Profile and Facts of S.Coups of SEVENTEEN: Bio, Net Worth, Fun Facts etc.

S.Coups, whose real name is Choi Seung Cheol, is the main rapper of the 13-member boy group SEVENTEEN.

The group is divided into three units, the hip hop unit, the vocal unit and the performance unit; so S.Coups is one of three leaders of the group.

Known as “SEVENTEEN’s dad,” S.Coups is the leader of the rapping team in SEVENTEEN. He is known for his good rapping skills and writing bars, but also as the manliest member out of the entire group (which the group itself named him).

S.Coups was a trainee at Pledis Entertainment for 6 years before debuting as a steady member of SEVENTEEN.

Apart from being a member of SEVENTEEN, S.Coups also appeared as a guest rapper on Orange Caramel’s song “Superwoman”, and as a guest in music videos for NU’EST’s “Face”, After School’s “Wonder Boy” and Happy Pledis’ “Love Letter”.

He also performed at “The country’s best hip hop concert” in December 2014.


Birth Date & Sun Sign

S.Coups was born on August 8, 1995 and is currently 21 years old.

His zodiac sign is Leo.

Height, Weight & Measurements

He stands 178 cm tall and weighs 65 kg.

Born Place, Nationality, Born name & Stories as a child

He was born in Daegu, South Korea and is Korean by birth.

His original name is Choi Seungcheol.

Blood Type: AB
Label: Pledis Entertainment
Chinese Name: 崔勝澈(cuī shèng chè)
Official Website:
Twitter ID: @pledis_17
Facebook page URL:
Instagram ID: @saythename_17
Weibo ID: PLEDIS_17


When S.Coups was a kid, his dream was to be an actor, and he was always interested in arts.

He was noticed while shopping by the agents of Pledis Entertainment around 2010, and he was recruited as a vocalist, despite being a part of the current hip hop unit.

He has been a trainee for the longest time out of all the SEVENTEEN members and he considers himself a role model to them because of that; he’d love for the other members to be able to look up to him and do like he does, so he tries really hard at everything he does.

He’s been in love with rap for about 2 years now, and some of his role models include Tupac Shakur, but also domestic stars such as Zico, Dok2 and G-Dragon.

S.Coups was one of the original Pledis Boys and he was supposed to debut with NU’EST; then, the group Tempest was created and he was a member, right before SEVENTEEN was formed and he managed to become the leader of that group instead.

He’s not only the leader of the hip hop unit, but he is the leader of the entire group, and other k-pop idols claim that he is one of the best idol leaders out there, because he’s very responsible and strict.

Other members jokingly say that he is their dad, because they wake up the same second S.Coups says “wake up!”, and because he’s very strict about training and discipline. And thus, they gave him the nickname “Seventeen’s dad”.


S.Coups went to primary school in his hometown of Daegu, South Korea.

After moving to Seoul for auditions and training, he joined the Seoul High School of Performing Arts, which he graduated from in February of 2014, majoring in acting.

A lot of other idols graduated from this high school, such as members of the boy group Boyfriend, members of FT Island, Girl’s Day, KARA, Apink, NCT, Cosmic Girls, and more.


Not much is known about his family, but it’s thought that S.Coups has a father, grandmother and one older brother; he was born in Daegu and he lived in his family home until he went on to study in Seoul and also become a trainee at Pledis Entertainment.

His brother is not famous, as well as his father and grandmother – they were a common family from Daegu, before Seung Cheol debuted as a SEVENTEEN member.

Now, they’re famous for being his family!

Career & Bio

Born as Choi Seung Cheol in Daegu, S.Coups was a kid interested in the arts, especially acting.

His wish was to become a professional, famous actor and he followed his dream when the time came to go to high school – he successfully entered the Seoul High School of Performing Arts, which he graduated from in February 2014.

He entered high school and was discovered by Pledis Entertainment at the same time; he got accepted right away and became a trainee, which took 6 years before he finally became a full fledged member of a group.

S.Coups was meant to debut with NU’EST before actually debuting with SEVENTEEN, but got cut from the final line-up; then, he joined the group Tempest, in which he performed well.

