CHANWOO Fun Facts & Profile : iKON Youngest Member

This guy is the youngest and tallest in iKON pop group; he was born in January 26, 1998 as Jung Chanwoo.

Bio Profile

Birth name: Jung Chanwoo
Date of Birth: January 26, 1998
Place of Birth: South Korea
Specialty: Vocalist
Blood type: Group A
Nationality: South Korean
Height: 182cm
Label : YG Ent.
Chinese name : 鄭粲右(Zhèng càn yòu)

Officaial Website:
Twitter ID: @YG_iKONIC
Facebook page URL:

Early life and career

This guy is the youngest and tallest in iKon pop group; he was born in January 26, 1998 as Jung Chanwoo and was the last one to join too, through the Mix& Match reality survival show of 2014.

Though he is the youngest, in my opinion he is the most experienced when it comes to televised performance, maybe that is where his foundations for the cutest macknae first set its roots at.

Things weren’t rosy for Chanwoo before all the fame though, actually he got into YG Academy through scholarship as his family is not that rich or poor either to pay the academy’s fee.

Poor and Hard Childhood

He was raised by her mum alone and when he was free, he could work out a part time job as a waiter in a café and this hard work manifest in the way he is dedicated and ready to improve in the group.

Before he became a member of iKon, he was featured in TVXQ’s Balloons songs and music video in 2006 and later appeared as a child actor in the movie Lost and Found in 2008.

Also, if you watch the Korean drama The Great King Sejong, you will find his outstanding performance there. Around the same year, Chanwoo he was the counterpart of Li Minho when the movie Boys over Flowers and Heir were shot.

Debut in iKON FOR YG

His experience and vocals played an important role in convincing the fans to vote for him during the elimination votes of the Mix &Match show, the fans have something to smile now and their choice was perfect. They chose a jewel and it worth much more now.

He officially debuted for YG Entertainment in November 5, 2014 a few days after being named as the official member of iKon where he joined the rest of his current band mates when he joins the vocals ranks of Donghyuk, June and Yunhyeong.

Criticism however has surfaced online about iKon disappointment in including Chanwoo in most of their songs in the recently released debut album and with rumors surfacing online of a video showing what appears to be BI and Bobby roughing up and bullying Chanwoo, ratings couldn’t get worse.

Search the video on the web titled “Hul, shocking personality of iKon Members from Last Night” and see for yourself.

Fans have been going hard and giving stick BI and Bobby for their actions but some are of the support. It should be noted that since Chanwoo plays rather a support role and by the mere fact that he joined the group last, there is more room for improvement.

Since he joined, his dancing and vocals has improved drastically-maybe because of the standards set by YG and iKon, but that’s for you to judge.



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Soie (Exclusive)
Little Bride
Giordano Junior (Exclusive)

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KBS Drama ‘ The Great King Sejong ‘ (2008)
KBS2 Drama ‘ Boys Before Flower / Boys Over Flower ‘ (2009)
SBS Drama ‘ Cain & Abel ‘ (2009)
MBC Drama ‘ No limits / Heading to the ground ‘ (2009)
KBS Drama ‘ The Slingshot / A Man’s Story ‘ (2009)
SBS Drama ‘ The Ineritors / The Heirs ‘ (2013)

Movies :

Sweet Lies / Lost & Found (2008)
Coffee / Russian coffee (2012)

Net Worth

He has an estimated net worth of $ 3 million from his artist  work.


There is no information about his girl friend.

Ideal Type: A girl is nice and tender.
He said: “I’m not doing so good conversations, I would like someone who speaks enough.”

Favorite Things

Instrument : flute,piano
Colors : Black & white
Drink : coffee milk
Food : Sushi, Sashimi, Burger
Sports : Swimming
Hobby : Gaming, especially phones games
Anime : One Piece, especially Chopper.
Artist : BIGBANG.
Personality: humble

Fun facts

Chanwoo as child actor & model was signed under ‘Kids Planet’ alongside with Mini DBSK members.
In 2008, Chanwoo helped a lost baby parrot.
Chan Woo’s valuable belonging is Tamama Figure Character that shown on ‘Mix & Match Hunter Games’.
He likes his fans call him by name, Chanu.
He’s a good friend of Moon Bin (ASTRO) and Chanhee (NEOZ SCHOOL).
In the future he would like to be like his boss, CEO Yang Hyun Suk.
Some Internet users say they have a combination of Hoya of INFINITE and BTS JungKook
He is currently learning to speak Mandarin and Japanese.
It is rumored that Seung Ri BIGBANG is teaching Japanese.
If given the chance to act in a drama, he said he would accept without hesitation.
The group leader, said B.I Chanwoo is a very ambitious person.
Share birthdate with Kim Jae-joong.
He very much likes his bandmate Yun Hyeong
He likes teasing his partner Bobby group.
He has a slight resemblance to ji Chun Teen Top
In an interview said that when he was an adult’s would like to see all the movies for +19 years, that his bandmate Yun Hyeong joked him he should see Pororo (pororo is a drawing for children), this made to lie down to laugh with Bobby and began to treat Chanwoo as drinks.
He shares the same birth date and year of his friend Moon Bin (ASTRO)
Known as a little brother in the group.
Is known from a child actor.
His fanclub name is iKonic.
-He is the youngest member of a group
-He is the last person to join a group
-He was from a child actor.
-when he played as a child actor he wanted to be a singer.
-He used to play as Lee Min Ho’s child era.
-He is crazy about BigBang.
-He is No.1 popularity of a group


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