Facts and Profile of Yunhyeong: Member of iKON

What would you do if the biggest entertainment group, YG Entertainment, identified your talent at such a tender age and the CEO, not even top manager, convinced you personally to forsake your career and partake in a field event which he perfectly knows?

Well, that is Yunhyeong, he initially wanted to an actor by profession but that was in 2012, now, thankfully and as expected he has evolved to become the best vocalist in the group.

Bio Profile

Birth name: Song Yunhyeong
Date of Birth: February 8, 1995
Place of Birth: South Korea
Specialty: Vocalist
Blood type: Group A
Nationality: south Korean
Height: 177cm
Blood Type: A
Label: YG Entertainment
Chinese Name: 允亨
Facebook page URL: https://www.facebook.com/IKON.Yunhyeong/
Instagram ID: yunhyeong.ikon


This idol is always wearing a smiley face and that is the reason why he holds the visual position of iKon group, the fans had initially propped June for the position but he still holds the role.

I think this is so because they became YG trainees’ singers around the same time with June, but not before auditioning as an actor. Even though they compete for that famed role as the group poster boy, they remain close friends.

Yoyo is known to be an avid cyclist and even if he doesn’t show his skills in public, it will remain etched in there.

He is touted as the next Malik Zyan, South Korean version and that is because of his handsomeness, skill sets and his semi-Arabian face with eyelashes. Don’t let that one confuse you, he is native Korean and his parents are not mixed in any way.


In the course of his singing career YoYo has receive criticism especially from YG Entertainment CEO Yang Hyun Suk as that member who after the series Win: Who is Next has failed to demonstrate his abilities when it comes to dancing and singing.

Fans also say that he hides behind his other members, but this his understandable; he supports Jinhwan and the rest of the crew in vocals and high pitch songs. In the song “Wait for Me” his vocal quality were evident has his shout accompanied that of Jinhwan and Chanwoo.

Recently, he showed considerable improvement with his dancing and singing when he did a back flip in the dance show MTBD CL in which YG Entertainment CEO Yang Hyuk Suk was in attendance.

He was applauded by him and he-Yang, later said that Dong’s dancing and singing skills had increased drastically, he also said that he no longer needs to hide behind his other team members, a claim Dong denies.


YoYo is a friendly guy with and you will find him shouting words of encouragement to his playmates when they are playing a game, and even if you beat him at that game, I’m sure you can’t beat him at cooking meat.

His family owns a barbeque shop and a restaurant and that is where he got his meat roasting ability. He can also play guitar and piano with relative ease, a type of guy who will always work hard despite his setbacks he is always determined.


He attended Hanlim School of Entertainment and Arts.


He is the oldest brother in the family. He has a younger sister named Eunjin.

His family own a BBQ shop.

His sister, Song Eunjin, is an ulzzang.

Career & Bio

He made his debut in 2015 as Yunhyeong.

He is famous for his role in IKON.

Occupation: vocalist
Position in IKON: vocalist
Active Years: 2015 – present
Status: Unmarried

TV show

Who Is Next (2013)


Welcome Back (2015)


His girlfriend is Ally.

Favorite Things

Instrument: piano and guitar
Food: Pasta, pork stew, miso soup
Song: Justin Timberlake
Favorite Music: Hip Hop
Motto: This is me. You can’t change it.
Hobby: Cycling, cooking meat

Fun facts

His fanclub name is Successful Nivea Maniac.
His makeup tips are using Nivea lip balm.
He plays some instruments like piano and guitar.
His treasured item is his Adidas Jeremy Scott sneakers.
His nicknames are Yoyo and Zayn Malik Korea ( lol ).


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