While SEVENTEEN was being formed, it was more than obvious that Seung Cheol would be the leader, as he had been a trainee for the longest amount of time, and he had a serious ambition when it came to performing and delivering.

He thought of his own stage name, as the ‘S’ stands for both Seung Cheol and Seventeen, while ‘Coups’ stands for ‘success’; the reason he wanted a special stage name was because he became interested in rapping just before entering SEVENTEEN, and he thought this would be a good reputation builder for his rapping career.

His real name stands for ‘winning fairly’, which he always loves to do; he admires the likes of G-Dragon, Zico, Dok2 and the legendary Tupac Shakur, who are also his idols in rapping.

When S.Coups auditioned, he was accepted as a vocalist, but the formation of SEVENTEEN saw 13 members join and three teams were formed; he is a part of the hip hop team, and he is its leader.

He is also the leader of SEVENTEEN overall.

He rapped on Raina’s single “Wonder Boy”, when she released a solo single on an Orange Caramel album, but that is his only guest appearance as a rapper; we expect to hear more of his solo raps, since he is a really big star nowadays.

Occupation: Singer, Rapper
Introduced at Pledis Entertaiment: 2015
Position in SEVENTEEN: Leader of a group, leader of Hip Hop Unit
Active Years: 2015-present
Status: Single

TV show

-Big Debut Plan (2015)
-One Fine Day(2016)


Extended Plays
-“Seventeen carat” (2015)
-“Boys Be”(2015)

-“Love & Letter”(2016)

-“Q&A” (2015)
-“Chocolate” (2016)


-Seoul Music Awards: New Artist Award (2015)
-Golden Disk Awards: Rookie of the Year (2016)
-Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards: World Rookie Award (2016)

Net Worth

He has an estimated net worth of $2.5 million from his artist work


He is not very open about whether or not he’s dating anyone at the moment, but it’s well known that labels themselves sometimes need to approve a publication of a member’s relationship; so, if Pledis confirms that our boy S.Coups is dating someone, it means it’s official!

For now, he’s known to be single.

His ideal type of girl is someone who can cook and eat well! He loves a girl who isn’t shy to give her all in the kitchen and the dining room.

Other qualities he loves is someone serious about her work, and he recently stated that he loves Nicki Minaj – she is a talented rapper, she believes in herself and she is confident in herself and what she does, without ever relying on anyone; S.Coups finds that very attractive.

Favorite Things

Song: “17 Carat”
Colors: Red and white
Music: HipHop
Role Model: Tupac, Zico, Uknow Yunho, G-Dragon and Taeyang
Motto: “I’m a wild horse who never learnt how to stop.”
Personality: he hates to show weaknesses, but he’s fragile by nature; he’s affectionate, mischievous, disciplined, strict and punctual, but he’s also quite passionate.
Hobby: learning languages, going to the beach, playing video games.
Personality: Kind, Manly
Sports: Tae Kwon Do
Place: rooftop of his company’s building, which calms him down.
Number: 8
Song: Dok2 – “It’s me”

Fun facts

1. Known as a big daddy in the group.
2. Does not like Lemon.
3. He’s known as the strictest member of the group.
4. He speaks English almost fluently.
5. His religion is Christian.
6. His favorite singers are Taeyang and Seol Kyung Goo.
7. He becomes aggressive while playing video games.
8. He doesn’t like roller coasters.
9. He likes all sports.
10. He likes summer.
11. He prefers tan skin to fair skin.
12. He loves all foods but spicy foods, which he can’t handle.
13. He calls himself Beagle king (which means being crazy).
14. He is considered to be one of the best leaders among idols.
15. He’s considered to be the manliest member of SEVENTEEN.
16. He doesn’t exercise, but he’s naturally muscular.
17. He said in a talk show he’d like to have three sons and one daughter.
18. He has a lot of aegyo (cuteness).
19. He thinks the best dancer in the group is Dino.
20. He likes to tease Jeong Han the most.
21. Is known to be a rapper.
22. His fanclub name is carat.
23. He is the oldest member of a group.
24. He is the first person to join the group.
25. He was going to be debut as a member of NU’EST
26. He was a former member of Temptest
27. He is most experienced member in regards to the K-pop industry
28. He made up his stage name by himself.
29. His stage name means S came from his first name and his group name then Coup means success.