon’s song “That XX” at a SEVENTEEN concert.
17. His fanclub’s name is carat.
18. He was trainee for 4 years before debut
19. He is scared of dogs.
20. He wanted to be a singer at first
21. He was suggested to be a rapper then became a rapper

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