Profile and Facts of Jun of SEVENTEEN: Bio, Net Worth, Fun Facts etc.

Jun is a South Korean singer and dancer. He is one of the members of the popular K-pop group SEVENTEEN, and probably the member with the most experience in the entertainment industry.

Despite being very young, Jun has already managed to become an integral part of the entertainment industry in China, since everyone there knows him as a child actor.

He started his acting career far back in the year 2000, when he was only 4 years old.

This makes it easier for Jun to adapt to stages, performances and being in a boy group; still, he doesn’t think he’s confident enough and he’d love to have the energy and attitude of S.Coups when he goes onstage.

Jun likes all things and all people to be pure and a little bit innocent.

He prefers books to movies, new places to old and martial arts to sports; he is specialized in Wushu, a compound of all Chinese traditional martial arts, in which Jackie Chan and Jet Li are also specialized.


Birth Date & Sun Sign

Jun is born on June 10, 1996 and is currently 20 years old.

His zodiac sign is Gemini.

Height, Weight & Measurements

He stands 180 cm tall and weighs 66 kg.

Born Place, Nationality, Born name & Stories as a child

He was born in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China and is Chinese by birth.

His orginal name is Wen Junhui.

Blood Type: B
Label: Pledis Entertainment
Chinese Name: 文俊辉(wén jùn huī)
Officaial Website:
Twitter ID: @pledis_17
Facebook page URL:
Instagram ID: saythename_17
Weibo ID: PLEDIS_17


Jun was talented from the moment he was born! He became a child actor at the early age of 2, and since 2000 he appeared on a lot of commercials; in 2007 he appeared in the legendary film „Ip Man: the legend is born“, and after that, he filmed a few other Chinese features, such as „The Dog-pye“ from 2010, „Children’s War“ from 2011 and „My Mother“ from 2013.

After starring in the movie „My mother“, Jun went on to audition for Pledis Entertainment.

He got accepted, and became a part of the Performance unit, being one of the main dancers in the group.

When he was asked why he wanted to be an idol, he said that a lot of Chinese young people enjoy K-pop, and that he admired the likes of Henry, the Korean-Canadian star, and Zhoumi, Chinese star based in both South Korea and China, and that he wanted to become like them.

Jun is now one of the Chinese stars who are popular in South Korea, and he’s honed quite a fan base during his short time in SEVENTEEN.

He trained for 2 years and 7 months at Pledis.

People compare him to Hee Chul from Super Junior; once, Jun met Hee Chul and the first thing he told him was – „You really look like me!“, which caused a lot of laughter between the two of them.


Jun has graduated from high school and is currently attending a language institute.

He entered the Phuket High School and moved to the Buji Senior High school in his 2nd year; he graduated from the Buji high school in 2013.

After graduating from Buji high school, he entered the University and Institute of International Languages, which he is still attending.

He’s had difficulty learning Korean, but he’s become fluent at it.


Junhui’s family consists of his mother and his younger brother Wen Yang Yang.

Not much is known about them, but you can look them up on Weibo, as their accounts are public and open for everyone to see (everyone who has a Weibo account, anyway).
Junhui’s mom, brother and cousin have Weibo accounts.

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Career & Bio

Wen Junhui, or Jun, has had quite a fruitful career for being only 20 years old.

Ever since he was two, he was exposed to the entertainment industry in China, where everybody knows him as a child actor.

He appeared in a few movies and dramas: the movies “IP Man: The legend is born” in 2007, “The Pye-dog” in 2010, “Children’s war” in 2011, “My mother” in 2013 and in the drama “Untouchable” in 2015.

Other members of SEVENTEEN consider him the senior of the group because of his long lasting experience in the industry; even Ryeo Wook from Super Junior addressed Jun as a sunbae, the senior.

His Korean name has a special meaning, too – his surname in Korean is Mun, which means „a good student“, Jun stems from his real name, but it also means „handsome“ and „Hwi“ means „I can do better“. So, the name would be interpreted as the hardworking handsome learner, which may as well be a short but accurate description of Jun.

He belongs to the Performance team of SEVENTEEN, and he’s also the main dancer of SEVENTEEN and the biggest performer out of all.

Despite being an amazing performer, he always says in interviews that he admires S.Coups’ confidence onstage, and that he wishes he could do as well as him.

One of Jun’s heroes is the singer-rapper Jessi who was an inspiration during the show „Seventeen Project“ – she advised him to cut his hair short for the debut and he listened to her, which made him feel like a new person overall.

Jun loves his Chinese heritage, and he loves singing Chinese songs – just not in front of the guys!

Occupation: Dancer
Introduced at Pledis Entertaiment: 2015
Position in SEVENTEEN: a member of a peformance unit
Active Years: 2015-present
Status: Single

TV show

Big Debut Plan (2015), One Fine Day(2016), 


“Seventeen carat” (2015), “Boys Be”(2015), “Love & Letter”(2016),


Golden Disk Award:Rookies of the year (2015)

Net Worth

He has an estimated net worth of $2.5 million from his artist work


Jun isn’t dating anyone at the moment, but he did talk about his type of girl.

He likes girls who look clean and pure, someone who can spruce up and likes to maintain her looks; he also likes sexy girls.

Jun is the type of guy who would enjoy shopping or dining out with his girlfriend, so it would be good for the girl to have stamina for shopping; otherwise, Junhui appreciates pure and innocent, clean looking people, and especially girls.

Favorite Things

Subject in School: Art
Movie: intouchable(2015)
Instrument: Piano, Drum
Food: all kinds of spicy foods, jelly
Drink: Coffee, water
Drama Genre: Historical and Modern
Song: Seveneen carat, Beyond
Favorite colors: black
Favorite Music: Pop Music
Role Model: Jacky Chan, Zhoumi and Henry
Personality: Caring and Mature
Hobby: read a book
Sports: Chinese Martial Arts
Motto: “Insist and keep going”
Candy: Jelly beans
Artist: Ren from NU’EST
Strength: Adapting easily to new places

Fun facts

1. He is a master in Wushu, combination of Chinese martial arts.

2. He is the only member of SEVENTEEN who has his own Weibo account.

3. He can play the piano.

4. Known as nice looking in the group.

5. He loves to eat spicy food and jelly beans the most.

6. He’s shy in singing Chinese songs in front of his bandmates.

7. He loves to read books.

8. Seungkwan calls him ‘mommy’.

9. He’s known as the Performance master of the group.

10. His nickname is Mr. Blue Earmuffs.

11. He revealed that he had his first kiss when he was 5, with his mother’s friend’s daughter.

12. There is a fan fiction story about him and Won Woo, called “WonHui”.

13. He and his mom communicate through Weibo quite often.

14. He looks a lot like Hee Chul from Super Junior.

15. He admires Jackie Chan.

16. He speaks Mandarin, Cantonese and Korean fluently.

17. He plays some instruments like Drum

18. He was a child actor from 3 years old in China.

19. He is one of a chinese member of a group

20. He appeared numerous dramas and movies.

21. He took an audition while he was an actor in China

22. He took an audtion for SM Entertainment before join this a group

23. He has been studying hard to Korean Language

24. He is like a mother in a group